Snapchat x ch

"Babbbbyyyy" Copyright to @deadhood 2015. All rights reserved


29. 29

*You were added to a group chat with 4 other people*



Me: how the fuck did you get my number

AshyKnees: who the fuck are you?

MickeyMouse: OHHH BURN

LuckyCharms: HAHAHA

Me: Hood u better fuckin answer me before I chop all your little friends little dicks off

Me: Try Me

AshyKnees: Baby, I hate to break it to you but my dick is bigger than the empire state building

LuckyCharms: Same 

MickyMouse: Mhm Gurl...

Me: Yeah, and I can lick my elbow. 😱😱

AshyKnees: What?

Me: Oh, I thought we were stating impossible things.

MickeyMouse: I'm DYING

HoodBabe: No your not, I'm right next to you, your still alive.

MickeyMouse: 😒😒🔪🔪🔫🔫

Me: 🔪🔪🍆🍆😄👌

LuckyCharms- You have a salty gf Calum

Me: We are not together.

HoodBabe: Yes We Are

Me:No we are not

HoodBabe: Mhm

Me: NO

HoodBabe: YES

Me: NO

HoodBabe: YES

*LuckyCharms Left*

*MickyMouse Left*

*AshyKnees Left*

Me: See your sooooo annoying that all your friends left

HoodBabe: Wasn't my fault

Me: Shut the fuck up. Hella annoying 😒😒😒😒😒😒😒😒

*You Left*





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