Beamed into Star Trek

A ten year old girl was beamed aboard the Enterprise. For what? To have a adventure; crazy, fun, and....Frightening at best. Then under some circumstances; she left then was taken back into the strange world once more. She isn't familiar to the episodes nor is aware what happens for the next seven years. She is in the wild; where aliens are every day known beings,phasers being the equivalent of guns, and people are beamed! Here's to hoping she will exactly have the intended fun this is suppose to be for her.


33. Unexpected returns

. . . 2369. . .

 . . . Enterprise . . . 6:48 AM. . .

I was made lieutenant last year. I moved out of the quarters I shared with Bay  along with Kevin. Being Lieutenant is different from Ensign as I can have my own room.  This morning I awoke,woke up Kevin,  took a shower and made myself some breakfast. Kevin was five years old. Five years since I joined the crew of the Enterprise. Kevin looked at me oddly.

"What is it Kevin?" I asked.

Kevin was completely white.

"Mom?" Kevin said.

"Yes?" I said, taking a bite out of the cereal.

"Is that really you?" Kevin asked.

"Of course it is me, rocky boy!" I said. "Come on sit down and have some breakfast."

"Mom. . . .You are supposed to be dead." Kevin said.

I looked away from the bowl of cereal.

"Kevin, is there something off?" I asked.

Kevin nodded.

"How off?" I asked.

Kevin stepped forward.

"You died saving Uncle Q's life and so did Mr Worf," Kevin said. "I was living with Uncle Data."

"Kevin," I said. "I never died. And Q would never allow me to save his life." I snorted. "Single handedly of course."

"Then what happened aboard the Calecto ship?" Kevin asked.

I was about to reply when I couldn't for the life of me remember.

"I. . ." I said. "Have no memory."

This reminds of the Big Bang arch where--Wait a second. I remember Bailson being taken through a white scar! I remember Barb vanishing into thin air and out of existence.  Kevin hugged me and whispered, "I really missed you, mom." It made me feel warm hearted. To me I had been raising Kevin as a single parent with help from a few friends. Data and Kevin seemed to have great relationships. I did not know what kind of relationship Q and Kevin shared but they might have had conflicts when I wasn't around.

"What exactly killed me?" I asked, shortly after ending the hug.

"A Calecto." Kevin said.

"There is no such thing as Calecto." I said.

A whole planet being devoured by a scar in the universe. A entire civilization being wiped off the record. I wasn't surprised. I told Kevin take a bath and that breakfast would be ready for him. He went into the bathroom. I took out a Padd then searched for the records relating to Q. A person once taken in through the hole in the universe wouldn't just come back unless someone or something powerful went into the crack.

There was no file on Q.

I thought back at the moment I became Carly Bell.

I checked the file on who is the captain of the ship.

Oh my god.

I gasped reading the text.

Picard is dead.

Captain of the ship?

William  T. Riker.

First officer?


Second officer: Worf.

I closed my eyes feeling distressed, upset,and unsure about this timeline. Could there be a way to make everything right again?  I finished my breakfast and made Kevin's breakfast. I went over to the couch taking in the gravity of my problem. There had to be a way to restore the timeline without killing off the original captain of the ship. I closed my eyes.

Remember what Q told Picard years ago.

Perhaps there could be a time loop or some degrading form of time that could create a restore point capable of being engineered by one reminder. One way to keep time and space together. The universe was repaired. But there were two people missing. Two people so important it can't be joked how the Enterprise would never be the same without them. I had to cling onto hope. I had to contact a person like  Q capable of carrying this rather impossible idea.

Something to stop from Q being entirely forgotten.

One could go back and forth in time in terms of minds.

Not the Doctor.

I opened my eyes to see everything had stopped moving including the stars.

"Wow," Came a woman's voice. "You certainly turned on your ESP thinking so much!"

I looked over to see in the chair there sat a woman with red curly hair, a black dress that sparkled, red rosy lips, blue crystal eyes, and a fancy bracelet. She had her dark coat hung on the edge of a chair with white fur along the neck-line. She had a goblet in one hand that had the letter 'm' right at the dead center. She took a sip out of it.

"Who the slag are you?"


I didn't laugh as I stood up.

"So the Q continuum has a person named M." I said.

"No, I am from the M continuum."  M said.

I blinked.

"Pardon?" I asked.

"There are two continuums," M said, lowering the goblet. "We are finally the only continuum that doesn't have a copy!" She seemed to be so happy it was disgusting and aggravating at best. "We are so lucky  to have lost those chaotic and lazy continuum."

I stood up.

"Chaotic?" I asked.

M nodded.

"Uh huh."  M said.

I took the chair out from  her reach making M fall face forward on the table.

"Listen Miss," I said. "According to me, you are no different than Sam was!" I tossed the chair away from her.  "So don't say you are different than Q continuum because you can do ANYTHING YOU LIKE TO DO!" I knocked the goblet out of M's hand drawing her attention to me. "Are you listening to me, bitch? For example you can just think me away. Let me die. Clean up Q's mess  and delete every damn timeline that features the Enterprise!"

 M frowned as she glared at me.

"But that would be too much work," M said, with a growl. "We do keep order but doing that? Too much."

"TOO MUCH?" I roared, grabbing her by the neck. "YOU ARE M FROM THE M CONTINUUM AND YOU ARE MY ENEMY!" My grip tightens around her neck as she clawed at my hands attempting to escape my relatively strong grip. "LONG AS I LIVE MY SON WILL NEVER CONSIDER YOU AN AUNT, A FRIEND, OR A CLOSE FRIEND. I will make it my mission that you are considered a enemy of the federation!" I tossed her against the wall in a fit of rage. "You are lazy. You are chaotic. You are a mess." M pressed herself up against the wall. "In any timeline, I am dead or alive my son is likely to make an enemy out of you. Any timeline without Q."

She wiped blood off her nose.

"Any timeline?" M asked, raising a dark eyebrow.

My hands were balled up in fists.

"Out of my timeline, bitch." I said.

M smiled.

"I accept your challenge." M said.

M vanished in a golden flash.

I fell to my knees and just cried into my hands.

What have I done?


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