Bitter Revenge

After Shaelyn gets her heart broken in million peaces by Blake Hemingway. she wants to destroy him by going after his best friend Tanner. but don't we all know that revenge is always bad idea.


1. lies



What do i hate the most in this world? getting used. no i hate Blake. Blake Flynn Hemingway. i hate everything about him. i hate what he did to me. i have lived here for half year and i already got played by someone. but lets just say. Blake you have no idea who did you mess with. i am gonna ruin you.


i woke up as my alarm clock woke me up. it was six am. i stood up took a shower straightened my curly hair what was almost like an afro. i dressed up and put my make up.  i smiled proudly as i looked my self from the mirror. i ate breakfast and soon it was 7.30 am and i took my bag and locked the door behind me. as i walked down the streets i  went to my favorite coffee shop and bough coffee and continued my way to the school. as i arrived to the school i could see people looking at me, well they were staring at me. "Hey Shaelyn! holy shit you look so beautiful. please could you look any better." Kristen said as she walked over me. "oh i just put some make up. i needed a change, my old look sucked ass." i  said. "well your old look was cute and beautiful too but this new style is clearly kicking some asses do you see how guys are looking at you." Kristen said. "oh stop it. its just make up." i smiled. " i am still the same person." i said fake smiling. she smiled and nod. "so you and Blake? what happened?" Kristen asked. my smile froze. "i and others are confused." she said. "what did Blake do? did he say something?" she asked. "well." i said biting my teeth. i wanted to tell Kristen what i though about Blake but i knew it wasn't a good idea. Kristen has known blake so many years and they are best friends and i just moved here so why would she be on my side. "he wanted to be only friends."  i told to her. well that wasn't the hole truth. "really? what the shit!?" Kristen groaned. "he's sometimes so jerk. i thank the god that i have never have had a thing with him." she said. "Juliet used a have a crush on him but gladly it only was a crush and soon she realized  not to be more than friends with him. it was like years ago anyway." Kristen said. "okay." i  said. i kinda knew that even though Juliet had a thing going on with this guy named Matt. "come,The others had missed you." Kristen said. "i was just a gone for a two weeks." i said following Kristen down the hall. i bite my teeth harder as i saw back of Blake. i wanted to run. Tanner was talking with him and Juliet was there standing next to Emmet. Tanner was the first who noticed me and he stopped talking as he saw me. i noticed him checking me out before smiling sweetly to me. Tanner was sweet guy. he was like opposite to the Blake but still they were like brothers. and speaking of Tanner he was good-looking. i used to think Blake was the most attractive but i am not so sure anymore. i felt their eyes on me and then Blake turned around and his mouth dropped open and he quickly shut it. but he was still staring at me with wide eyes. "Shaelyn! nice see you." Tanner said as he  hugged me. "you look pretty." he whispered to my ear making me blush slightly. Emmet and Juliet hugged me too but when was Blake's turn to greet me i just waved to him and gave him dry smile after turning to Tanner. "where were you?" he asked. "oh i  was in Italy." i said. that wasn't a lie. i really was in Italy. but yes i left to Italy right next day when Blake had dropped the bomb. we chatted then the bell rang and everyone walked to their classes. Tanner  had history with me so he walked next to me. "are you okay?" he asked carefully. "yeah. why wouldn't i  be." i said giving him a smile. "you know. the Blake thing." he said. "oh. well. that was weird it didn't hurt me so much than i though it would. i was more confused than hurt. of course it hurt but not like that. i realized that i didn't like him like that i only liked the idea of having someone." i lied. 

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