Royal Bastard [h.s.]

❝People say everything happens for a reason. So when I punch you in the face, remember I have a reason.❞ || ❊ Living Royally is a new, experimental reality show that debuts the 'secret' life of college students. They are wanting to capture the essence, what it means, and what it really takes to survive a college campus on an everyday basis. Birmingham College, home of the infamous Knights, has been chosen for the show to take place. Felicity Scott, along with ten others "The Royals", have been selected to be featured on the show every week. They are ecstatic to be on television because this means fame and fortune... but 'living royally' has a cost, and they're about to uncover the real price for fame. ❊ "Meet 'The Royals'; Royal Pain, Royal Ass, Royal Diva, Royal Mess, Royal Prude, Royal Snob, Royal Athlete, Royal Player, Royal Geek, Royal Bitch, and Royal Bastard."


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  [Felicity's POV]


   Why on earth, would anyone ever consider to place a shy, English major on a reality television show that was to be broad-casted across the entire nation? Especially when this was a test show to see if people would actually like it. If they wanted to keep the show, and get people to like it, wouldn't they rather prefer to select those who are in frat houses? Or those who are majoring in drama, athletics, art, or music? 


  What - or should I say who - they should have selected were the type of students who did nothing but go to parties, drink, and have one night stands as their main features. Not someone who spends their entire day with their noses in books, hoping to be able to pass the classes on their agenda, or trying to get their homework done in time so the teacher doesn't yell at them in front of the entire class. 


   The interesting people are not in the English department. They surely went to college, they should clearly know that the ones people desire to see on television are those who breathe and live drama, craving to hear the latest gossip about a fellow student or 'throw down' over who flirted with who; instead of the ones who actually study about it in books and about the conflict between certain characters. The ones who are pot stir's, not page turners.


   It really baffled me at their choices, and it really made me wonder if they actually put any thought or consideration into the show. Did they even use their brain, or common sense for that matter? But then again, what person who ever stepped foot onto a reality show used their brain rather than instinct? 


   And as I sat there in the conference room, talking to the producers about the show and what I was going to be doing, my confusion continued to rise. The things they were telling me about did not sound anywhere near to who I was, let alone who I would ever want to be portrayed as. I even felt myself loose a few IQ points from everything they were sharing. They made it sound like I was supposed to play a dumb bimbo. If they were wanting one of those, they could simply look out the window that was on their left as the sidewalks were practically littered with them. 


   They continued to go back and forth in front of me, throwing different comments in my face. I truly felt overwhelmed by all them trying to talk to me at once. They were bombarding me with so much information that my head hurt, and my brain felt like it would collapse from trying to take all the notes. All the words seemed to be jumbling together, and none of it was making any sense to me anymore. I think they are trying to explain to me the concept behind the show? Some contract? About the other features?


   As they continued to blabber in front of me, bouncing from topic to topic, I slowly take a peak at my phone laying underneath my leg, wanting to see what the time was as I still had classes today; even if I was pulled in to discuss some reality show. I did have a few questions though, mostly about their choice in casting, so I slowly raise my hand up. The lady at the far end of the table notices my movement and clasps her hands together, silencing the rest of them.


   "Yes, Felicity?" She asks me with a stern tone, making me nervously gulp. If all eyes weren't on me moments ago, they sure as hell were now. I felt even more uncomfortable under all their scrutinizing gazes, and it doesn't help the butterflies that seem to be swarming around in my stomach when I see a few of the glances directed my way. They looked so aggravated that I wasn't answering right away, but when all eyes are trained on you, your mouth has a tendency to possibly run dry.


   "Um- I was just wondering... Why are you selecting someone who is a major in English? They don't really do that much. Compared to the other students on campus, they're on the lower end of the 'party lives', right before the math and science majors. Wouldn't your audience prefer to rather see the wild ones at campus and how they live around here? I don't think they'll find hours of bookworms turning pages when instead they can see party goers 'turn up'."


   She sighs, smiling still, but clearly frustrated, "Our point, our reason, our purpose, is to capture all aspects of a college, from the athletes, to the fraternity members, to the bookworms. We want to cover it all. So, therefore, we are selecting at least one or two from each 'stereotypical clique'. We feel it will expand the audience who would watch it and not just a select few, and the more people who are tuned in, the more ratings and more dollar signs we will see." The little twinkle in her eye revealed her excitement on doing this project, and how much she wanted it to do well, "Do you understand where we are coming from on this?"


   It made sense, it truly did, but it was still puzzling to me on how they planned this out. Their plot line intrigued me, but the concept made it seem like the show would be about the ones who run the campus, 'the selects' as we call them around here. All the reality shows that I have come to know and or see all resulted in drama, drama, drama. An occasional fist fight would break out here or there, but it was all about the gossip on the show. As I reveled in my thoughts over the possibilities on what could happen if I were to be involved with this, it all concerned me to a point. How would I be debuted? Would they only capture the bad points or would they share the good qualities as well? I don't want to be portrayed in a wrong way, and since this is a show focused on drama, I feel like they would somehow manage to do just that. 


   The producer, as frustrated as she was with me, cleared her throat and continued forward, "All we need from you at this moment is a commitment of some form." She pulls out a thick packet, handing it to a male to be passed down to me. Once the enormous stack of papers were placed in front of me, she began to speak, "This, is all the legal agreements that are tied to the show and what rights you will have and the rights that we shall have. Everything that you absolutely must know, legal wise, is in the fine print in that very packet. But we covered the majority of it in our hour together already and we will cover the rest of it at the meeting with everyone there this Friday." She paces around the table and stops right behind my chair, making me a tad nervous. "So," She whispers, placing a ball point pen in my eyesight, "What do you say?" 


   All the thoughts that I had during the course of the last hour quickly whizzed by in a big blur. It all jumbled together to form an incoherent train wreck of thoughts. The only thing that managed to stand out the entire time was the fact that I had to make a decision; yes or no. And as she pressed the pen closer to my hand, my thoughts silenced themselves, leaving the anticipation in the silence. All the voices that chipped in with their opinions drew quite, awaiting my answer. It was almost like an award show, waiting to see who would be announced as the winner and get to take home the trophy.


   "Just think about all the fame and fortune you will get if you go through with this..." She presses, urging me as she guides my hand to fully grab the pen. 


   My fingers wrapped around the cool, slick metal of the pen, gripping tightly onto it as I gazed up at everyone. I gulped nervously and shifted my eyes back to the paper before me, the dotted line at the very bottom enticing me to a certain brink of uncertainty. 


   I told myself that college was a place for new experiences, and this was definitely one of those. I needed to expand my horizons and break out of my shell, and this seemed to be just the opportunity to do so. It was a once in a lifetime offer, maybe it wouldn't be that bad. What all could possibly happen?


    Without another thought, I began to sign my name and once the pen left the paper, everyone in the room began to clap for me. I looked behind me at Jen and notice the wide, playful smile that is on her lips. Her eyes are twinkling as she pats my shoulder a few times while reaching down and snatching the paper from under my nose. How fast she managed to seize it surprised me a bit and I watched as she carefully enclosed it in a manila folder, handing it to one of the men who had a briefcase.  


   She delicately claps, her smile turning into a smirk as she gazed down at me, "Welcome to the royals, Felicity." 



   A/N; a quick introductory chapter. next one will be longer and contain more information for better understanding (: please tell me what you think, feedback is highly appreciated! xx. 


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