Beamed into Star Trek

A ten year old girl was beamed aboard the Enterprise. For what? To have a adventure; crazy, fun, and....Frightening at best. Then under some circumstances; she left then was taken back into the strange world once more. She isn't familiar to the episodes nor is aware what happens for the next seven years. She is in the wild; where aliens are every day known beings,phasers being the equivalent of guns, and people are beamed! Here's to hoping she will exactly have the intended fun this is suppose to be for her.


17. The arrival of someone new


..About one month and two weeks after FarPoint....

"Captain, we have a intruder alert," Yar said.

"Where?" Picard asked.

"Your quarters," Yar said.

"My quarters," Picard said, finding it odd.

Our scene transitions to Picard's room about 15 minutes later. Picard's quarters are located on deck 9 in room 3601. That is where our scene unfolds. Yar stood by the door with her phaser drawn along with two other security guards. For some reason Picard had a feeling he would not need guards but it was nice to have them in case it turned out the intruder was here to kill him.

Not because he was the target of a assassination.

The doors opened showing a dark room.

"Oh, seriously?" Came a British like voice. "You don't need that."

The phasers are turned into flowers in a flash of light.

"Q?" Picard asked.

Now Q, the one Picard knew, wouldn't have appeared in his quarters. Q would have appeared on the bridge then made himself at home. He heard a slight laugh in the darkness and the uneasiness shared among the other guards. It frankly made chills go down Picard's skin. A man with white hair, silver eyes, and fair skin stepped out of the darkness.

"You may call me Sam," Sam said. "I am Q."

"He doesn't look like Q," Yar said.

Sam had a laugh.

"Not the Q you are familiar to, dear humans," Sam approached the captain. "The continuum has sent me to make you a offer that cannot be refused. One that can decide the future of humanity."

"And what if I refuse this?" Picard asked.

"It is just a test, dear human," Sam said. "Just a trial to see if..." He tapped on the counter of a table. "This power that I will offer can be used properly by humans to save the universe. I offer you to use the power of the Q, and then, after 24 hours you will be human again."

Picard recalled how Q spoke of 'Assignments'.

"You are basically saying I have no choice," Picard said.

"Oh, sounds like you are going to make a speech," Sam said, then he made a seat appear. "I am ready."

"That is very immoral, and I refuse your offer," Picard said.

"Ah, just a statement?" Sam asked. "How sad. I was actually looking forward to that!"

"I won't give you the pleasure of irritating me as you hope," Picard said.

Sam stood up and the chair vanished.

"Oh, that's what Q said," Sam said. "But trust me..." A smile crept on his face. "You won't even notice."

Sam vanished before Picard's eyes.

"I hate it when they do that," Yar said.

"So do I," Picard said.



...Mountain range...

Perhaps now I should call La Forge as Geordi since that is his name. I have gone to know Geordi a little...Well....Actually a lot better than I have when first meeting him in Sick Bay. He is a nice cool guy. Perhaps I am the lucky one! YES! I am lucky in so many ways. Now, enough bragging from me.

"I can't seem to understand you love climbing so much," Geordi said.

I look back down with my fingers embedded into the small holes in the rock surface with a smile.

"That is because it is fun," I said, turning my head up toward the rocky edge.

I stretched out my climb grabbing hold into another hole then pulled my leg up and did the exact same thing. My hands eventually grab hold onto rounded balls on the higher level of the mountain. Geordi had wanted to see what I do in my spare time other than write and socialize so I gave him a insight. An insight featuring him doing the climbing with me. I get onto a flat surface.

"Cheater!" Geordi shouted.

"I will be waiting," I said.

Geordi shook his head and resumed climbing.

"Why ello there, human," Came a British voice behind me.

I turned around.

"I did not program a Harry Potter character for this holoprogram," I said.

"People compare to this character with the last name 'Malfoy' and it is very irritating," The British man said, shaking his head. "I am not a holoprogram, dear Bell."

"Then what are you?" I asked.

The British man smiled.

"You may call me Sam," Sam said, approaching me. "I am Q."

"You are not Q!" I said. I looked over and saw Geordi still climbing but was frozen in place unable to move. I turn my head toward Sam. "If you are a Q..."

"I can do anything," Sam said. He frowned. "'Why is there nothing happening?"

"Because I don't believe you guys are actually good willed," I said.

"No," Sam said.

I cocked a brow up.

"No?" I repeated.

"My power is not working on you," Sam approached me. "You are protected..."

I lowered my brow.

"By the sea?" I asked, confused.

Sam frowned.

"Stop joking," Sam said. "That is just a defense mechanism and I will find out..." He stopped. "Your name is Ensign Carly Bell, the first Cippallon to be impregnated by a human being who happens to be blind and very unlike himself due to polywater intoxication. Note you are the first to carry a half breed and the first Cippallon to encounter the Q."

"Yadah yadah yadah," I said. "Resume time."

"No!" Sam snapped. "A Q is protecting you."

"Obviously for a good cause," I said.

"Q has done so much against the rules," Sam said. Red alert, I mentally thought, Q has indeed been punished thoroughly. "It is about time the charge of unneeded protection be added to his crimes." Sam had a growl in his voice. "And this will be the first of many mistakes that will be undone for Q."

Suddenly I felt weak in the legs and throughout my body.

"Time you lose that protection and stamina Q bestowed you," Sam said, walking around me. "The powers of the Q is not a gift card."

I fell on the surface.

"Geordi..." I whispered, as Sam came to a stop at my side.

"Now, I will resume time," Sam said. "Good luck dying."

Sam vanished before my eyes.

"Geordi..." I whispered, again.

I don't like being the damsel in distress, seriously.

"I am coming!" Geordi shouted.

My head turned and my eyes closed.

Before I knew it someone was shaking me, frantically.

"Carly!" Geordi said. "Wake up, come on, I may be new at this..." I felt Geordi put one hand on my chest. "Computer, end program!" I heard the sound of the holodeck changing scenery. I felt myself picked up by Geordi into his arms. "Hang on."

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