The Movellas Gift Exchange 2015

Read the first chapter for details. If you're participating I'd highly recommend favouriting this movella so you can be updated, otherwise it will be difficult to contact everyone individually. :) [liking is purely optional but appreciated bc of effort etc.]


48. Madouc

I was going to draw something for Christmas, Madouc, but then I remembered you are way too good at drawing and I am not. XD If you want proof, just look at your character store!

I was going to write you something for Christmas, Madouc, but then I remembered what an awesome you are and I how I would completely fail. If you want proof, I love 'The origin of the haggis and other stories from my childhood.

So I guess all I can do is wish you a Merry Christmas from every fandom we share (which is surprisingly a lot):

XD Now that just made me laugh. Hope you have an awesome Christmas and a happy new year!



Your Secret Santa,


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