My [Not So Interesting] Life!

Ever wondered what life for Ally was outside of the computer screen? Or the rants of her bands, crush and best friends? Well you'll find out here!


2. 30/11/12

I'm here and safely alive! Somewhat...

My source of lfe recently broke while I was using it in the bath tub yesterday, causing water damage and not charging :D Great job Ally, you're so very smart.

So after waking up at a lovely 1:30 on this cold morning, I haven't been able to get much sleep. So many thoughts were running through my head. Such as; how will I survive a full school day with no music to block out and attempt at a conversation?

I also had my hair straightened the other day :D It's back to normal now tho Dx I'll attempt to straighten a bit of it soon though, because I absolutely love it! Too bad my straightner is a crappy hand me down that can barely straighten a small amount of hair!

What am I doing in this very moment? Well, I made myself a lovely cup of hot chocolate, turned on some Sleeping with Sirens and Pierce The Veil, and decided to use my mind to write! I still have another good 5 hours until I actually have to be at school.

during my weekend I went on a small vacation! My best friend Lee [Some of you may know her as SapphDia96] and I decided to take a road trip to a town around an hour and a half away! It was amazing! we went to hot pools and down water slides and took hikes every day, we even saw a few people from school! And of course, we had no wifi up there. So I somehow managed to struggle two days of no internet. Now it depends whether I can do that with no phone.

And that meant I got the day off on Friday! Which was pretty cool in my opinion. Lee and I hung out at my house while mum was at work, and even though we were supposed to be working we decided against it and had a music video marathon :D

And my other best friend, Abi, filled me in on all that happened on that one day! She told me about dance, how herself and her recent boyfriend broke up, and how my crush said he 'May have missed me' on my day away. Of course, I was excited and saddened by both pairs of news.

She exclaimed her and her boyfriend broke up because it wouldn't work when she transferred schools next year instead of going to the one in town, and that he was being teased by a lot of people because of their relationship. Which confused me, because they went together like hot chocolate and me!

And then she exclaimed that during lunch at the park, the boys were at the skate park. She said my crush was staring into the distance, and his friend asked "Awh do you miss your Ally Babe?" to which he answered "Dude... Maybe"

So that made me happy!

And I just ran out of hot chocolate. Dammit.

Anyhow the day before it was my friends Birthday :D So I attended that part for an hour, went to get my hair cut and then came back. Everyone started complimenting my straight hair, it was crazy! And my crush lives down her street too, which was a bonus.

Her neighbour and her don't have a very good relationship however. Lots of fights, name calling, arguments and police involved. Not a good thing. And she had her friends over too, who I'm also friends with. Pretty hard stuff.

So after walking down the street to the park, my crush decided to play basketball there with his mate. And of course, because of my hair colour, it's hard to miss me. His friend exclaimed "Hey isn't that Ally?'. Said crush turned around and exclaimed "What whe- woah." noticing my new hair. Yay senpai noticed me! :D

I haven't really got anything else to say aside from my crush calling me babe once more, and my cat meowing at me to let him outside at 3:02 am. I best be off now! I'll talk soon <3

-Girl online going off

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