The Tribe of Endless Flames

* " But I thought...." Silver couldn't finish.
" You thought what?" Blackstar stared at her.
" I thought I was going to join the clan," Silver whispered.
" Silver..." He touched muzzles with her," it is not the time to bring in a rogue..."
Silver backed away not believing what she was hearing. He had lied to her! How could he?!
" Please try to understand," Sadness crept into his voice.
" Oh, I understand," Her silver fur was standing on edge," you're a liar. You have betrayed me Blackstar."
" Silver!" His eyes were wide," you can't possibly think that!"
She turned and fled not saying another word.*


4. Chapter four

" I decided I was going to name the kits today," Silverflame told Deadleaf.

" It's about time," She was playing with one of the kits," it's been over a moon since they were born."

" I guess I should get started," Silverflame was excited," ok kits. Come here."

They spring towards their mother.

Silverflame's eyes first landed on her oldest kit.

The she kit had black fur except one patch of white on her chest. Her eyes were grey like Snowstorm's but lighter, but you could still see a type of ferocity in her.

" I will name you Stormkit," Silverflame gave her a lick on the ear.

Silverflame's eyes then landed on a  he kit that looked just like her with icy blue eyes.

" I will name you Icekit," She then again licked one of  her kits on the ear.

The next she kit was darker than silver like a grey color with green eyes.

" I will name you Ashkit," She gave her a lick.

The one that was standing beside her had a bright fiery pelt. It was the reddest she had ever seen. His eyes were a dark brown.

" I will name you Firekit," She gave him a lick.

The next kit was a girl. Her fur was a mixture of black and brown with her eyes being a brownish- orange color.

" I will name you Sparkkit," She gave her a lick.

The kit that was bothering Sparkkit had patches of black, grey, and white. The he kit's eyes were different colors. One darkish blue. One light brown.

" I will name you Nightkit," She gave him a lick.

The one she kit that kept trying to go outside, but was being stopped by Deadleaf was pure white with a dark grey stripe going down her back. Her eyes were just like Icekit's.

" I will name you Frostkit," She gave her a lick.

The next kit was playing with her favorite toy. A crow's feather. Her pelt was leopard print skin. Her eyes like the burning sun.

" I will name you Featherkit," She gave her a lick.

The he kit who was asleep had earth colored pelt with what I know is greenish-blue eyes reminding her the color of a stream.

" I will name you Streamkit," She gave him a lick.

Silverflame then looked around for her youngest and the runt of the her litter.

" Where's my last kit?" She looked around the nursery to not see him anywhere.

" I'm right here..." She heard a whisper from behind her.

There he was looking identical to his father as always.

His black ears laid flats as he shuffled back and forth with his black paws.

" Is something wrong?" She asked him.

" No mother," He looked up at her somberly.

" Are you sure?" She wrapped her tail around him to pull him closer which she has done many times.

" It's just I was wandering... what my father was like?" He asked her.

Silverflame was so shocked by this, she didn't know what to say.

Everything in the den was suddenly silent as curiosity filled the air.

" What was father like?" Streamkit was now awake.

" Yea, can you please tell us?" Icekit begged.

Silverflame was looking at Deadleaf for help.

She just nodded her head at her also wanting to know what he was like.

Well, wasn't she helpful?

" He... He was nice," She tried to describe him in a good way," I think he truly loved me. He use to give me so many compliments."

" Why isn't he here right now?" Firekit questioned.

" He had to put something before his relationship with me," Silverflame was starting to become very sad.

" What do you mean by that mother?" Sparkkit's pelt brushed up against mine.

" Your father had responsibilities," Silverflame was beginning to feel depressed," those responsibilities meant more to him than me. And I am not mad at him at all. It was the right thing to do."

" If you ask me, he sounds more like a fox than a cat," Fallenstar appeared at the entrance of the nursery.

" You don't understand," She shook her head," he has to take care of so many cats..."

" Which should include you and your kits," He seemed so angry.

" He didn't know about them," She tried to defend for the cat she still has feelings for," and his cats wouldn't accept me."

" Why not?" He asked," you're so amazing and skilled. How could they not possibly accept you?"

" Because I was a filthy rogue!" Silverflame snapped," and he was ashamed of me!"

She immediately wished she didn't yell that. Her kits were shocked, scared, and sad at the same time. They thought their father wouldn't want them because they were also technically rogues because they were not tribe or clan born, and their mother was a rogue.

" Well, you are no longer a rogue," He embraced her with his muzzle going against her flank," you are now a part of They Tribe of Endless Flames."

She accepted his embrace feeling better already.

" Is that snow fall?" Deadleaf asked pointing outside the den.

Silverflame looked for herself to find it was snowing.

" It's the beginning of Flame-bare," Fallenstar stated.

All Silverflame's kits backed away fearing the snow... except for one.

The kit that had seemed so sad earlier was now running outside the den full of happiness.

He pawed and tried the eat the snow ignoring the cold.

" I know the perfect name for him," I smiled my pelt against Fallenstar's," Blizzardkit."





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