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"Babbbbyyyy" Copyright to @deadhood 2015. All rights reserved


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Special Day. :) :) Hope you Like. 




I walked down the corridor. Class was in secession and I just decided to ditch. My fingers go over the locks on the lockers making a noise, by this point I don't care if I get caught or not. "Pass is bro" I hear, at the end of the hall. I roll my eyes, so I'm not the only one ditching. I continue to walk until I get closer to the end of the hall. I notice feet poking out, vans, high tops, pro classics. Just like mine. Crap. Calum. I stop dead in my tracks and I take out my phone and earphones, blasting my music, the neighborhood, almost bursts my eardrums. I lean against the lockers, and I take out a cig. I need it. I take out my box of matches and I start to walk towards them, dancing, spinning. I take out a match and I light it with my teeth (a.n If you watched 'the breakfast club' then you'll know what I'm talking about) I fire my cig and I inhale the toxins. I fix my jean jacket, and I walk right past them there chatter stop. And I smirk.


My chill music comes on and I stop in front of a garbage can. I drop my hand, that's holding the cigarette and I move my hips, tilting my head back, blowing out a cloud of smoke. I look over at them, and I shrug, spinning dropping my cig on the ground stepping on it. 


That got em' 

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