Royal Bastard [h.s.]

❝People say everything happens for a reason. So when I punch you in the face, remember I have a reason.❞ || ❊ Living Royally is a new, experimental reality show that debuts the 'secret' life of college students. They are wanting to capture the essence, what it means, and what it really takes to survive a college campus on an everyday basis. Birmingham College, home of the infamous Knights, has been chosen for the show to take place. Felicity Scott, along with ten others "The Royals", have been selected to be featured on the show every week. They are ecstatic to be on television because this means fame and fortune... but 'living royally' has a cost, and they're about to uncover the real price for fame. ❊ "Meet 'The Royals'; Royal Pain, Royal Ass, Royal Diva, Royal Mess, Royal Prude, Royal Snob, Royal Athlete, Royal Player, Royal Geek, Royal Bitch, and Royal Bastard."


1. p r o l o g u e





"Welcome to Birmingham College, home of the infamous Knights and now home of the new reality show Living Royally. If you wish to meet The Royals, look on our school's website for meet and greet information." 

"If you could nickname your co-stars using the world Royal along with it, what would they be?" The producer asked me as I sat uncomfortably in the chair, the camera they were using practically in my face. 

"Um..." I start, biting my lip as I try to think, "Amelia would be a Royal Diva, Jenna would be a Royal Mess, Nirvana would be a Royal Prude, Melanie would be a Royal Pain, Niall would be a Royal Geek, Liam would be a Royal Athlete, Louis would be a Royal Snob, Xavier would be a Royal Ass, Alec would be the Royal Player, and Harry would be the Royal Bastard." I say, recalling the names the eleven of us discussed last night. 

"And what about yourself?" She asks as she looks up to me from the camera screen. 

I shrug my shoulders. I don't know exactly what to entitle myself as I don't see myself the way others do. "I suppose a Royal -" 

"Bitch." I hear Harry comment in and I narrow my eyes. 

"Would you shut your mouth? This is my interview after all!" I huff at him, scowling as I see his smirking frame sitting on the couch across the room, waiting for his turn. 

"Just stating the truth, and that's what you get for calling me a Royal Bastard!" He yells back to me and I so badly want to go over and thump him on the head several times. 

I roll my eyes before sighing deeply, choosing to ignore him as I turn back around to finish my interview, but I see that she has shut the camera off. 

"Um...I wasn't finished." I comment, pointing towards the camera, "Royal Bitch was not the correct name." 

"Well, seeing as someone else called you it, looks like we're going with that." She says as her camera guy puts the camera on a table across the room, "Lunch break everyone! Be back at one for filming!" She yells to all of us before striding out of the room, her assistant following close behind.

I turn and look at Harry who is sitting on the couch with a smug grin on his features. How I wish I could smack that smirk right off his face. He really is a Royal Bastard.



[tell me what you think please! this is a fresh, new story idea that i have been wanting to write for a while now! (: comment, like, favorite for more!]


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