Shes known as the girl vloger

" I know I shouldn't be falling for him it's just it's hard it's hard to stop but I can't he is amazing in every single way apart from the fact that our families hate each other and he's the schools 'bad boy'" I say running a hand through my hair " I think I'm falling for him" I thought to my self but he just remembers me as the girl next store or 'the girl vloger'


3. chapter 3

Michelle's p.o.v

I woke up to the smell of pancakes. I sat up and rubbed my eyes with my balled up fists and grabbed my phone and checked the time 6:30. The one thing I don't understand is how my family can get up so early. I decided since it was only 6:30 I would do a vid on YouTube after my shower+breakfast. I got up and picked out my outfit for today

An diegosours tank black ripped skinny jeans a beanie and red flannel for around my waist and for my shoes black vans.

I grabbed my clothes and a towel and headed into the shower...after my showered I brushed my teeth done my makeup curled my hair ect Once I finished it was 7:00 great it takes me 10minutes to drive to school.yes I drive got a problem? (Just kidding obvs) and school starts at 9:45. So I grabbed my camera and guitar and decide to to my song about...Luke it was a song that described my feelings I HAD for him it was like a crush but not love. I started the video and said into the camera "hey guys it's ...MICHELLE" I said it dramatically to make it funny "and I'm gonna be singing my song I wrote about someone in my life I liked I hope you like it" I strummed a few chorded and started playing a tune

You never knew that I liked you

I found it funny how you never knew

I made It quiet obvious

But I've got feelings for youuuuuuu

I like you

I like you

I like youuuu

I saw you with them girls under the tree while I was playing volly ball and she was on the cheer team I found it funny how you never knew I liked youuuuu

The song went on and when I finished I said to the camera "I love you guys and hope I will see you all later? Idk but make sure to leave a like subscribe and comment what you thought about my song bye" I smiled and waved to the camera while ending the vidio. 1 hour went by of me editing my video and I realised it was time to go to school I put my things away and started up my engine after texting my 2 friends Lola and trish saying

"Hey off to school c u there;)"

I drove to school singing along to my all time low cd and found my shades and put them on. Then I pulled up to my school seeing the groups I wasn't in them I mean lots of people call us the sporty chics while others call us emo but I don't really mind it , I found a parking space and got out of my car carrying my backpack and ear plugs in listening to music opening the doors and walking down the halls looking at my feet while walking. I felt someone grab my my shoulders I let out a yelp along while jumping I chuckled as soon as I saw it was my friend Lola who had brown hair dark skin brown eyes with peach lips she was wearing a flower head band and high waisted shorts and a white crop top and sneakers. I took my earphones out and said "why the hell would you creep up on my and scare me like that" I gave her a cross look she just shrugged and walked with me we got to my locker and I asked her "what class do you have?" She took her timetable and said "English and u" I looked at my timetable "ugh math with Luke " I said she rolled her eyes "what's so bad about him anyway... Oohh" she said remembering why I hate like I nodded and she said "well I have to go to my locker I'll see you at lunch" I hugged her and she walked away I turned around to look for my lip stick I felt someone placing there hands on my shoulders while squeezing them to make me jump but then I said " Lola you scared me once that's enough" I felt their breath on my neck and the person whispers into my ear "it's not Lola princess" ugh it was Luke I turned around and said "what do you want hemmings" he pinned me up against my locker and said while his face centimetres away from mine "your body" I tried to get out of his grasp but he was to strong "get of me or I swear I will shout rape all over the corridors" he never let go I was about to shout something and he covered my mouth "it's not rape if you like it" he said I chuckled "if I liked it would I be about to pepper spray you" I say holding up the pepper spray I had in my hand he backed away "see you at math princess" he said winking I threw my hands in the air making the yuk face I continued to look for my lip stick and found it and walked of to math not forgetting to grab my books.i walked of to class and then opens the door I was the first one there "hey mr Mathews" I said waving to him he gave me a dirty look he never really liked me. I shrugged it of and walked to my seat at the back of the class and went on my phone since I was early and then 5 minutes went by and the room started to fill with pupils. I put my phone away and the room was filled but the chair next to me was empty ....and Luke wasn't there yet ....fuck if he doesn't skip class that means hell have to sit wiv me are you serious? Tho I'm sure he'll skip right? 15 minutes into class and the teacher was talking about some shit then the door opened there stood a sweaty looked the teacher looked at him and said "go sit down Luke and be silent" he warned Luke looked around the classroom for a chair until his eyes met mine oh great he came and sat beside me and 5 minutes of the lesson I felt someone touch my inner thy I turned around to see Luke smirking I slapped his hand of my thy .........after math class I got up and walked to my locker placing my books in my locker

-----------------skip to end of the day*

I got home and ran upstairs to my room and got of my shoes and clothes I was only in my underwear I kind of liked being in my underwear because it's realaxing I went over and locked my door got my books out of my backpack and studied I looked out my window to see Luke in his room taking his top off I kept my stare until he looked at me and smirked I felt my self blushing he waved I waved back and then realised I was only in my underwear I looked back down at my papers and worked through my homework until I was finished I got up and walked over to my treadmill and ran on it to 60 minutes I was out of breath so I decided to get some water out of my mini fridge I turned around to see like on my bed on his phone? "What the fuck how did you get in here" I whispered/yelled he pointed to my opened window "you climbed through my window how long have you been here" I asked he looked up from his phone "bout 20 minutes I got bored" he said casually I went over to my phone and got on snapchat and took a selfie with me doin the duck face and wrote on it tired😴 and posted it on my story I went to my wardrobe and got out an oversized sports shirt with shorts and got them on then sat on my bed and looked at him "can you get out please before I call the cops" I said "I'll go if you give me what I want" he said leaning closer and kissed me I tried pushing him of me but he wouldn't budge he slipped his tounge into my mouth I started to kiss back but then realised what was happening he took of my shorts along with my panties and I pushed him of me while pulling my shorts up "what the hell get the fuck out now or I swear I will call the police he shrugged openning the window more and he jumped onto a tree into his room "I wonder about him somtime" I say to myself I check my social medias before turning on Netflix and falling asleep

A/n big update oh I deleted fans turn to friends on my account because I had no ideas for it but I'm a bit tired it's 3:30 am and I'm dozing of so this chapter might have been of but anyway

Peace out

Home buddz


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