The Movellas Gift Exchange 2015

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31. Mirlotta

For: Mirlotta
Present Type: Song
Title: Carnival Of Insanity

(verse 1)
I feel the whispers like a longship in the dark
If only you could tame my crazy heart
Im like a bullet slamming through the masquerade
To rule the world or to live with fault and blame

Risk it all to gain it all
Or turn away and lose it all
We never fall were standing tall
Carnival of insanity here we go

Wont you send the pretty girls
A plastic mask of love
Everybody in the place is fitting like a glove
Wont you hold until I die and then you'll be alone
Laid here at the foot of the stairs hangin on the telephone

(verse 2)
I feel the ocean as it smacks against the mast
The devil actually never told me it would last
A little mercy as I asphyxiate
I cant breathe and I hope you aren't too late


If you could know me would you ever understand
Im flying high and I hope that I never land

Chorus x2    


Your Secret Santa,

Cangku Shishan

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