Beamed into Star Trek

A ten year old girl was beamed aboard the Enterprise. For what? To have a adventure; crazy, fun, and....Frightening at best. Then under some circumstances; she left then was taken back into the strange world once more. She isn't familiar to the episodes nor is aware what happens for the next seven years. She is in the wild; where aliens are every day known beings,phasers being the equivalent of guns, and people are beamed! Here's to hoping she will exactly have the intended fun this is suppose to be for her.


39. Packing

. . 2370 . . . 

. . . Enterprise . . .June 6th . . .

"On the last day of 2370, you will die."

I remember that statement so clearly.

Kevin was six years old.

I spent a couple years aboard the Enterprise as a crew member. Seven long adventerious years and starting today the adventures will continue on a Hospital ship. I decided to let Kevin stay aboard the Enterprise with Data because: one,  he is trust worthy. Two, Data is good with children. Three, Kevin will be making the transition to the USS Unicorn next year. I knew that he will never make it aboard the ship with me.

Because I will be dead.

And Geordi may need to  take in Kevin.

"Packing so soon?" Came Q's voice.

I looked over then had a smile.

"I was recently reassigned to a hospital ship." I said.

"A specializing in medical care," Q said. "Wow. You know that ship is not armed well."

I had a short laugh.

"Q," I said. "One day it will make sense. One day you might come across a group of beings referred to as aliens or Xenomorphs. A new deadly species that hasn't been discovered yet. One day you will meet some-one a little more. . . brighter than me."

"You are not the brightest Cippallon I have come across," Q said, swaying his hand  as though he was shaking it above a table. "Among all the answers to situations you were in; you seemingly avoided them like it was your mission."

I could imagine Q just shouting at a TV screen like avid TV view screaming for the characters to realize something so insignificant.

"I do not sound that way!" Q said, with his arms folded and leaning against the wall.

"Whatever," I said, clipping shut my luggage. "Q. . ." I turned toward him. "Whatever people say about you not having a heart; you do have one."

"Aw, that is sweet but you don't have to butter me up with compliments because you are leaving." Q said.

I just felt like he needed to hear it.

"Honestly," I said, then held my hand out.  "I believe this is my last confrontation with you, Q."

Q frowned looking at my hand then back to me.

"Why would I shake your hand?" Q asked.

"Because I will give you a hug if you don't shake my hand," I said. "And then I will tell you that everyone needs hugs no matter the excuse."

Q blinked.

"Fine," Q said, stepping forward. "At least this is less embarrassing."

I smiled.

Against his better judgement on hugs, I gave Q a hug. I did it so fast he really didn't have much choice telling me there's no need to be hugged when he could just pop in my life randomly much as he pleases but we both know  if he did then he would be in my life a lot and there would be a possible time fracture due to it. Q is a lot more. . . careful. I ended the hug then picked up my luggage not taking another look at him. 

One year left to live.

"That is a foul,Cippallon!" Q cried.

"Bite me!" I shouted back.

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