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Hi I'm Lindsay. Read about my long journey with my step family.


1. The first meeting

=Chapter one=

As we step out of the car, I think of the first thing I am going to say. I mean, it's not particularly easy telling your 9th therapist that your not okay, Or that u don't know how u feel because that's basically the only questions they ask the whole entire time your in their office.

As we step through the door, I recognize the scent of ginger bread and instantly follow the sent to a ginger bread house scented candle while my dad checks me in.

"We're 20 minutes early and I have a meeting to go to so your brother is going to pick you up after your appointment." He kisses my cheek and leaves in a rush.

*sits lonely for 20 minutes*

"Lindsay you can go up now, the elevator is down the hall on the right. Will u be okay going on your own?"

She says in a friendly voice.

"Yes" I say shyly.

"Okay, well it's on the fourth floor, room 303. Will u remember that?"

I nod and wonder why everyone treats me like I'm a baby all the time. I never really noticed before.

I knock and get welcomed into the room I see a beautiful women with bright blue eyes and long straight black hair sitting behind a desk with a pant suit on. Her name tag says Mrs.Brylonk, she must be married.

She gestures me to take a seat. I sit down on a very comfortable chair and look down at my feet.

"Hello I'm Mrs.Brylonk, u can call me Angelica if u would like."

She seems very friendly, but so did my last therapist and the one before that too.

"I'm Lindsay" I say still looking at my feet. At least 10 seconds of silence passed by like nether of have anything to say.

"So I hear you are having trouble at school, is this true?"

I look at her and smile arrogantly.

"If you call getting bullied for 6 years, laughed at by all the boys and having only one friend in the whole in tire school having trouble then sure."

She looks at me worried and starts to bite her nails while still looking at me.

*fast forward*

I see my older step brother driving into the parking lot. He picks me up and starts to drive slowly.

I was staring out of the window before I remembered it was moving day!!!! I haven't scene the house my dad and I are moving into yet but I here my room is huge! I really hope that my annoying yet sweet and sensitive (just like me) step brother does not mess this up for me though. I am trying to make myself more comfortable with being around other people then my dad, it's been years.

Not knowing what I'm doing I put my hand down on too of Ryan's hand (step brother). We quickly shoot each other a look and pull away. Did I just feel something for my step brother?!?! Because if I did then that's another thing that's wrong with me! Without noticing we pull into the driveway. Wow it's a big house. I walk into it and can almost here the echoes of my footsteps.

"I'll show you to your room, it's right next to mine so if u need anything or you can't sleep you'll know where I am."

He points to a room with a big bed and plane walls "this is your room, I'm gonna go to my room now you can join my if u want to."

He says with a smirk.

I raise one eyebrow at him and he starts to smile.

Ryan's P.O.V.

I didn't realize how beautiful Lindsay was until that hand thing happened in the car earlier. I really hope that she is going to be able to stay. She seems like she will be an interesting asset to our new family.

I wonder if I should flirt with her a little, and see how she would react. No no no no no no I shouldn't out parents are newly wedds and I don't want to ruin that by falling in love with my new step sister.

I'll wait for her to make the first move on me, and if she dosen't, I'll try to live.

Authors note: hi guys this is my very first book sorry if my chapters are short but I am going to be putting out a new chapter every Tuesdays and Fridays!!!!! I hope you really like it.

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