Shes known as the girl vloger

" I know I shouldn't be falling for him it's just it's hard it's hard to stop but I can't he is amazing in every single way apart from the fact that our families hate each other and he's the schools 'bad boy'" I say running a hand through my hair " I think I'm falling for him" I thought to my self but he just remembers me as the girl next store or 'the girl vloger'


2. mountain climbing

Michelle's P.O.V

We were currently climbing Mount Kosciusko the Hemming's family was in front of us Luke was in front of me and I was infront of my family I climbed a fit faster and I was beside Luke I grabbed a rock that looked stable but when I grabbed it it crumbled and I was dangling from it "please help me!" I asked Luke he smirked "ok but u gotta give me a bj" I gagged " Ew never " he shrugged and climbed on I then saw my sister climb up "HELP!" I shouted she looked up and climbed up and pulled me up to sit beside her I was tryna catch my breath and when I did I said "thanks" we sat there and a few moments later and our family caught up with us my dad said "pcome on girls never stop" we sighed and climbed of. I was currently behind my brother we lost out family. I noticed jack was looking tired "jack are you tired" I asked he nodded "do you want a piggy back" he nodded I pulled him up onto the smooth bit (sorry know nothing about mountain climbing) I handed jack water and took some myself then we were of . I was getting really worried I could not find my sister my mother my dad I'm very scared we'll let me regrade this IM FUCKING FREAKING OUT it looked like jack was reading my thaughts and said "it's ok I think that's dad over there" he pointed over my shoulder to a broad figure "DAD IS THAT YOU" I shouted the figure turned around and once it got my attention it smirked "yes call me daddy" eww it was Luke " you fucking idiot my brother is here" I said he chuckled "you cussed I'm pretty sure he doesn't know what I mean" he said I rolled my eyes and said "have you saw my family" he shook his head " I can't find my mother either.we were climbing for what seemed like for agessss ....and I was still with Luke "look we're nearly at the top!" I said he smirked "I'm gonna be the one to beat you there" he said while climbing faster so did I and tripped and Luke caught onto me "your lucky your hot" he said "shut the hell up hemmings" I said climbing at a lower pace and I saw my parents there that means....we won yeas can't wait to rub it into his face at school.

A/n I know I promised to be active it's just I couldn't because I was lazy and I got in trouble for skipping school and got my phone,laptop and tablet taking of me plus detention so yeah that was a bummer but yeah ily guys bye

Says somthing funny and cool*

"Yea I'm a rebel" jk😂


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