The Tribe of Endless Flames

* " But I thought...." Silver couldn't finish.
" You thought what?" Blackstar stared at her.
" I thought I was going to join the clan," Silver whispered.
" Silver..." He touched muzzles with her," it is not the time to bring in a rogue..."
Silver backed away not believing what she was hearing. He had lied to her! How could he?!
" Please try to understand," Sadness crept into his voice.
" Oh, I understand," Her silver fur was standing on edge," you're a liar. You have betrayed me Blackstar."
" Silver!" His eyes were wide," you can't possibly think that!"
She turned and fled not saying another word.*


3. Chapter three

Silverflame opened her eyes immediately after one of her kits whined.

She looked down to see only one out of ten had moved from their slumber.

The little kit's eyes were still close as he dragged himself across the den floor.

She wrapped wrap her tail around him dragging him back to her for another feeding.

The little kit was white as show except for his blacks paw and ears. His eyes will a bright- yellowish color.

" Is something wrong with him?" Snowstorm got up from where she was sleeping.

She must of woken up when the kit cried too.

" No, I do not think so," Silverflame watched him as he drank," he's just hungry. That's all."

" Ok," She studied the other nine kits," this is the biggest litter the tribe had had since Burningforest had her litter many moons ago."

" But then she decided to go live with upwalkers," Silverflame commented," taking her kits with her."
" Fallenstar was crushed when she left," Snowstorm sighed.

" Yes, I know," She closed my eyes," I wish I was able to meet Burningforest though."

" You would of liked her," Snowstorm laid back down," she reminds me of you, you know. Hopefully you won't leave us like she did."

" Trust me," Silverflame took in the scents of the night air," I won't."

Memories of Fallenstar flew though her mind.

Those words were the exact ones he told Silverflame the day her kits were born.



Silverflame was licking her kits as Fallenstar had walked into the nursery.

" They're beautiful," He commented as he laid beside me.

" Thank you Fallenstar," My tail touched his flank.

" The last time when the tribe had so many kits was when my mate gave birth to her litter," He sighed," I assume you've heard of her?"

" Yes," Silverflame nodded her head," I heard that her name was Burningforest and that she left the tribe with her kits."
" Yes," He nodded his head," are you planning on doing the same?"

" No Fallenstar," She shook her head," I would never. My kits will be raised here no matter what."

" Great," He gave me a quick lick at the ear," you remind me so much of  Burningforest."
Then he left without a word.



That when I noticed the dawn sky coming into view.

" Do you smell that?" Snowstorm jumped up.

" I do," Blackdeath appeared at the back of the den," it's rogue scent. I'll take care of it."
A little kit started to follow her before Snowstorm stopped her.

" I want to go!" Flowerkit whined.

" You must stay here Flowerkit," Snowstorm grabbed her by the back of the neck.

" I want to go with mother though!" She struggled against Snowstorm.

" Oh Flowerkit," Silverflame laughed," you always knew how to make me laugh."

" This isn't funny!" She glared at her once Snowstorm put her down and started grooming her.

That's when the scent of a rogue had gotten stronger.

" Take care of my kits Snowstorm," She got up and walked out the den," I'll be back soon."

Her paws crunched on the dead leaves below me.

A cold wind ruffled her fur.

Flame-bare will be here soon.

As she looked back, she could see Snowstorm huddle around her kits keeping them warm.

Where's Deadleaf? She should be here.

She shook her head knowing that didn't matter right now and sped off.

She decided to follow the sent of Blackdeath which led to the pathway of life.

Looking at the trees on both side of the path, she notice movement in the trees.

It had the scent of squirrels causing her stomach to grumble with hunger.

" Silverflame?" A voice called behind her.

She turned around to see Sharpfang.

" Oh hello Sharpfang," Silverflame turned to face him.

" What are you doing out here?" His voice was full of worry," you should be with your kits resting."

" But I smelled a rogue," She argued.

" I can smell it too," He stated," but don't worry. I'll take care of it."

" Are you sure?" Silverflame asked.

" Of course," He nodded his head," now you better go before Fallenstar finds you. He'll be furious that your up when you should be doing the complete opposite."

" Fine," She headed back to the nursery.

" Did you find the rogue?" Snowstorm stood up.

" No," She shook her head," Sharpfang wouldn't let me."

" Well, you really shouldn't be out there fighting anyway," She shook her head," you just gave birth to the kits not too long ago."

" I suppose you're right," She nodded her head again and curled around her kits falling into a deep sleep.



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