The Movellas Gift Exchange 2015

Read the first chapter for details. If you're participating I'd highly recommend favouriting this movella so you can be updated, otherwise it will be difficult to contact everyone individually. :) [liking is purely optional but appreciated bc of effort etc.]



All names have been sent out!

Please remember to send in your gifts to me [if it's through co-author then just add it to a chapter in that co-author, DON'T mention me in a comment as it'll be public]. If I've just commented on an old mumble then also comment your image or gift onto that mumble, and tag me pls.

Deadline for sending gifts in: 15th [or 16th if I contacted you 0n 07/12/15] of December. 

If anyone has any questions please just leave a comment and I'll get back to you ASAP. Happy gift making! :)

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