The Tribe of Endless Flames

* " But I thought...." Silver couldn't finish.
" You thought what?" Blackstar stared at her.
" I thought I was going to join the clan," Silver whispered.
" Silver..." He touched muzzles with her," it is not the time to bring in a rogue..."
Silver backed away not believing what she was hearing. He had lied to her! How could he?!
" Please try to understand," Sadness crept into his voice.
" Oh, I understand," Her silver fur was standing on edge," you're a liar. You have betrayed me Blackstar."
" Silver!" His eyes were wide," you can't possibly think that!"
She turned and fled not saying another word.*


7. Chapter seven

Catch her before she is marked! Her destiny might be changed forever if you don't stop them!

Flowerkit woke up the yowling of a million cats.

" Well, that is weird..." She was talking to no one in particular," and that's even weirder..."
Up ahead, she saw a dim glow in the storm.

" What is that?" She jumped to her feet feeling curious as always.

She looked at her mother who was fast asleep.

" I can take care of this myself," She gathered all her courage and ran into the snow storm.

Her fur felt like it was about to be ripped off any second now by the wind. She couldn't see a thing. Flowerkit also had to admit that she was also just a kit and weak.

" Is anyone there?!" She tried her best to follow the light.

No reply.

Whoever it was probably couldn't hear be over the storm.

" Is anyone there!?" She yelled as loud as she can.

This time whatever was glowing stopped.

Flowerkit started to thrash through the snow trying to reach the light before it started to move again.

She was about a tail lengths away when she froze.

" Sparkkit?" She asked.

Sparkkit just stood there her back turned towards her.

" Are you ok?" She asked," and why is your pelt lighting up?"

She walked to the front of her.

Sparkkit's eyes were closed and her head was tilted down.

" Are... Are you sleeping Sparkkit?" Flowerkit came closer.

To wake her up, Flowerkit pressed her muzzle into Sparkkit's flank.

Destiny isn't a path any cat follows blindly.

It's always a matter of choice, and sometimes the heart speaks the loudest.

Listen to your heart, because that's where your true destiny lies.

" I... I don't..." Flowerkit swayed back and forth.

" StarClan has spoken Flowekit," A red fiery tom cat was beside Sparkkit now.

Flowerkit stood between her and him ignoring her dizziness.

" YOU WON'T TOUCH HER!" A roar from deep in her chest came out as if she was a lion... or there a million of ancestor cats speaking through her.

" I'm sorry Tribe of Nature," He apologized," she has to rescue our clans. She has to stop them from revenging."

Sparkkit started walking past Flowerkit as she collapsed.

" You won't remember any of this Flowerkit," He grabbed the kit by the scruff of her neck as she fought to stay awake.

Flowerkit looked up ahead to find a big cave surrounded by stones.

" Where am I?" She asked.

" Its known to you as Warriorcave," Firestar put her down near the first stone.

Flowerkit eyes studied Sparkkit as the light from her pelt stated to fade away and her movement became slower and weaker.

Then she finally fell to the ground.

" Sparkkit..." Flowerkit struggled as she crawled towards her.

" Don't strain yourself Flowerkit," Firestar put a paw in front of her," you and Sparkkit will be ok."
He trotted over to Sparkkit and gave her a lick on the forehead.

Her head turned to the right showing what was happening to her.

 A star was slowly carving into her pelt.

" NO!" A million of voices shouted into Flowerkit's ear.

" I'm sorry..." Flowekit's eyes finally closed.

Sparkkit's eyes flashed open.

" How did I get out here?" She was talking to herself.

Then she walked into the cave not realizing the unconscious Flowerkit and that what she just walked into was not the nursery.

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