Shes known as the girl vloger

" I know I shouldn't be falling for him it's just it's hard it's hard to stop but I can't he is amazing in every single way apart from the fact that our families hate each other and he's the schools 'bad boy'" I say running a hand through my hair " I think I'm falling for him" I thought to my self but he just remembers me as the girl next store or 'the girl vloger'


1. chapter 1

Michelle's P.O.V

'Beep beep beep' my alarm !!!!! I don't open my eyes or try to keep the sound of soon I hear my door open "GET UP WE HAVE A BIG DAY AHEAD OF US" my dad shouts that's right! We have to beat the hemmings climbing the hill wich is so big and I couldn't give two shits cause I don't care about it .The hemmings family are our enemies and to be honest I don't know why...anyway time to introduce myself my name is Michelle I have brown/blonde/ginger kind of hair I have got one sister a little brother and mum and dad I've got no pets I'm the 2nd oldest my sister Rosie I'm 16 and she's seventeen my little brother jack is nine and my mom Marie and my dad joe are both 38 and are really competitive and I have a boyfriend called drake and my second name is Ross and that's all you need to know

Luke's P.O.V

I got up when my alarm clock went I hit it of and ran into my bathroom brushed my teeth and got a towel and clothes I got a shower and twenty minutes later I was finished I have blue hair and a tattoos neck I've got a lip piercing and I live in austrialia,west Sydney I packed all the things I needed and went down the stairs and saw my mum "is it only us climbing this time?" I say as I got to the bottom of the stairs "yep I hope you got your energy cause this hill is crazy we need to win!" My mum exclaims I nod with a chuckle and had cereal.


I hope you guys liked this imma be more active and update more on books because I've been really lazy but I promise I'll update and if you havnt already please fan me and check out my other books ily stay pretty bye 😋

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