Breaking from the normal

I've written lots of sad poems about how society hurts, well, I thought maybe I could something a little different.


1. Breaking from the normal

I am lucky,
I am,
Though I don't always believe it,
To live where I live,
With the friends that I have.

The law of this land,
Is comparatively fair,
They won't stop me being me,
Or from growing my hair.

I am lucky.
In fact,
That I may gain support,
And that any surgery I need,
Will be completely free.

In this country,
In general,
Attitudes are better,
Than almost anywhere else,
And I'm mostly protected.

I won't be arrested,
Or tortured,
Or whipped, or hung,
For wearing what I want,
Or being with a girl.

I won't be kicked out,
Of my home by my parents,
For though they may not understand,
Or agree,
They're accepting

I won't be silenced,
Or censored,
Hateful comments are rare,
And my words can make a difference,
Without risk.

I was lucky,
I was,
To be born where I am,
Though it's not quite perfect,
I am free enough.

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