The Tribe of Endless Flames

* " But I thought...." Silver couldn't finish.
" You thought what?" Blackstar stared at her.
" I thought I was going to join the clan," Silver whispered.
" Silver..." He touched muzzles with her," it is not the time to bring in a rogue..."
Silver backed away not believing what she was hearing. He had lied to her! How could he?!
" Please try to understand," Sadness crept into his voice.
" Oh, I understand," Her silver fur was standing on edge," you're a liar. You have betrayed me Blackstar."
" Silver!" His eyes were wide," you can't possibly think that!"
She turned and fled not saying another word.*


5. Chapter five

" I'm gonna get ya!" Fallenstar was chasing the kits in the snow.

Blizzard was speeding across the snow while the others were getting stuck.

The kits were now three moons old.

" Well aren't they getting big?" Scorclaw sat beside Silverflame watching it with her.

" Yep, they sure are," She sighed knowing they were going to become trainees soon.

" Don't you think Blizzardkit looks like Fallenstar?" He asked.

" What?" She shook her head," of course not."
" Just look at them though," He noted," the way their snouts are and their eyes. The way their slender bodies move across the snow as if it was hard ground while the others get stuck. Even Blackdeath can't move that smoothly. The only difference is that Blizzardkit has a little black on him. That's all."

Silverflame looked at Fallenstar and tried to compare him to Blizzardkit.

" You do have a point," She told Scorchclaw," but you have to remember that Blizzard kit is just a kit and Fallenstar is a full grown he cat. Blizzardkit might look different when he gets older."
" Then compare him to the father," He said," you have to remember what he looks like."

" Fine," She sighed.

An image of the cat she fell in love with appeared in his head.

He was standing up tall all paws on the ground. His shoulder muscles budging as his eyes practically glowed as the sun sunk lower. That tail of his wavered in the air as he seemed to be smiling at me. Then I compared him to Fallenstar.

Silverflame eyes were wide. How could she no of seen it before?!

" Something tells me that they might look alike?" Scorchclaw questioned.

She looked at him non responsive. This really bothered her.

" I need to be going to the Pool Of Souls," She said," it's that time for a healer to do it's job."

" May The Tribe of Nature be with you," He said.

" Thank you," I went to my kits and Fallenstar, said goodbye, and was off on my way.



" There you are!" Tigerearth was waiting with the other healers at Truthstones," thanks for taking your precious time to get here."

" I'm sorry," Silverflame apologized.

" Give her a brake," Sparrowstream narrowed her eyes at him," this is her first time."

" Sparrowstream is right," Mistywind agreed with her," you're way to harsh sometimes Tigerearth."

" Whatever," He rolled his eyes," lets go talk to our ancestors."

They walked past the Truthstones and into Warriorcave.

" Wait a minute," Sparrowstream stopped," something is right. Someone's... here."

" It's the same scent I've smelt at my tribe," Silverflame put in," rogues have been coming on our territory. We haven't been able to catch one yet."

" They'll pay for stepping into Warriorcave!" Tigerearth unleashed his claws.

" Wait just a minute," Mistywind drank in the air," it more than four so we're out numbered. We should get out tribes and then come back and deal with this."

" I guess you're right," Tigerearth sighed.

" Who goes there?!" A voice said behind us.

Silverflame was the only one who didn't turn around.

That voice... could it be?

She turned around and quickly hid behind the other three healers.

There stood Blackstar.

It had been a couple of moons since she last saw him, and apparently in those last couple of moon he's been hurt very badly.

" What are you doing here?!" He sounded hostile.

It's me Blackstar! It's Silver! Your lover!

That's what she wanted to say, but then suddenly she had a realization.

I'm not Silver anymore. I'm not a rogue. I'm not an embarrassment. I'm not an alone cat anymore. I am Silverflame. I'm part of The Tribe of Endless Flames. The tribe is proud of me. The only reason I'm here was because of prophecy I was stated in. I'm a mother for tribe's sake! And I'm not going to let some clan cats trespass on Warriorcave!

" You are trespassing on tribe territory!" She stepped in front of the other healers," take your fellow cats and leave!"

" Who do you think you are talking to me like that?!" He snapped.

The darkness of the cave hid her well enough for him not to recognize her.

He probably wouldn't recognize her if I was in the light anyway.

" I am Silverflame of The Tribe of Endless Flame!" She hissed," you must return from where you've came!"

Blackstar was quiet for an awful long time.

" I said leave Blackstar!" Silverflame walked forward just enough into the light so he could see who she was.

" Silver?..." He questioned.

It didn't sound like he missed her at all.

" It's Silverflame!" Mistywind joined me," and it's about time for you to leave!"

" Well, haven't you've changed?" He narrowed his eyes at Silverflame.

" More than you think," She glared at him," why are you here Blackstar?"

" We're trying to find new territory that can become our new camp," He explained.

" Well, you're going to have to go somewhere else," Tigerearth came forward.

" Because this is a part of our home," Sparrowstream finally showed.

" Well, at least can we get the rest of the clan out of there?" Blackstar asked.

" Yes, you can," Silverflame turned around and headed for the back of the cave to find the rest of the Shadowclan there shocked to see a complete stranger walk through with three others.

" Oh my tribe," She was taken back by the view," what has become of the Shadowclan?"

" How do you know about these cats?" Mistywind asked.

" It's a long story," Silverflame stated.

" I'm sorry to say this, but..." Blackstar yelled out to his clan," we have to leave. This place is sacred to cat tribes around here."

" Please!" A she cat begged Silverflame," this place has food nearby enough for me to have to be able to fid my kits."

Two kits showed up beside her.

" Maybe you can find another place near here..." She tried her best to persuade.

" This cave keeps out the cold wind and snow," A tom cat yowled from nearby.

" I'm sure there's other places," She noticed the cats were closing in on her," you have to understand that..."

" Understand this!" The mother of the kits pushed Silverflame toward the Pool of Souls.

" No!" Mistywind tried to grab onto her, but she couldn't grab her in time.

She fell in.

Images of blood and death filled Silverflame's vision.

The future was cruel and cold.

Wars between cats.

Blackdeath is fighting, but wounded bad.

Flowerkit is in the middle of everything.

" Mother!" Blizzardkit screams out.

Everything goes black.



Silverflame opened my eyes to find Sparrowstream tilting me to the side as water flows out of my mouth.

A constant ringing was in her ears.

She could feel blood dripping down my face.

" Sparrowstream?" Silverflame looked around to find the healers surrounding her while Blackstar seems to be screaming," where am I?"

Her lips moved, but she could hear nothing.

" I can't hear you," She said.

She spoke again, and this time a little did get through as the ringing is starting to fade away.

She said," Fell... Pool of Souls... other side... Tribe of Nature."

That's when Blackstar loomed over her.

" How are you feeling?" He asked her.

" I'm ok," She got up on her own two feet, but she ended up collapsing.

Blackstar caught her though in time.

" What did you see Silverflame?" Tigerearth asked.

" Death... so much death," She closed her eyes," and... Blizzardkit! He was in the middle of all of it! Oh by the name of the Tribe of Nature Tigerearth, my kits are in danger!"

" Calm down Silverflame," Mistywind consoled her.

" I... I need to get back to the tribe!" She tried to stand up again to fail once again.

" You're too weak now Silverflame," Blackstar tried to comfort her," just wait a little while long for your strength to return."

" Fine," She sighed feeling exhausted.

" I still can't believe you alive!" Sparrowstream said," the last person to fall in died!"

" Well, I guess I'm just lucky," Silverflame laid her head down not planning to fall asleep.

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