Beamed into Star Trek

A ten year old girl was beamed aboard the Enterprise. For what? To have a adventure; crazy, fun, and....Frightening at best. Then under some circumstances; she left then was taken back into the strange world once more. She isn't familiar to the episodes nor is aware what happens for the next seven years. She is in the wild; where aliens are every day known beings,phasers being the equivalent of guns, and people are beamed! Here's to hoping she will exactly have the intended fun this is suppose to be for her.


9. The encounter at sick bay



My eyes opened to a gray ceiling above.

"Now," I heard Q's voice in my head. "You must not think about me when you see me....Again. Because at the time I won't know you. You will be going on Carly's reactions complete with memory and family on Earth. You are single, really, because you are more of a bookworm and workaholic. You love to help people so you are in the medical field as a Ensign recently assigned to the Enterprise."

I get out of bed.

"And you must ignore me at any cost," Q added. "Be dull as possible. Pretend I am not there."

I raised my brows heading to the bathroom.

"It will intrigue me, greatly," Q added. "But just make yourself not interesting...Even though you're not. Just follow my instructions and you will not foreshadow our first meeting." He had a sigh. "Well...But at the last moment;mention Xenomorphs and how dangerous they are, including how they haven't been discovered yet."

That is puzzling.

"I mean by the last confrontation I will have with you as Carly Bell," Q clarified.

I saw my face is that of a Cippallon.

"I made this before leaving Sick Bay, I had to be sure," Q said. "So whatever happened that lead you here...Good luck with the next seven years!"

Then there was silence.

Carly Bell's home planet is Cippalla, a unique luxurious planet with a nice sea body, beautiful beach, horrible dark gray rocky mountains, and a desert scenery right outside the big sprawling city Decafros. There are huge bodies of water that separate some continents from one another so they relied on technology to go places. The sky, strangely, has orange like clouds and a sun setting scenery that is beautiful. The memory of her planet is remarkable as though she really lived.

I felt my pointy ears that felt rather like what ears feel.

Carly Bell rock climbed a lot, which made her hands bigger than they should be as she did heavy lifting a lot on her planet. It is thanks to her rock climbing hobby that she found her first patient unconscious, wounded but otherwise would have a clean bill of health after being cared for. Carly Bell went into the medical commissioning corps because she wanted hands on experience rather than sitting down in a chair doing homework.

I feel along the bridge of my nose to encounter unusual ridges.

"Commander Data to Ensign Carly," Came Data's voice on the communicator.

"Ensign Carly here," I said. "What is it, Mr Data?"

There is a pause on Data's end.

"You might want to see it for yourself," Data said.

"On my way," I said, then tapped on the communicator.

I walked out of my quarters. The least I can do is be thankful that Carly Bell toured this ship before it went into space and she has such a idealistic memory about which way to go. So I made my way to sick bay. That is what the medical room is called; sick bay. Kind of like a bay with sickness in its worst horrible sight among bodies crudely left out to be feasted upon by predators.

I entered Sick Bay.

Data looked up from the patient on the table using one arm to prevent them from moving.

"When I came across this person; they were already acting strangely," Data said.

Data has golden like skin that seemed to change in the light from boneless to chick egg. At least that is just the light messing with me. I looked over to see a short man who I recognized as Charlie Bay. An Ensign in Engineering. He tried to take Data's hand off his shirt, the edges of his eyes are glowing red, and he seemed to have an unusual sight of panther like spots alongside his face.

Bay is sweating, profusely, and his eyes appeared to be strained.

"Where is Doctor Beverly?" I asked.

"We're en route to picking her up from Far Point," Data said.

"LET ME GO, GOLDEN MAN!" Bay screamed.

"On the contrary, no," Data said. "Something is wrong with you."

"I AM FINE, NO THANK YOU!" Bay screamed.

I picked up the medical tricorder then aimed it at Bay. The machine scanned Bay then made the proper calculations. On the screen appeared a diagnosis. I then went over to the cabinet, opened the door, and took out a hyper spray. Bay grew even more frantic and maddening at every move I took. It was so unlike Bay. I approached Bay while Data kept him restrained. I applied the hyper spray onto the side of his neck and Bay stopped moving.

"What was wrong with him?" Data asked.

"He suffered a Belakcandrian," I said. "His brain was being stimulated by fake images and hallucinating."

Balakcandrian is named after a fellow who discovered it.

The symptoms are dizziness, slight headache, and pain in the brain. The second stages are hearing voices, feeling sick, and random changes in the attitude. The third phrase escalates to seeing things, getting paranoid, and sweating. Balak Candy discovered it when his partner Bill fell victim to it as so many people did when it did not have a name. The cure for it is shelved on every ship for in case this ever happens again and it can be detected and treated at the last stage.

"Ooh," Data said. "I never heard of that."

I smile.

"Now you have," I said, putting the tricorder and the hyper spray back where they should be.

"Is he going to be okay?" Data asked.

"He will," I said. "When he wakes up; Bay will feel sick, that is all."

I had an eye on Bay's unconscious body.

"Carly," Data said. "What do you know about Far Point?"

I blink.

"Nothing at all," I said.

"The name itself is a mystery," Data said. "I find it interesting to hear others opinions on it."

"To me it sounds like a military fort with trees, a huge pond, cafeteria, park benches,and a walking path," I said. "Almost like a walking range on a mountain with a base that has a long wall. Kind of like the Great Wall."

"That is a interesting thought," Data said.

Carly and Data met during her first walk through of the Enterprise.

"I am glad you remember my name," I said.

"I remember everything that I am exposed to," Data said. "I am an Android. My neural network are superior than a human beings neural network."

"You are everything a human would envy," I said.

"I do have a program to mimic age," Data said.

"Lucky butt," I said.

Data stared at me.

"Pardon me?" Data asked.

"You are a lucky person," I said. "That's what I meant."

"Ooooh," Data said. "I thought you were saying my buttox is lucky."

I laughed.

"You are a funny guy," I said.

"I am just stating a fact," Data said. "I do not understand humor. The humor I am familiar to is..." He had a puzzled facial reaction as though trying to figure the right word for his sentence with careful thought. "Rather not the best."

"Picard to Data," Came Picard's voice from the communicator device.

"Yes?" Data said.

"You have bridge duty," Picard said.

"On my way," Data said, then he tapped on his communicator. "May we schedule another chat?"

"Anytime," I said.

Data raised a brow.

"Including night?" Data asked.

Of course, Data is an android.

I smiled.

"Not night," I said.

Data left sick bay. Since I was surprisingly the only one at sickbay it seemed quite lonley and empty. I decided right then to go through what memories of meeting crew members on her first day aboard. It took considerable time to go through each and every one ever so patiently, until a alarm shattered my thoughts. I looked up to see yellow lights up at the corner of the room.

I noticed other items in the room had fallen.

The Enterprise had come to a unexpected halt.

"Well, at least I can re-organize," I said, looking on the bright side.

So that is what I did; entirely relying off memory. After wards I was able to put up the 'plastic window' setting up to prevent the items from falling out of their places again. One couldn't be more cautious in a time like this. I came over to the medical bed where Bay lay kind of like a stalker when I think about it. Most of these comparisons came from the memories of Carly rather than me.

Fifteen minutes later some crew members came in with a frozen Lieutenant Torres in their arms and quickly put him on a medical bed.

"What the heck happened to him?" I asked.

"A entity calling himself Q did this," Ensign Richard Debow said.

I grabbed two heating stationary sliders and made them be over Torres. The ice started to melt clearly where streaks of water slides down. I sent a message to the bridge concerning Torres's condition. The other Ensigns left sickbay. I am in the medical field so for now I can just sit here and watch two men sleep. Like a stalker.

Eventually I notice the yellow alert has stopped.

I looked over to see a machine with paper coming out.

I came over then tore the paper out.

"Emergency Saucer separation is underway," I read.

I blink, thinking of a UFO at the mention of saucer.

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