Beamed into Star Trek

A ten year old girl was beamed aboard the Enterprise. For what? To have a adventure; crazy, fun, and....Frightening at best. Then under some circumstances; she left then was taken back into the strange world once more. She isn't familiar to the episodes nor is aware what happens for the next seven years. She is in the wild; where aliens are every day known beings,phasers being the equivalent of guns, and people are beamed! Here's to hoping she will exactly have the intended fun this is suppose to be for her.


8. Need some help?

...June 22nd...

..2371...10:48 AM...

My eyes opened to the brightness of the room. There were two figures looming over me namely one being Captain Monk. I recognize the second figure as Doctor Reagen. I blink then make a huge ass smile at seeing the compellingly odd man,being Captain Monk, looking down to me.

"Hai!" I said.

"I assume you know what these monsters are," Monk said.

"Xenomorphs," I said, getting upright. "They are like a ugly infestation of ants, or, a bad case of cockroaches except they are so much more adaptable." I shudder at the thought of the movie where there is a Xenomorph that came out of a dog. "More deadlier than the enemies you are aware of. They hunt, they are intelligent, and they lay eggs. They even have a queen who reproduces without a male."

"Without a male?" Doctor Reagen asked, with eyebrows raised.

"In the history of Alien movies; there has yet to be TWO pairs of Xenomorphs in the same movie," I explained. Doctor Reagen lowered his eyebrows. "They can make acid, use their tail to wrap around prey including their hands if they very careful, and teeth to kill a target. A second set of teeth that is so not like the ones to the alien humanoids in Coneheads."

"So they reproduce asexually," Doctor Reagen said.

"Yes," I said. "The movies I saw; they were defeated by: air lock, guns, and very extensive heat. Well...At the cost of ones life for the last part." I had a sad sigh. "Poor Ripley," I frowned thinking back at the little girl. "Poor little girl..." I glanced back up toward Monk. "By now they are probably stalking out their nesting ground."

"And what would the nesting ground be?" Monk asked.

"Engineering," I said. "I suggest you get out the men and woman you have in there."

"I guess this ship should be put on red alert," Monk said.

"You guess?" I asked. "There is no guessing when it comes to Xenomorphs!" I wave my arms. "You are suppose to be sure of this. It would be 'This ship will be put on red alert' not 'I guess...'!  It makes you sound like you are incompetent when really you are the most confident Captain aboard this ship! You are a Captain who just got me awakened from Chrono-sleep!" I lowered my arms. "For everyone's safety; this ship should be on red alert."

Monk just stared at me for the longest while.

"Are you sure you are not of our universe?" Monk finally asked.

"Uh yes," I said.

"You sound like a captain's kid," Monk said.

"I just happen to be a kid who wants to be around people who are sure of themselves," I said.

"I am sure of myself," Doctor Reagen said.

I looked over seeing Q at rest.

"Q is not coming out of that any time soon," Doctor Reagen said.

I turned my attention back to Doctor Reagen, curious.

"Why?" I asked.

Doctor Bryan Reagen had a grim look on his face.

"His systems has been infected by something," Doctor Reagen said, as Monk left the sick bay.

"So...You are saying he is not human," I said.

"Yes," Doctor Reagen said.

"Then what is he?" I asked.

"Confini," Doctor Reagen said.

My eyes widened.

"Confining little fairies?" I said. "Q is not a fairy!"

Doctor Reagen had a short laugh.

"That is the name of the sub human species," Doctor Reagen said. "Unlike humans; he has a different kind of metabolism, his organs are...lets say...articulately placed all over the body except for the manly part. He can sense other emotions, have strength similar to a Vulcan, and the thing that divides Vulcans from Confini's is the fact the Conifi's have really limited fingers and the little curvy horns that sprout from the eyebrows. These are called eyebrow horns that are very revered due to length in their culture to represent the wise virtue within one. It is said that when it is happens; they are the elder of their tribe/village/family."

"Hmm..." I said. "Interesting." My eyes returned to their normal size. "He doesn't have eyebrow horns."

"He will get it...eventually," Doctor Reagen said. "His fingers are frog like because they can absorb moisture. And unlike humans; their fingers can't slip."

"Why?" I asked, curiously.

"After years of dealing with slippery surfaces; their hands evolved from this," Doctor Reagen held his hand out. "To the hands Q has for the time being." Doctor Reagen takes his hand back. "Oh, but they are a distant relative to the Vulcans. That is why they have hairy chests and pointy ears."

I laughed.

"Man," I said. "I wonder how he'll live with a 'different metabolism'."

"Anything chemical related;being bleach, solution,and you name it...they are not effective. In fact the immune system turns it into water while the esophagus makes the dangerous material lose its teeth," Doctor Reagen said. "...Wait." A dumb struck expression landed on his face. "Why am I telling a child about something that can be life threatening?"

"I watch ER," I said. "And science fiction movies. I love learning about new species and the medical thing. I find it quite interesting."

Doctor Reagen tilted his head.

"ER?" Doctor Reagen said.

"Uh," I said. "Look it up on your spare time."

...June 22nd...

..2371...12:58 PM...

The evacuation of engineering came at the most precious time. What remained of engineering managed to get to Ten Forward while those who were children and other family members were sent to the saucer section. I saw the saucer section fly off into space after a top to bottom inspection for any Xenomorphs. Thankfully the saucer section had boosters to jet out on a course to Earth.

I sneaked out the new quarters Monk had assigned me to.

For some reason I felt that being there would be futile.

It was like open season for Xenomorphs. I happened to get out of the room in the nick of time when the Xenomorphs busted out of the floor. I shot at the pair making them vaporize on the spot. Good job, I thought lowering the phaser. I happened to be lucky that T'Foul is stationed on the saucer section including the guy in charge of the teleporter room. I had to help in some form.

Some little way would do.

It felt a lot like fate tugging me.

I found a room full of bombs capable of blowing out the entire side of a deck. It had the label 'side deck explosion' in bold red letters. The warp core is extremely dangerous if it messed up with so I had to be careful placing the bomb material. I deduced the words 'side deck explosion' meant that only the walls would be destroyed not the entire room. I stayed out of the way of the adults. I saw the Xenomorphs chasing after the humans with their hideous frightening mouths sticking open.

"Come on,girl,"I reassured myself. "You can do it!"

I turn around then fire on the last Xenomorph.

"Hand leapers right in the path," I told myself. "Beware."

I lowered the phaser then make my way to engineering holding the bag over my shoulder. If I had been told I would be in the position of a awesome lady character long ago then I would have nervously laughed and continued to watch television. I kept my pace ever so slowly but really well kept. I came to the room where the warp core part connected to this other section of engineering where a big table lay. Stuck to the walls among ugly enlarged spider webs are dead bodies. Numerous bodies stuck in goo with holes in their chests. Usually someone would be disgusted the sights but for me that is a whole different story itself.

There is a door to the warp core.

Around the warp core is numerous egg sacks.

I felt, really, really scared.

"You can do it, Ivy," I said, putting the down the phaser on the table.

I had to plant bombs and as it turns out I can't exactly juggle bombs with phasers. I step over the plant like vines on the floor with great care to not stepping on them. If you are gonna die...then at least die trying! I put on my most determined face. Surely Picard would be concerned how a child of my age could get this much courage or have lost their mind to go down this level without a adult. It can be done by one person. Infected or not!

I stopped at the doors.

"Doors, open," I said.

The doors opened for me.

One step forward for human freaking kind!

I step into the room. Oh god that is where it got freaking intense and scary. If one of them dare landed on my face then I will be dead within hours after awakening with the hand leaper dead. Somehow the hand leaper is capable of planting a egg within the human body by some part I do not know of. The victims are left unaware of the egg planting as they were sedated by the hand leaper. I began to sweat walking right over to the remaining wall. I hear something scurrying.

I plant the bomb then press the begin count down.

I hear the screech of the leaper then duck.

The leaper smacked against the wall pillar making a even louder screech.

I blindly ran over to the next hall beside the lift. I take out a bomb from the bag then attach it onto the wall using the metal bars that dig through the material and pressed the activate button for it to start. I turned around only to see a hand leaper flying my way. I had to act fast so I dodged it quickly. I swing onto the lift pretty much defense less, oh but that is when another brilliant idea of mine popped into being! I attach the bomb to the side rail of the lift, pressed the activate button, then jumped over it back onto the floor. The land leaper landed on the surface to the lift.

"Sucker!" I shout back.

I turn around to see another a hand leaper my way with a thing sticking out.

No way to dodge it this time.

The next I knew was hearing imminent clicks to the bombs and I regained consciousness, feeling, and panic. I get up then notice the dead hand leaper right beside me. I am not going to live after today, I thought, my life cut short in Star Trek. Boy was I so wrong they wouldn't appear in this universe. I quickly attach the next bomb to the wall right across then hit the activate button but change the timing.

Clicks and beeps eventually were going together at the same time.

I dropped the bag.

Well, should I just die anyway?, I realized that when I was one step away from the door.

Then I wouldn't be the one to cause such a major infestation.

I had planted other bombs in several other areas. I know the computer is capable of summoning up force-fields all over the place to protect the crew but not the most welcoming of all species. Then the explosion went off. I closed my eyes expecting for impact. Surely I did hear the glass break, walls being torn apart by epic flaming power, and screeching egg sacks carried off into open space. My feet float off the floor and I being sent in the direction of the first hole. However there is one incy bincy problem with my logical ending.

Someone grabbed my hand.

My eyes opened.

Lo' and behold is Q, using the door frame as support, trying to pull me out of the powerful wind.

"Need some assistance?" Q asked.

I felt furious.

"Q!" I shouted. "LET ME GO!"

"No," Q said. "You were not suppose to be there!"

"I am a carrier now, damn it!" I said.

"To hell with that," Q said.


Q smirked, with that freaking 'all knowing' attitude of his. I can see little horns sprouting out of his eyebrows.

"Not yet you do," Q said.

"Why did you come?" I asked, harshly.

"Because someone introduced the Xenomorphs rather early," Q said. "Your adventure was suppose to be kick-started by a different alien race!"

"You are still an idiot coming back for someone who carries a Xenomorph," I said.

"I like to say otherwise," Q said.

A explosion on the wall behind Q sends scrap metal flying.

"Q, DUCK," I said.

Q lowered his head.

However one of the flying large fragment struck me painfully right above where the baby Xenomorph would usually come out. A single tear dripped down my cheeks. Q shouted off an order to the computer and everything became slower to me. Time was so slow. I looked down to see the triangle shaped metal lodged into my chest. A little girl, being me, struck in the chest.

Time resumed.

Q lifted his head head up and his eyes widened.

"No!" Q shouted, furiously.

The next minute, I find myself on the table.

"Come on, you have to stay," Q said. "Your adventure just started!"

Q took out the scrap metal using his four fingers each on both hand.

"Ah!" I screamed in pain.

Q tossed it over his shoulder.

The ship went tipsy as of a explosion to the side in a more preoccupied section where the Xenomorphs dwell. Somehow my body is prevented from moving all over the freaking place, perhaps he has bound my legs in something. I couldn't move an inch feeling something tighten in my chest. Tears were pouring down both sides of my cheeks. I felt so scared. I also felt a feeling that traveled down my brain to my heart. What is that feeling? I have kept negative emotions at bay for so long I have forgotten what it is called.

" it comes down from your brain to your heart?" I asked.

"Pain," Q said.

"No..." I said. "Not that....It's been years since....I felt this...."

Q's face softened.

"You are feeling sad, Ivy," Q said.

It is becoming hard to breath.

Q picked up the phaser.

"Ivy," Q said. "I have one last thing to do...Before, I let you press the trigger..." He made me grab my fingers around the trigger. "And you are going to really enjoy ifs and no buts about it."

"Enjoy what?" I asked.

"I stashed a bit of my power beyond the continuum's reach in case THIS happened," Q said.

"You can't hide power," I said, weakly.

"For Q's; why yes," Q said. "I am giving you a chance to experience the Enterprise for seven years; not counting this year. On the last day of 2370; you will die and return to this life." How come I get the feeling this is gonna be a cheakskake? "And it is not going to be worse as this. I know a woman from the past named Carly Bell." His voice was growing fainter for me. "I will give you her body and her memories; where else you control her."

"Get onto it," I said.

"You will awake at your room in 2364, FarPoint," Q said. "When you come back to this world; you will pull the trigger, in this same moment where time has not passed." His grip around my smaller hand tightened. "Is that clear?"

"I don't want people to die because of my mistake," I said.

Q smiled.

"No one does," Q said.

Then everything I knew flashed in white.

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