Poems I Like Or Relate To

These are a bunch of poems that I have found. I DON'T OWN ANY OF THESE!!!


12. Dealing With Stress By:Audrey Heller


There are times, whatever you do, fills
you full of stress! You try not to let it, get
a hold on you, but most times, you don't
have any success! How many times, did
you say, it can't go on your'e going to do
something about it, right away? But you
just go around in circles, for it just remains, 
the same old way! There isn't a person, 
that's not aware, of what too much stress, 
can do. It makes you feel pretty bad, as it
takes a hold on you! I guess the only way to
fight it, is, to do whatever it takes, to get
your mind off of your problems and put it, in
another direction. Do something nice, for
someone else and you'll receive, your

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