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Hi I'm Lindsay. Read about my long journey with my step family.


2. The First Look

When I wake up, I rub the sleep out of my eyes. I look at the clock right next to me. It said 9:24 a.m. I don't know y I wane up so early on the weekends, I just can't sleep in I guess. I looked around because I kind of forgot where I was for a minute.

I laid back down so I can remember what I was going to do today. I'm pretty sure I was going to start decorating my room.

I get up, do my makeup, and throw on a black shirt and white high waisted shorts with white knee high socks. I also put my hair in a messy bun.

I started to undress when I heard on my bedroom door. I grabbed my blanket and wrapped it around me leaving nothing but my bare shoulders out.

"Come in" I say with a small voice crack. Only because this is the first time I've talked all day. About a second later Ryan enters my room.


He looks at the ground.

"Okay tell them I'll be down in a minute please." He nods and started to walk towards the door biting his lip. Slowly closing my door he sits down on my bed and pats the open area beside him. I slowly sit down. My blanket decided to move and uncover my thigh, because that's just the best thing that could happen between you and your supper shmexy step brother right?

He put his hand down next to my waist. Not quite touching me though.

He quickly but calmly blurts out "Wanna hang out tonight. Only if you want to though, it dosen't have to be a date if you don't want it to be because you know. Your my soon step sister sort of. It dosen't have to be tonight though it can be today. I can even help you decorate your room if you want." He started to look around at my plane walls and unpacked boxes. He looked at my face. "Yeah sure. That would actually be awesome. I could use the help with my room. I was actually just going out to get paint if you want to come." I said while he study's my face. "Okay" he said while getting closer to me. He started to lean in to what I thought was going to be a kiss but was quite rudely interrupted by my dad barging in. "Breakfast is almost cold, Ryan I asked you to come get her not have a conversation that lasts a life time." He walked down the stairs.

Ryan looked at me and smiled running his hang through his curly dirty blond hair. "To be continued." He got up and walked away, smirking.

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