Beamed into Star Trek

A ten year old girl was beamed aboard the Enterprise. For what? To have a adventure; crazy, fun, and....Frightening at best. Then under some circumstances; she left then was taken back into the strange world once more. She isn't familiar to the episodes nor is aware what happens for the next seven years. She is in the wild; where aliens are every day known beings,phasers being the equivalent of guns, and people are beamed! Here's to hoping she will exactly have the intended fun this is suppose to be for her.


21. Time distortion


...About 3 months after the events at Far Point...

"Captain, we have come across a unusual...thing," Riker said.

"Thing?" Picard asked.

"That's the only way we can describe it," Riker said.

Data is currently, along with Worf, visiting a 'tactical skill fighting' convention on a planet about one week away. However the Enterprise had been drawn away by a large and strange bubble. It was detected earlier by a Ensign in Data's usual seat. Picard looked toward the screen a where a massive dark bubble outlined in shape almost resembling a wormhole. Close to the bubble is a Constitution classed ship that is seemingly a drift.

"Hail them," Picard said.

"No response," Yar said.

"Perhaps we should get closer," Picard said. "Get closer to the ship."

Somehow, in someway, the Enterprise nicked the side of the bubble making it through various colors displayed on screen. Everyone held on to their seats at least startled by this development. The Enterprise came to a stop now more closer to the Constitution class. Only thing is the Constitution class is now hailing them!

"We are being hailed, sir," Yar said.

"On screen," Picard said.

The screen flickered to show a Constitution classed bridge.

"This is--" The man in the seat stopped dead in his sentence and it clearly registered in the minds of the Bridge crew that the voice coming out of his mouth was that of Data's. The man smiled standing up. "So that is where you've been for 700 years."

"700 years?" Picard said.

"The year is 3064, and I am Captain Data Soong of the USS La Forge," Soong said. "Call me Soong, please."

Geordi is currently not on the bridge.

"How is that possible?" Picard asked. "We were en route to adrift space ship."

"I can explain," Soong said. "In a shuttle. I will meet you half way. Data out."

The screen turned black.

"Number One," Picard said. "It seems we should have not gone after the ship after all."

"Half way?" Riker asked. "No way you are going alone."

"I will go with," Yar said.

"Respectfully;no," Picard said. "This is Data's other self and he is not a risk to anyone."

...15 minutes later...


"I wish you would have stayed aboard the Enterprise," Picard said.

"No way I am not standing by," Yar said, being the pilot.

Picard sighed.

"Data is not at all harmful," Picard said.

"Sir, this is a different Data," Yar said. "He may be unpredictable."

"Only when he needs to," Picard said.

They came to a stop in front of the other shuttle that is equipped with armor, rockets, and shielded windows. Picard in a moment disappeared off the El-Baz. He found himself inside a perfectly gray inside of the other shuttle. He is sitting down in the passenger side of the shuttle. He looked over to a rather different version of Data standing by. It became apparent to Picard that Data had replaced several body parts over the years to keep himself operational.

"Hello, Captain," Soong said, with a pleased smile.

"You look so human," Picard said.

Soong smiled.

"I know," Soong said. "It has been a long time, Captain."

"Hey, who is going to explain to the other pilot why the Captain isn't aboard?" Came a man's voice.

Picard saw the man through the reflection is sizzling. The man is sitting down in the pilots seat. The man had a balding head, a uniform that wasn't of this era (Or Picard's era for that matter). The man had a frown on his face but over all seemed to be worried.

"Doc, send yourself to the other shuttle," Soong said. "Come back when I call you."

The Doctor had a square device on his shirt which he pressed.

"Right, Mr Soong," The Doctor said. "I will explain it away..." He paused, momentarily, then frowned at what he had just said. "I am a Doctor, not a lecturer!"

"You are, kind of," Soong said.

The Doctor disappeared in yellow light. The 'El-Baz' returned to the Enterprise leaving the new shuttle where it had been stationed. Soong turned back toward Picard.

"He'll be back within one to two hours," Soong said. "Do you wish to hear the fate of Worf?"

"Yes," Picard said.

"He died on the 200th anniversery when the Enterprise vanished," Soong explained. "He was 228 back then. He died honorably...I named a spaceship assigned to me after Geordi." Soong's voice lowered. "I missed the Enterprise."

"Has Q popped up?" Picard asked.

"Q who?" Soong asked.

"You know," Picard said. "Very omnipotent, all knowing, unable to be killed, member of the Q continuum who is irresponsible with his powers?"

"I...I have no recollection of this figure," Soong said.

Picard was baffled.

"What?" Picard said.

"I have no idea who Q is," Soong said.

"So you are meaning to say, you've been Q less for 700 years," Picard said.

"I would understand the meaning of your pun if I knew who this Q is," Soong said.

"Dat--Soong," Picard said. "Would it be better if I described him and you made a holoprogram of him?"

"Yes," Soong said.

"Q is six foot four--or five-- but he is taller than me,he has dark brown curly hair,usually wears a uniform  to Riker or anything that makes him seem 'important', and his face is ageless," Picard described. "He has three pips on the collar. His hair is really not curly even though it does seem like it. He has short curly hair."

"Holoprogram complete," The computer said.

"Project it," Soong said.

In a second appeared a holoprogram of Q.

"Hmm..." Soong said. "First time I ever seen him."

Picard frowned.

"That is impossible," Picard said. "You were there when Q appeared on the bridge."

"I have no files on this man," Soong said. "End program." The program disappeared. "I met the EMH back up model a couple weeks ago. He claimed to be heading home and was destabilizing. Luckily for me I had some holoprogram experts aboard La Forge."

"A sentient Holoprogram," Picard said. "Fascinating."

"More like sapient," Soong said, with a smile sitting down in a chair. "He didn't know the Voyager crew made it home until I told him....There is much to learn about the new era of Earth for him. Besides, everyone he knows is dead,even the prime EMH program from the Voyager is gone."

"Sounds like someone I know," Picard said. "How did you make it this far into Star Fleet?"

"We had to go through a lot of loops," Soong explained. "To get back to Earth and file a report regarding the disappearance of the Enterprise." He looked over toward the screen where the Enterprise lied right across. "I have missed that ship more than anything." He turned his head toward Picard. "How long has it been since you left?"

"It is only been fifteen minutes to us," Picard said.

"Captain," Soong said. "Would you like to see a future that could have been on my ship? Two hours, tops, and we'll get you back to where you belong."

.....Aboard the Enterprise...

...10 minutes later...Observation room..

"Is this why you refuse to have Deanna Troi in this meeting?" Riker asked. "Because you will meet in the future?"

"Yes," The Doctor said. "Time travel is a bit messy. It is thanks to the 30th century based tech that I can still freely move around." He taps on the square machine on his shoulder. "I had to get a new one."

"A sentient Emergency Medical Hologram," Doctor Crusher said. "I never thought it would be possible for a hologram to acquire sentience."

The Doctor sighed, shaking his head and turning the chair toward Doctor Crusher.

"It wasn't easy," The Doctor noted.

"What about our captain?" Riker asked.

"Oh, Soong is giving him a tour of what could come," The Doctor said, casually.

"Could?" Yar said, leaning forward with her hands in a ball on the table.

"I hate to be the bubble breaker but it seems Soong intends to return you to the right era," The Doctor said. "I won't be able to exist if he hadn't found me. I would have needed to be put in deactivation mode with the craft still in autopilot."

"How much contact have you had with Star Fleet before you were activated in the future?" Riker asked.

The Doctor turned his head toward Riker.

"I had some discussions with..." The Doctor stopped in his tracks. "I shouldn't say. That is spoiling. Under the prime directive I am refusing to name her rank."

"Hmm," Riker said. "Interesting."

"I only heard of what the Enterprise from Captain Soong," The Doctor said. "Can I have a tour?"

"Long as you don't pull any stunts," Yar said.

"I won't," The Doctor said.

"Then it is settled, you will have a tour for an hour of the Enterprise and be sent to your own time," Riker said.

The Doctor nodded.

Our scene transitioned to later. Later as in the corridor outside of the room. Yar guided The Doctor down the hall sharing a rather interesting conversation about some of his friends that he knew aboard the Voyager and perhaps a crazy story or two that went on when the crew was attempting to get back home.

"Barb, that would be illogical," Tuvok said. "Pinning a Pony against Discord in a game? You do realize how that is a no-win situation."

"I do," Barb said. "Friendship triumphs all in My Little Pony!"

The Doctor stopped in his tracks when his head turned toward Tuvok's direction.

"Tuvok!" The Doctor cried, at hearing a familiar person. "Tuvok isn't suppose to be here!"

"Who is he?" Tuvok said, clueless.

The Doctor stared at Tuvok, for awhile there, thinking.

"My name is Joe Voyager," The Doctor said. "Doctor Joe, if you'll like to prefer."

"Tell me, am I right?" Barb asked.

"That friendship triumphs everything?" The Doctor repeated her question.

"Yes!" Barb exclaimed.

"I am not really sure," The Doctor said. "Ask me me in 200 years."

"Doctor," Yar said.

"I'll see you in eight years,Tuvok," The Doctor said, with a smile toward Tuvok.

The two walk past Tuvok and Barb in the corridor. The Doctor felt nostalgia at seeing Tuvok once again after 700 years. It felt so good. It felt like he visited the past when in fact the Doctor hadn't. Tuvok was supposed to be assigned at Jupiter Station not on the Enterprise! Vulcan's did not lie, far as The Doctor was concerned.

Then suddenly The Doctor laughed.

"What is so funny?" Yar asked.

"I just understood a question my Tuvok asked me..." The Doctor said. "A few years from now regarding friendship. It was..." He paused, for a moment. "The exact same question that Ensign had. Except it had more comical value."

"Vulcans have humor?" Yar repeated. "That is new."

"Well, it wasn't intended from him," The Doctor said. He stopped at the door to the holodeck. "I had a lot of adventures inside there."

The two went into the turbo lift.

"Deck seven," Yar said.

....USS La Forge...

...About 40 minutes after Doc boarded the Enterprise...

"And this is the Mess Hall," Soong said, as they went into the entrance of the rather large room that is like a huge cafeteria with the interior designs of Ten Forward. "The name 'Ten Forward' was abandoned in 2380 for the name 'Cafeteria Bar' and then changed numerous times into this one." Picard saw a Romulan sitting beside a human at a table. "They have not changed the name for at least 300 years since choosing 'Mess Hall'."

"What about the Romulans?" Picard asked.

"In 2379, Worf managed to negotiate a treaty with the Romulans," Soong explained.

"I find it hard to believe Worf would become a Ambassador," Picard said.

"He was a different kind," Soong said, with a smile. "He insisted to be there when he heard the Klingon-Romulan war had gone to this quadrant where the Enterprise went lost. On Earth there is a holiday dedicated to the mystery even some theories from everyone. There is a specific hour of silence on this holiday."

"A Tuesday?" Picard said.

"Negative," Soong said. "A Wednesday."

The two walk past the Mess Hall.

"You make us sound like legends," Picard said. "Which we are not."

"Besides the Voyager's many encounters; you are a legend," Soong said. "While Worf sought diplomacy...I embarked on a search."

"For the Enterprise," Picard said.

"Correct, sir," Soong said, with a nod. "Through that search I came across my father and mother over a period of two years. My father...My father died...In my arms after a incident at his home."

"I am so sorry," Picard said, softly.

"Perhaps his death will be different next time around," Soong said. "After his death, I added his last name to my own. I spent 500 years searching and searching. I exhausted all my resources trying to find the Enterprise. Star Fleet had me deactivated for 100 years once they believed I had 'gone mad'."

"Impossible," Picard said. "You are the most sanest man I ever met."

Soong had a small smile.

"As I told them; machines can't grow mad," Soong said. "During the 500 years I had been online; my body parts became out of date and not operable. I had to replace my body one by one until the last part to replace was my head...I designed my new head."

"What do you remember of the events at Far Point?" Picard asked.

"We went there and we were unable to solve the mystery," Soong said.

"Well, that didn't happen," Picard said. "We were able to solve the mystery."

"How?" Soong asked, curiously.

"Q," Picard said. "It was part of The Trial he put humanity on. We had to prove ourselves by solving the mystery at Far Point."

Soong had a interested look.

"And the solution?" Soong asked.

"It is an alien life form," Picard said. "Given that Far Point is still around..."

"Why yes," Soong said. "It is. I visit Far Point once every century."

"You should issue a warning for that place," Picard said. "It needs transport energy."

"I will make note of that," Soong said.

Then a man came around the corner.

"Captain---" A Vulcan with wild dark hair and lighter skin came to a stop. He gasped. "So they did survive." He gulped holding out his hand. "My...My name is Karo." He had pointy ears and the shape of a crescent moon below his left eyebrow. "It is an honor to meet you, sir."

"This is Commander Karo," Soong said. "My first officer."

Picard shook hands with Karo.

"Soong has mentioned you fondly," Karo said.

The two stopped shaking hands.

"Excuse me, there seems to be an issue on the bridge," Soong said. "Karo, show Picard the new resort deck."

"Yes sir," Karo said.

Song left the two.

"Resort deck?" Picard asked.

"It is more real than the holodeck you are know of," Karo said.

Our scene transitions to the Constitution bridge that has white paint, a matching gray tinted floor paneling, and black screen aligned on the wall. The captain's chair is in the middle behind the two other desks that have people sitting at them. Soong walked out of the turbo lift without Karo. The room is mostly white with the bridge and large but it did have the interior design of a Galaxy bridge.

"Status report," Soong said, coming to the chair.

"The Cospilla-lons are approaching us and are locking in on the Enterprise," Shelby Winteroff said.

"Hail them," Soong said, sitting down into the captain's chair.

"Hailing sir," Winteroff said.

On the screen appeared a unusual kind of being. He obviously looked human but he had ridges on his forehead down to his nose, his skin is brown as a Klingon, he had numerous earring like decorations on his ridges up to the bridge of the nose, and his ears are rather noticeable. His eyes stood out as the color of crystal.

"Request sent we speak in Klingon," Bricko Hauls said, after reading a request on screen.

"Klingon?" Soong repeated.

"Yes," Bricko said.

"They are not even Klingons!" Soong said. "Not after what they did to the Klingon Civilization 500 years ago!" He cleared his throat. "Obviously they have sought interest into the lost relic of the Federation."

"What do you suggest we do, sir?" Winteroff asked.

"Send The Doctor this message," Soong said. "Leave the Enterprise. We will be conducting the time exercise earlier than I expected." He pressed on a button that was attached to his his shirt. "Soong to Karo, arrange Picard's transport to the shuttle bay in five minutes."

"Yes sir," Karo said.

"Soong out," Soong said, tapping on the communicator. He narrowed his eyes at the screen. "I will speak with the half-breeds."

"Screen on," Winteroff said.

"Hello...Captain Data," Takri, leader of the Cospilla-lons, said in a snarky tone. "I see that you have company....Company to destroy us!"

"No," Soong said. "This is a time exercise."

"Exercising your time, aren't you?" Takri asked.

"No," Soong said. "I am getting the Enterprise back."

"Over my watch, android," Takri said, with a wide wicked smile. "Fire on the Enterprise! Takri out."

Soong turned toward Winteroff.

"Eliminate those torpedoes," Soong ordered.

"Yes sir!" Winteroff said.

Torpedoes eliminated the threat. Soong turned toward the screen with a smile on his face.

Takri appeared on screen.

"Are you declaring war on me?" Takri asked.

"No," Soong said. "You declared war on us!" From the screen we see two shuttles heading toward each other. Karo came into the bridge. "Karo, good you can be here to see the Enterprise be returned."

"Sir," Karo said. "Doc won't have enough time to get aboard the ship."

Soong sighed.

"He will be close enough," Soong said.

"I bet he won't get there on time," Takri said. "Fire on the shuttle. Takri out."

"STOP HIM!" Soong demanded.

"Phasers out," Winteroff said.

A explosion rocked El-Baz back and forth. Our perspective goes fifteen minutes afterwards with Picard on the Enterprise. Picard came back to the Enterprise Bridge reassuring them that everything is going to be fine. Picard sat down into his chair ordering the Enterprise turn back toward the bubble.

"Sir?" Yar asked. "But we just got out of it."

"We are going back in," Picard said.

On screen appeared Captain Soong.

"We will launch the time exercise," Soong said. "Riker."

"Yes?" Riker said.

"Once I received my emotional programming; I understood the joke you first told me in the holodeck," Soong said. "It was the first laugh I ever had. Thank you for that. Soong out."

The Cospilla-lon's fired at USS La Forge. The Enterprise turned away from the firing. A large ball erupted from the USS La Forge with a unusual power source sending it flying in the direction of the Enterprise. The enemy ship returned fire upon the USS ship of that century attempting to stop a rescue mission.

"Is that a Klingon-Cippallon space craft?" Riker asked. "I never seen anything like it!"

"It is," Picard said.

"I suggest we put shields up," Riker said.

"That is not necessary,Number One," Picard said.

"But this is not our Data!" Riker said. "Data is back on Kartos Three with Worf."

"Indeed he is not," Picard said. "But in every aspect; he is Data. Not just the voice."

"I do like Data but...I don't trust that our friend became that guy," Riker said.

"He will never become that man I met," Picard said. "If everything goes to how his Number One explained."

"The target will strike the side of the Enterprise in three minutes," Yar reported.

"I sense...Great victory," Deanna said. "And hope from the other ship. I sense it coming from everyone aboard."

The enemy torpedoes struck the engineering side of the USS La Forge once coated in white now covered in black scorching marks all over. The USS La Forge had its bridge designed by choice under Captain Soong's orders and as such some of the rooms in the USS La Forge have close resemblance to it. Fire erupted from the sides of the USS La Forge. One final strike hit where the bridge should be. The USS La Forge is destroyed shortly afterward. The harmless ball sent the Enterprise straight through the bubble.

Lights randomly blair through the Enterprise.

"Is that a JellyFish?" Riker pointed out at the screen.

"That is a whale," Picard said.

"Looks like a dolphin to me," Deanna said.

Yar saw images of Australia and Africa as did most of the Bridge crew. Suddenly the Enterprise came to a screeching halt light years from the bubble. It is now near the planet Kartos Three.

"We're back in our own time," Yar said.

...Three days later...


When Data entered his quarters there seemed to be something different. Yet he could not exactly touch what is exactly wrong. His pet Spot is rested on the edge of his bed that he barely used. Androids do not sleep, ever, well in some cases they can. Data can not rest like people can. Spot raised his head up toward Data with a little 'meow' while slowly raising its tail up.

"Hello, Spot," Data said.

Spot leaped down to the floor the brushed alongside Data's leg.

"I missed you too," Data said, picking up Spot.

"Meeow, meeoww," Spot meowed, turning over in Data's arms stretching out its paws.

Data carefully rubbed Spot's belly.

"Did Miss Troi take care of you properly?" Data asked.

"Meoow," Spot purred.

"Excellent," Data said.

Data put Spot down to the floor then he came over to the computer where he saw a red chip lodged inside. Beside it lay a gray casing with three black lines set in the middle. Data took out the chip.

"Strange..." Data said, taking out the chip.

Data looked toward the screen where it listed a unspecified medical program along with a note. It read 'Give to Seven of Nine after the return of the voyager; just in case the original Medical Hologram Program destabilizes'. Data read this branded 'urgent' note out loud raising his eyebrows at this. It wasn't ordinary to get something in his room without his knowledge.

"Computer," Data said. "Who entered my quarters before today?"

"Lieutenant Natasha Yar and Doctor Joe Voyager," The computer replied.

Data is puzzled by this.

Voyager, twice the name has came up.

Why would Yar let this Doctor Voyager in to his quarters?

"Data to Picard," Data said, after tapping his communicator.

"Yes?" Picard's voice came over.

"Who is Doctor Joe Voyager?" Data asked.

"I will tell you in my ready room," Picard said. "Picard out."

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