Beamed into Star Trek

A ten year old girl was beamed aboard the Enterprise. For what? To have a adventure; crazy, fun, and....Frightening at best. Then under some circumstances; she left then was taken back into the strange world once more. She isn't familiar to the episodes nor is aware what happens for the next seven years. She is in the wild; where aliens are every day known beings,phasers being the equivalent of guns, and people are beamed! Here's to hoping she will exactly have the intended fun this is suppose to be for her.


6. More questions than before


...June 21st...4:48 PM...

It didn't take long for people to side me once they realized there is a dangerous threat aboard their ship. Surprisingly the report system stopped working on the lower decks but sure as hell it worked fine on the upper desks so no above aware is of it. Even when they told others they were ridiculed for such a 'lame' excuse for work. A Ensign commented that he never thought of a little girl being aware of such ugly mother fudgers and actually being the one to give advice.


That's where I believed the Xenomorph may be secretly hiding.

It is only logical.

"Why do we have to wait?" Travin Clark asked. "People are dying out there!"

"They are not in the engineering room," I said. "Until the Xenomorphs hand leapers get into the engineering room then no one will take my word seriously," I glance over toward Travin seeing a look of anguish on his face. "The engineering room has a lot of power to keep the eggs warm. It will take a couple hours I believe for...."

"Hours?" Travin interrupted me

"Yes, hours," I repeated, with a nod.

"In that time everyone will be infected," Travin said. "Including the kids!"

I sighed.

"But there are some people who are standing on alert at some doors," I said. "I may not be the captain of this ship but I sure as hell don't want to go down as the random girl who turned out to be a maniac!"

"You sound like a adult more than a child," Travin said.

"Why thank you," I said. "Can't be all happy-go-lucky in a dire situation."

"Good point," Travin said. "I can't just stand around waiting for them..."

I sighed.

"Then if you want to be in the action; then go," I said. "Those hand leapers are sneaky and staying out of security camera view." I glance over to the pod room. "I will just put myself in a pod until they come around."

It was the best idea I had at the time.

Besides, other people KNOW how to deal with these evil bunches.

"No way!" Travin said. "You know more about these guys and their weakness."

"I know guns and power do a lot of damage to them," I said. "But my help is not needed right now...Perhaps you won't need me at all," I lowered my head toward my feet thinking how much my knowledge would really be required. "I don't like this idea as much as you do...But maybe, just maybe...They will come around."

I hand Travin my phaser.

"But...I don't need two phasers," Travin said, handing him the fedora.

"In order to be a really badass hero you gotta be skilled in using two things at once," I said with a snicker. "There is no room for two phasers and a fedora in the pod."

"Understood," Travin said.

"Bye...For now," I said, then went into the pod room.

....The Bridge...

...About 30 minutes later...

"Sir," T'Foul said."It seems this planet does not have sapient life."

Monk approached from the Captain's chair.

"No life?" Monk asked.

"None," T'Foul said. "It seems whatever life is on the planet is not able to communicate."

"I detect a large signature, Captain," Guy said."In one central location on the planet's surface..." Guy appeared to be puzzled. "Huh?" He tapped on the screen finding a problem occurring. "It appears this console is not working."

"Same here," Ensign Benedict said. "Not working."

Monk is deeply troubled by this.

"Doctor Reagen to the Bridge," Came a rather older voice. He appeared on screen. He had dark short curly hair, blue eyes, and a clean shaven face. "Q has not awakened; yet." He looked off screen to Q. "Strangely...It seems he is not human."

"Then what is he?" Monk asked.

"A sub human alien being, I conclude," Doctor Reagen said, turning toward the screen. "He must be a Confini."

Monk snapped his fingers.

"Oh them!" Monk said. "The Germiophobia scientists."

Doctor Reagen nodded.

"It seems someone deliberately turned him into this kind of sub human," Doctor Reagen said.

"The last time Q was turned into a human being; he tried killing himself, numerous times, when that Calamarain cloud wasn't around," Monk noted. Doctor Reagen seemed to understand these attempts. "Have Q be taken to the padded quarters once he is conscious enough."

"I don't think he will be conscious until it has been two days," Doctor Reagen said. "If he wakes up at all."

"What do you mean?" Monk asked.

"His brain is wacky," Doctor Reagen said. "And his health is...At best; iffy." Monk blinked, thinking; well, that is surely a surprise. That didn't happen last time. "The least I can do is try to help with what I have and try to find what is causing it."

"Good luck," Monk said.

The communicationn between the two ended there.

"Captain," Guy said. "I am picking up..." He tilted his head. "This can't be possible."

"What is it?" Monk asked.

Guy turned toward Monk.

"The USS Digger crash landed on this unknown planet twenty three years ago," Guy said. "I am starting to believe this random...fluxeration of the warp is not a fluxeration." Guy seemed skeptical at what he had say, himself, about the given predicament. "It seems we were transported from one place to another."

Monk rubs his forehead.

"Well...Why am I not surprised?" Monk said, with a heavy sigh lowering his hand.

"Sir, there are numerous instances where ships are randomly transported," T'Foul said. "And some of those instances Q was aboard."

"Some," Monk said.

"But not all," T'Foul said. "There are other factors that lead to these events."

"Q has a lot of questions to answer when he awakes," Monk said. "T'Foul contact engineering and find out what the problem is."

"Yes sir," T'Foul said.

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