Poems I Like Or Relate To

These are a bunch of poems that I have found. I DON'T OWN ANY OF THESE!!!


7. Memories By: Tamarah M. Olsen

My memories are what I have left,
and a lesson I will not forget.

The time has come when time is no more
and all that's left was once before.

The memories so dear and true,
those memories of me and you.

Although we fell and stumbled at times,
all those hills were necessary climbs. 

All the times when your heart shined through, 
Are the greatest memories I have of you.

I will always remember you, brother of mine
in my heart I will keep you, so I will be fine.

I will go forward with my head up high,
it might be hard, I cannot lie.

But in my heart you will be,
moving forward, you with me.

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