Shes known as the girl vloger

" I know I shouldn't be falling for him it's just it's hard it's hard to stop but I can't he is amazing in every single way apart from the fact that our families hate each other and he's the schools 'bad boy'" I say running a hand through my hair " I think I'm falling for him" I thought to my self but he just remembers me as the girl next store or 'the girl vloger'


4. chapter 4

Michelle's P.O.V

It was Friday afternoon I was sitting at the lunch table with trish and Lola. "Did you guys get an invite to jakes party tomorow" tush says sticking a fork into her salad and eating it "yeah" Lola says shaking her head "what am I the only one not invited" I say taking a sip of my strawberry milk,trish and Lola look at each other and then at me "yes" they say in unison I slam my head onto the table "why me" I shout "it's ok just be someone's plus one then you'll get in I mean you'll have to or you could just go in " Lola says "oh yeah....but who would wanna take me as their plus one ...guys?" They look at me with sad eyes "sorry I'm taking thomase" Trish says Thomas it trish's boyfriend tho he goes to a different school and rules are people are not to get invites there "ugh what about you Lola" I ask "nah sorry I'm going with Luke" I had wide eyes "hemmings?" Me and Trish look at her like she was joking "I'm serious he asked me this morning something about not having a invite an shit but look....calum has a thing for you just make him make you be his plus one if that makes any sense at all" she said I put my head in my hand "hey Michelle wanna come sit with me" I turned around to see calum he's so like confident he just go ahead and asks I wish I was more like him I look back at Lola and trish they nod I get up grab my bag and lunch plate and follow him to his table I'm not sure if he has any friends. I look at him and smile "so you going to jakes party tomorow" he nods "yeah I hear it's going to be awesome to bad I never got an invite" I say looking disappointed hey then says "I'll get you in my buddie is a friend of the guy jake who's having it" he says I then look like a kid who smelt chocolate "thank you so much I love you so so much your the best friend ever" I get up of my chair and run over to him give him a hug and kiss on the cheek he smiles "yuk don't ever do that again" he says wiping my lipstick of his cheek "haha ok but thank you so fucking much " I headed of to gym class I had with my other friend lollie tho we don't really talk that much *so I got changed ect* I sat beside Mollie on the bench while the coach was explaining what we have to do "so listen up everybody were playing a game called "don't drop the ball" it's simple you pick a partner and throw to them in the most difficult ways you drop it you fail you don't you get an A am I clear" the coach says we all nod and start to partner up so I grab lollies arm "hold on I'm picking the partners here" the coach says I sigh "Andrew and violet" "Lauren and maya " "Michelle and Michael" I stand up and walk over to Michael in the slowest way as possible "hurry up fat ass" he says I stop and glare at him with a hand on my hip "what d'you just say?" I ask "hurry up fat ass now are you deaf or?" He says I run up to him and slap him on the face and boot him in his balls he clutched his stomach and the coach ran over to us

a/n what do think will happen next what will the coach do? Will Michaels balls be better?

Fun out in the next chapter ahhh bye 🍕🍕😝😝🍰🍰

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