Beamed into Star Trek

A ten year old girl was beamed aboard the Enterprise. For what? To have a adventure; crazy, fun, and....Frightening at best. Then under some circumstances; she left then was taken back into the strange world once more. She isn't familiar to the episodes nor is aware what happens for the next seven years. She is in the wild; where aliens are every day known beings,phasers being the equivalent of guns, and people are beamed! Here's to hoping she will exactly have the intended fun this is suppose to be for her.


20. To make Sam screw up

..Aboard the Enterprise...

Picard was walking down the corridor to his quarters on deck nine to get a good book he recently when a man approached him. The man looked familiar, the hair style reminded Picard of Data's hair cut, and the man wore a black and yellow uniform. He had two golden pins along the black collar.

"Captain, I have been wanting to speak with you," The man said.

"Yes?" Picard asked.

"I am not an Android," And then it became clear to Picard this man is Data. "Could you turn me back into an Android, please?"

At first Picard is baffled.

"But isn't that what you wanted to be?" Picard asked.

"Yes, sir," Data said, with a nod. "That is true. But I never wanted to compound one... illusion with another. It might be real to Sam... perhaps even you, sir. But it would never be so to me. Was it not one of the your favorite authors who wrote, 'This above all: to thine own self be true?' Sorry, captain, I must stick to what is real."

"You are right,Data," Picard said.

Shortly afterward Data is returned to his Android self within a white flash.

"Thank you, sir," Data said.

"Who were you with when you turned human?" Picard asked.

"Riker," Data said.

"Riker," Picard repeated.

"Yes," Data said.

"I will need to talk to him about the intention of this mission," Picard said.

Picard vanished in a white flash.


...15 minutes later...

...Sick Bay...

"How does your fingers feel?" I asked.

"Terrible," Bailson replied.

"Hold up your hands," I said.

Bailson held up his hands.

"So what do I have, Nurse Bell?" Bailson asked.

"You have stalker syndrome," I said. "Your fingers are no doubtedly fine. I have scanned them numerous times, bent them, and ran all the tests I can think of."

"Hey, that's condescending," Bailson said.

"You have come for the same 'illness' for the past two weeks," I said. "You have worn my patience."

"Maybe it is something new!" Bailson suggested.

I sighed.

"I am not taking any of your crap," I said. "You are free to go."

Bailson got up grumbling. He went out the door leaving sick bay.

"How was the patient?" Doctor Beverly asked, behind me.

"What!" I jumped, at first frightened then turned around toward Doctor Beverly. "He was fine. Just faking it to get some attention from me."

"Ah,you have an admirer?" Doctor Beverly said.

"More or less," I said. "I am not interested in him at the slightest!"

Doctor Beverly has a snicker, amused by my relationship (probably) with Bailson, then she turns away going to a different patient with burns all over. I didn't get assigned to that patient as it is Beverly's charge. The doors opened with a whishing kind of sound. I had a feeling in my gut that Geordi just came in. It is the not kind of typical feeling that is odd, strange, and rather had a 'cool' theme to it.

I turned toward the direction of the doors.

There stood Geordi without his visor.

But he had pupils.

"Woah," Geordi said. "You look...Actually, more pretty than I imagined you."

"Geordi, you can see," I said.

Geordi smiled.

"Just for now," Geordi said. "I wanted to see what you looked like."

I blinked, feeling like there's a reason behind that.

"Did the captain give you that?" I asked.

Geordi nodded.

"Just for a run through," Geordi said. "Whenever I do be able to see. I wanted to see what you looked like now until then because the gift to see is a ability that some people do not have."

I nodded.

"That's my Geordi," I said.

"You really are pretty," Geordi said. "Riker is right. I am the lucky guy."

Geordi left Sick Bay while I am left with a warm feeling in my heart.

....Captain's ready room...

...20 minutes later...

Second time in my life did I visit Captain Picard's ready room. I kept my cool making my way to the bridge. Where everything majorly important happened aboard the Enterprise; besides Sickbay, shuttle bay, Engineering, Science Lab, and Ten Forward. Commander Riker had the bridge. I entered the ready room.

Picard looked up from his book.

"Yes, Ensign?" Picard asked.

"I recently uncovered a memory," I said. "Of Q in my past." He put the book down. "I recently just remembered it," I cleared my throat. "And he...He was different. Older. He wasn't so young as the one we know."

"And?" Picard asked.

"This older Q left a message for you," I said. "And it is, 'Remember what I told you years ago'."

"Remember what?" Picard asked.

I smiled, sadly.

"That is the point," I said.

Picard narrowed his eyes.

"That vague?" Picard asked.

I lost that sad smile.

"Yes," I said, with a nod. "He did not tell me. The point is; you have to remember something he told you."

"That is like Q," Picard said. "Cryptic. Thank you for the information, you may leave."

Our perspective flies out of Ensign Bell where we watch her go into a turbo lift shortly afterward. Our perspective flies back into the captain's ready room. Picard picked up the book and resumed reading. In a white flash in a white ironed chair appeared Sam wearing a gray hat, gray suit with a white shirt and red tie, including dark shoes. He appeared to be in 21st century clothes.

"Not doing much, I see," Sam said.

"Go away, please," Picard said.

"You need to use that power, other than helping your crewmates," Sam said. "We are quite fond of games and tricks but only when really needed...Which I don't think suites your problem right now." He tapped his chin. "Perhaps the main test should commence." A smile spread on Sam's face. "It is time I take off the training wheels, Picard."

Panic spread on Picard's face.

"Sam," Picard said, at first.

Sam vanished in thin air within a white flash that originated right where his heart should be. Picard had a bad feeling. Suddenly the ship tilted over followed by a hard and clear explosive sound. Picard put the book away then made his way to the bridge.

"Number One, status report," Picard said.

"We have entered the crosshairs of a attack between two alien races," Riker said, grabbing hold onto the arm rest of his chair. "We don't know them!"

"Issue a red alert," Picard ordered.

Red lights wailed throughout the Enterprise startling many people who hadn't been aware of it.

"Decks five through twenty have been destroyed," Yar shouted.

"Issue a hail!" Picard ordered.

"Trying...trying..." Yar said. "They are not responding!"

There were phasers now shooting at the Enterprise.

Picard went to the next possible solution.

"Issue a evacuation," Picard said, right as spark erupted in the side of the bridge.

For the past few hours everyone's wishes have been being granted (And with Picard reverting these wishes with much reluctance) but never did he expect it to escalate this badly. From the corner of Picard's eyes appeared a random white flash followed by Sam leaning forward.

"You know you can stop this attack," Sam said. "Just by a thought."

"Not until all resources are exhausted!" Picard retorted.

"You rather go down with the ship and perhaps 1,200 souls lost?" Sam asked, at first disgusted.

"I rather die as a human," Picard said.

"I am giving you one last chance to save everyone aboard," Sam said. "And I am not rewinding time."

"Sam!" Picard shouted. "My answer remains the same. Return us!"

Sam vanished.

"The engines have been struck!" Geordi reported.

The Enterprise is sent spinning striking many of the firing spaceships knocking up scrap metal and making a explosion at the same time in the way.

"Everyone, you must evacuate!" Picard ordered.

"I am not leaving, sir," Data said. "I am needed here."

"My duty is to make sure my captain lives," Riker said. "I am not leaving you."

"Me too," Yar added.

"Counselor Troi to the bridge!" Deanna's voice is overheard. "What is happening?"

"Get to a escape pod," Riker said. "We are under attack."

"That is an order," Picard added.

Suddenly a large explosion comes on the other side of the communication.

"Ah!" Deanna shouted.

"Deanna!" Riker shouted.

"Computer, locate Deanna Troi," Picard said. "Fire torpedoes on the firing space ships!"

"Ay, sir," Yar said.

"Deanna Troi is not on the Enterprise," The bridge replied.

Torpedoes fired upon the rival ships. One of the bridge areas to the ships is destroyed shortly followed by the destruction of that entire ship. It seemed like a war zone is going on all around the Enterprise. The explosion made the Enterprise rock back and forth. The red alarm is wailing through. Worf held onto his station.

"Decks nine through twenty-nine have been destroyed," Yar said.

Geordi collapsed to the floor after a explosion from his station covered in burns.

"Sir, I suggest we fire at their bridges," Worf suggested. "It seems to be their weakpoint."

"I agree," Yar chimed in.

"Fire ahead," Picard said.

"Torpedoes fired," Worf said.

The ships dodged the torpedoes with excellent skill. A blast struck the side of the bridge. Worf is sent falling back in pain injuring his back due to the magnitude of power that had channeled through him. He is unable to move his legs let alone his arms. The ultimate fear of a Klingon.

"Worf!" Yar shouted.

"Captain?" Data asked, looking over toward Picard. "What do we do now?"

'You rather go down with the ship and perhaps 1,200 souls?' Sam had asked.

This time Picard had a bold and defiant look on his face.

"No," Picard said.

Time froze.

"Good choice," Sam said, appearing in the empty chair alongside Picard. "Freezing time." Sam rubbed his newly made beard. "Well...You are giving your tactical officer a extended time of death by paralyization. Oh look, I made up a new word. Sorry if that sounded rude."

"Rude?" Picard asked. "That is not right of you to do that to my ship and crew!"

By Picard's thought the Enterprise begins repairing itself and everyone starts moving backwards.

"It was a test," Sam said. "After this. You can use your power for one last thing."

Picard glared at Sam.

"I already have," Picard said.

Sam raised his brow.

"No," Sam said. "You couldn't have."

"If there is one thing you should know; don't underestimate me," Picard said.

Sam sighed, glancing over to Data.

"Hmm..." Sam said. "I wonder how this timeline would be if your little Android was permanently deactivated."

Picard grew grim.

"Don't you dare," Picard said, as the scene had come to the restored Enterprise in the middle of a on-going war zone.

"The last part to the test," Sam said. "My addition to it." He had a smile. "Let's see how you deal with a loss!"

Sam vanished in a white flash and this time...Time resumed.

"Everyone, hold on!" Picard ordered.

Riker seemed to be surprised by the sudden warning.

"Captain--" Riker started.

A couple of blasts struck through the bridge. The Enterprise is spinning.

"SAAAAM!" Picard shouted, holding onto the arm rest of the chair.

Picard could not feel the power of the Q channeling through him as it once did. The Enterprise came to a stop many, many, many light years from the war zone right into the area it should be. Picard looked over to see Data's body on the floor with a big hole in his chest and his lower body half is missing. Part of Data's head is missing to reveal a robotic brain in place.

"Data!" Geordi said, coming over to the Android's side.

"No," Picard said, feeling anger toward Sam.

"Come on, buddy,hang on with us," Geordi plead.

"I...I tried," Data said. "...Could you take care of Spot for me?"

Riker and Picard looked toward Geordi.

"Don't say that, you are going to be fixed--" Geordi started but Data interrupted him.

"I am not a human, Geordi," Data said. "I am a Soong type Android. You don't know my schematics. Please, take care of Spot for me." His eyes stopped operating and they remained open, his system shut down, and his grip loosened on Geordi's shoulder. "Take care of Spot..."

"Data..." Geordi said, holding Data's hand.

Data became unresponsive and his eyes remained open.

Sam reappeared shortly after Data's death.

"Fix him," Riker said, stopped by Picard from going any further toward Sam.

Geordi was holding the hand of a terminated Data with tears coming down his cheeks.

"I cannot interfere," Sam said. "Only watch."

"Why you!" Riker charged at Sam.

Sam made Riker freeze in place.

"Too bad, you were too slow," Sam said. "That is so ungentlemen like."

Geordi stood up facing toward Sam.

"You did this," Geordi said.

"Why yes, I did, dear smart ass," Sam said.

Geordi started to take out his phaser but he is frozen in ice.

I wish I was Q, Picard thought glaring at Sam.

"Wish granted," Sam said, with a snap of his fingers.

Picard snapped his fingers, fixing everything that Sam had done including Data's death.

"Captain, I had the oddest day dream that you wouldn't believe," Riker remarked.

"Oh, I will," Picard said, staring a hole into Sam's forehead. "Sam..." Riker turned his head toward Sam's direction. "I never want you aboard my ship, again."

"Awww," Sam said. "Not a 'thank you, dear Sam' for all I did?"

The lights in the bridge suddenly turn dim making a powerful sound of thunder echo in the room.

"Come on, give me a second chance!" Sam said. "I did what you wanted. Obviously!"

In a flash of light appeared a man in a orange jumpsuit with a white shirt underneath leaning against the wall with his arms folded. Sam stared at the man who is no other than our most well known Q. Q had a smile in his face. Sam, on the other hand, had a shocked look on his face. Sam's face turns into a steam of red.

"You went against the rules," Q said.

"No!" Sam said. "You are not suppose to be sent here. You are suppose to be in confinement!"

"And I will take that power back from you, no thank you," Q said, then he made a white ball appear in his hand. "I will give this power to someone who is seemingly more worthy of it than you; Sam." Q blew the ball away. "This 'big mistake' will find a worthy person to be a Q." He rubbed his hands together. "Oh right, I have a big thing to do with you."

"No...You escaped," Sam said.

"In fact, I didn't," Q said.

Sam looked over toward Picard.

"You...You..." Sam said, in anger at Picard.

"I am surprised you didn't expect that," Picard said.

"We're going to Alcatraz...With you as a human!" Q added.

The two vanish in a white light.

"What just happened?" Riker asked.

"Mission accomplished," Picard said.

"Captain," Data said. "I have files on Alcatraz mentioning a mad man and a rather gentlemen sharing a cell for ten years."

Riker then understood what Q did.

"Ten years," Riker said.

"And the gentleman was murdered by another inmate," Data said. "His cellmate vanished...It has been a mystery for three hundred years what happened."

Picard snickered.

"We know what happened," Picard said.

It was then that Riker understood as he had a smile.

"Mystery solved," Riker said.


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