Beamed into Star Trek

A ten year old girl was beamed aboard the Enterprise. For what? To have a adventure; crazy, fun, and....Frightening at best. Then under some circumstances; she left then was taken back into the strange world once more. She isn't familiar to the episodes nor is aware what happens for the next seven years. She is in the wild; where aliens are every day known beings,phasers being the equivalent of guns, and people are beamed! Here's to hoping she will exactly have the intended fun this is suppose to be for her.


10. The encounter that changed everything


...Enterprise...11 hours later...

In the alloted time that passed, I was able to meet Doctor Beverly for the second time (At least to me) and introduced myself to her. Wesley turned out to be a nice kid. I decided to visit the holodeck just to see for myself Cippalla. I stood on the very top of a huge mountain called Mount Deli. The city of Decafros lay below my view.

"So this is what Cippalla looks like," Riker's voice came behind me.

I flailed my arms and fell forward only for Riker to catch me by the hand.

"Don't scare me like that!" I snapped, with a mighty frown.

"Did you see how far you jumped?" Riker asked. "That was worth it!"

I sighed, and with some help I was brought back up to the elevated surface. Riker let go of the hand. I turned around to face Riker.

"What cha' here for?" I asked.

"The illness Ensign Bay had," Riker said. "How did you come about that?"

The illness is capable of being jumpstarted by trauma to the head specifically in the Frontal Lobe. I noticed Riker had a clean shaven face, essentially lacking that iconic beard I had grown to known him with in the Star Trek The Next Generation reruns. It seemed so weird to see Commander Riker without a beard. The thing that hadn't changed is his black and red uniform, including three pins along the collar.

"Oh that illness Ensign Bay hd," I said. "I read a book about it."

"You love books?" Riker said, as though I were joking.

"I do," I said. "So much adventure in them," I glance over to the rock then back to Riker. "Not just because Padds are generally used to read books nowadays."

"So you do like reading?" Riker asked.

"Yes," I said.

Riker looked upon the city.

"The city is so bustling," Riker said.

"It is actually beautiful when you are there," I said, fondly.

"It must be beautiful as your eyes," Riker said.

I laughed.

"How flattering," I said.

"You have a unique home planet," Riker went on to say. "I never met a Cippallon before."

"Then I am your first," I said, with a little laugh. "First Ensign Cippallon, probably."

I recall someone telling me that I was in fact the first Cippallon. It was my mother! Carly's mother; Jennifer Bell. Her father loves to be in nature while her mother prefers to stay indoors. I saw a memory of Carly planting with her father,George Bell. He had a head that was balding in the memory.

"I didn't catch your name," Riker said.

"Carly Bell," I said, holding my hand out.

Riker shook my hand.

"Mine is Will Riker."

Fangirl mode, fangirl mode, conceal fangirl mode.

"Nice name," I said.

We stopped shaking hands.

"I'll see you around," Riker said.

"You too," I said. "It was nice meeting you."

Riker went back in the direction he had came. Earlier on my way to the holodeck I saw splatter of water on the rug leading all the way to a elevator like lift. So someone went swimming in the holodeck. Wow that is a surprise; there is a swimming pool armed with a force field to keep the water inside in case there of there being a incident where the ship is crashing down. I know that because I have researched much about the security systems for crash landing aboard the Enterprise.

"Computer," I said. "Change program to Cippalla's exposed sky sector to outer space."

The setting changed to under the stars where the dark sky is made aw-inspiring by the beautiful color and the ground is barren but notably lacking any vegetation. I could see the other M Class neighboring planets. There is no oxygen in this part of Cippalla. Cippallon's roamed this section of it for a long time even during the time the atmosphere to the side was fading strangely. Thanks to that strange occurrence occurring on random parts of the planet we have a civilization with portions of populations that somehow are able to store oxygen within their bodies and use it in these airless spaces. It is almost like a spare tank that can only go for so long. There are houses alongside the banks of water covered by a plastic tube.

This is a small town call Elds Worth.

It is where Carly grew up in.

Behind the small town is the rocky mountain that is similar to a face down at rest.

...Two hours afterward...

..July 6th, 2364...

"Ensign Bell," Came Doctor Beverly's voice on the communicator. "You are needed at sick bay."

"On my way," I said, then tapped on the communicator.

I get up off the chair in Ten Forward then went out the doors. I had come for some socializing with a few of Carly's good acquaintances. While walking in the hall I notice the lights dimmer down to spooky kind of one. I stopped, feeling the ship shake slowly from side to side on my watch. Chills went down my skin.

I pressed forward. It took me awhile to notice I am going in the same freaking path. I stopped mid way in my path frowning. Someone or something is messing with me! It did not seem right. The chills stopped right then on my skin. Boiling anger grew inside me and my face steamed red. My fingers rolled up into fists.

"Come out, you coward!" I shout. "Show yourself!"

A shadow stepped out of the hallway.

"Hello," Q's voice came from the shadow. "Cippallon, eh?"

A feeling of familiarity came over me. It is like I had seen Q a really long time ago. Maybe the word 'nostalgia' can better describe this feeling. It is also occupied by warm feelings,memorable, and admiration. His voice alone provoked that kind of feeling from a different side of me.

No, that can't be love.

Frankly, it is nostalgia.

Why do I feel nostalgia toward Q?

"My friends told me you froze a fellow officer," I said.

Q came forward, but instead of seeing a man...I saw a human figure with the entire universe all over the place within him. In the center where his heart should be is the Enterprise being distinctive and set apart because of the visible label 'NCC-1701-D'. Ah, so that's what the Enterprise is called in technical terms.

"He was going to attack me," Q said.

"No," I said. "He was going to take readings on you." Now how does a Cippallon turn off their mutant eye seeing visual? "I have to say; you are one unforgivable man." I folded my arms. "Stop this madness and let me through."

I blinked, and typical vision returned.

"Madness?" Q said. "This is just your life in a nutshell!"

"Walking continuously is not my life in a nutshell," I said.

I walk right past Q.

Q, strangely, is in a Ensign uniform with one pin on the collar.

"Your species can see Q in their true form," Q said. "Every Q has a different center."

"Buzz off," I said.

"Ah, tell me what mine is," Q said.

"You should know!" I shout back.

"Ah, no," Q said. "I don't."

"It is the damn Enterprise, you coward," I said, turning right toward Q. Q looked overall stunned to hear it from me. "I do not lie and I do not care what you intend to do on me but leave your nose out of my well being!"

I turned around then went on my way.

I notice the light became brighter and the halls became a little more friendly appealing. The yellow paint is bright, the blue rug is colorful as the sea on Earth but a little more darker, and people are walking down the hall in the  direction. I had a sigh lowering my head feeling relaxed that our first encounter was rather rocky. I came into Sick Bay prepared for Sick Bay duty.

"Yes?" I said.

Doctor Beverly looked up from a patient on the table.

"This patient needs some-one to stick around," Doctor Beverly said. "And talk."

"What is his condition?" I asked.

Doctor Beverly glanced over to the young man on the table then back to me.

"He's in a dark coma," Doctor Beverly said.

This poor member is Engineer Ensign Adam Bailson. I came over to Bailson's side then sat down into a chair. A book would entice some-one even in a coma to coming out even the littlest words or encouragement can do it. I guess this coma he is in is a kind that he can get out of with help.

Dark Coma means exactly that.

"One day in the pridelands..." I said. "There ruled a lion." I smiled. "His name was Simba. His queen, his best friend, was Nala. They were trying to have a lion cub but their attempts came up useless. Nala was starting to grow hopeless." His eyes are moving under the eye lids. "However, Simba had not lost hope." I lean forward putting both of my hands together. "He believed there had to be a reason behind it!" I free my hands then shook my right hand in a tight fist. "The great kings of the stars had something up their tails. Mafiki, the trust worthy baboon, told Simba of a prophecy that recently came up." I held up my index finger. "One that could shake the entire animal kingdom."

So hence I told a lenghty story full of dialogue, action, and a adventure. Half way through the story where I was trying to make a plot I thought, 'What is the point?" then landed the main lion character (besides Simba) get lost. Exactly where Bailson is in. I described the scenery as a dark, lonely, and very isolated location. I had to coax the man out of his coma like state.

I am technically still telling a story.

"Then Bailson heard a voice in the darkness," I said. "And it said, 'follow me,'. He feared that it was just a piece of his imagination but something told him otherwise. It sounded like the great king Mufasa. 'Come,Bailson' repeated the voice. Likewise in his hopeless situation he decided to follow that voice!" I saw Bailson's arm twitch. "He felt hope at the end of this tunnel just up ahead."

I cleared my throat.

"He had to follow the voice," I continued. "So he did. 'Bailson, come on' The voice instructed." I saw his fingers tap on the biobed. "He was getting closer at each step. Closer and closer he got..." I cleared my throat. "Come on, Bailson. You can do it."

Bailson eyes flutter open.

"...Nala...?" Bailson asked.

I shook my head with a smile.

"No," I said. "Welcome back to reality, Ensign Bailson." I pat on his hand. "My name is Carly Bell. I am a Cippallon."

"Where am I?..." Bailson asked.

"The Enterprise," I said.

"You are beautiful in person," Bailson said.

I laughed.

"Why thank you," I said, then check his health using a medical tricorder. "You are free to go...Except, you think you are a lion."

"I am a lion," Bailson said.

I sighed.

"You are a human, Bailson," I said. "You don't have a tail."

Bailson came forward then looked around.

"'This is not the pridelands I know of," Bailson said.

I lower my head rubbing my forehead.

Perhaps I should have told a story about the Enterprise and the day to day activities a Ensign has.

"All right," I said, taking out a Padd. "Perhaps reading a Padd about yourself will help," He took my hand. "Unlike the relationship you shared with Nala; I am not that close to being interested with you."

Along my shoulder line to the neck is a elevated edge with ridges being uneven and bumpy similar to a stair case hidden in the sand. George Bell, Carly's father,and many other Cippallon's share this same feature.

"Maybe one day," Bailson said, as I hand the Padd to him.

"Maybe never," I said. "Read up."

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