Poems I Like Or Relate To

These are a bunch of poems that I have found. I DON'T OWN ANY OF THESE!!!


11. To Watch You, Admire You, Adore You By: Danny Blackburn

I was a blessed today in a special way 
I was able to be with you all day 

I got to watch you, admire you, adore you and appreciate your smile 
I watched you when you did not know I was looking, admiring your beauty all the while 

I touched you and you complained, not of my touch but at what you feel are your imperfections 
My wife so beautiful why can't you see, God created you, you have matured with perfection 

When I look at you I see a very beautiful woman, beauty so pure 
When I touch you, you still move my heart and soul, that is for sure 

When I feel your body with my hands, I feel so much 
I feel warmth, love, and beauty in a touch 

Yes, you have matured and for that I must say that I have no doubt 
I also feel that you are more of a woman today that I could not live without 

I love to feel your body, your skin so delicate, so fine 
And then I think why am I so lucky that God has made you mine 

I love you for who your are and who you have become 
I love you because you have matured with me and our hearts are still so young 

Your beauty is a mature beauty that shows the life of a mother and a wife 
You are so perfect to me, so beautiful, I thank God that you are in my life 

Please do not doubt me when I express to you how beautiful you are 
You are as beautiful today as the first time I saw you and admired you from a far 

To touch you and caress you gives me great pleasure 
For to me I am in love with a very special treasure 

Pammy, you are my life's love and my one desire 

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