Beamed into Star Trek

A ten year old girl was beamed aboard the Enterprise. For what? To have a adventure; crazy, fun, and....Frightening at best. Then under some circumstances; she left then was taken back into the strange world once more. She isn't familiar to the episodes nor is aware what happens for the next seven years. She is in the wild; where aliens are every day known beings,phasers being the equivalent of guns, and people are beamed! Here's to hoping she will exactly have the intended fun this is suppose to be for her.


29. Determination at its finest

.5:20 PM..


It took awhile to find the little boy but Q did. Where did he put the little boy? He put Kevin in the Holodeck in a reconstruction version of a playpen safe for two year olds. Q programmed in some play pals for the little boy. How in the world did he know how to program was beyond him. Q had a strange feeling this holodeck would not get harmed. . . Oddly enough.

Q sighed once the doors close.

"That was harder than I thought it would be." Q said.

Q heard a familiar melody. He looked up to see his surroundings were changing. No wonder there wasn't any attacks for the past five minutes! They were locking on his coordinates! It was so obvious that he hadn't noticed. Q said to himself, "About time." The next he knew is landing on his side rather hard. Wow. That was so unnecessary. Their beaming must have been interrupted as he lacks both hands (That remarkably look healed and well cut) that he can only stare at his wrists.

"MY HANDS!" Q screamed, in terror.

"You!" Came Worf.

Q scrambled up pressing his back up against the wall from the approaching Klingon. The Klingon had been near a slumped figure being me. Meee. Who is this 'meee' I refer to? Of course you know it is the narrator, I, Ivy Bell aka Carly J (J for Jane) Bell. My body system felt paralyzed. My vision was different shades of blue where everything was reflected similar to a Kaleidoscopes glass.

"Oh, you're that . . ." Q started. "This honestly--" Worf grabbed him up by the neck. "Feels weird without fingers!"

"You are responsible for this!" Worf said.

"For you landing your otherwise microbrain body in here: no." Q said.

"I am not up for your sarcasm,Q." Woff said.

"Call. me. Lance." Q demanded.

"Fine, 'Lance'." Worf said.

"Please, let go," Q plead. "I. . . Can't . . . Breath. . ."

Worf let go then backed off to the side.

"You are responsible for the attack on the Enterprise." Worf said.

"I know," Q said, using his elbow to prop himself up against the wll. "Do Klingons have super strength?"

"No." Worf said.

"It sure felt like it," Q said, attempting to rub at his hands around his neck. He at first grew puzzled then he sighed and lowered his right wrist. "What's her problem?" Worf had a growl toward the former Q. "If you'll like, you can just picture me as a young arrogant British man in his twenties with a scar on his neck with blonde hair and five foot three."

"That is very detailed." Worf noted.

"I am well aware of it," Q said. "What's Nurses C's problem?"

"Her eyes." Worf said.

"Why she has unique eyes that many in the universe share except for the cornea's being different," Q noted. "What about her eyes?"

"Look for yourself, Lance." Worf said.

Q sighed then helped himself up.

I don't know which direction he was coming but he knelled down in various reflections. In several of these reflections he raises an eyebrow then turned his head toward Worf asking, "How long has she been this way?" in a rather low voice. It sounded like he knew but there was a unsure tone to it.

"Half an hour." Worf said.

Q lowered his brow.

"HALF AN HOUR?" Q repeated.

Worf nodded.

"Affirmative," Worf said.

"Half an hour . . ." Q said. "The Enterprise is probably in repairs."

"I am not the one who chose the Enterprise to stay at, now am I?" Worf reminded Q.

Q stood up.

"Her eyes are glowing green and blue because she is a Kaleidoscope!" Q said.

Worf folded his arms with his usual stoic serious face.

"No, that can't be." Worf said, calmly.

"She can't speak . . .And very aware. But to us she is unresponsive," Q said. "Don't the Klingons have a condition like this?"

"Yes," Worf said.

"I would like to hear this condition." Q said.

"No one knows who cut a fellow Klingon, a warrior, to let it bleed glass," Worf said. "He did not respond like Ensign Bell. What the Klingon's grew to learn is that it was transferred by a divine power. Kahless advised them to just wait, put the Klingon into a comfortable position, and not attempt to harm him for three days."

"And did they follow his orders?" Q asked.

"No, of course not!" Worf said. "On the third day a Klingon panicked and slain the glass Klingon. Kahless was disappointed, as he said, 'Today we lost one of our own to paranoia. Let this not happen again'."

"He was a wise Klingon. . . For a Klingon." Q said, with a laugh.

"Do not say you met him." Worf said.

"I did not meet him," Q said. "If I did.  .  .I would have remembered by now." He wrapped his arms around his knees sitting down in the corner of the room. "The only thing we can do is wait for the Calecto to come in and get me."

"They beamed I and Nurse C," Worf said. "They do not only want you."

Q looked at Worf, with skepticism.

"Why do they want you?" Q asked.

"Klingons do not surrender nor do they stay content with being prisoners," Worf said.

Q lowered his head with a sigh.

"You are not exactly on a Klingon ship," Q said. "I thought you would have grown as a individual aboard the Enterprise and evolved as a person who doesn't always follow the ways of their people. But maybe I am wrong." Q blinked then looked down toward me. "No wonder kids look up to you. You are like a big gigantic protective bear to them. To them you are a bad ass hero."

"I am not a bear." Worf said.

Q sighed.

"That was a comparison." Q said.

"No one compares me to a bear," Worf said. "That is a first for me."

"I am sure Nurse Bell will agree with me." Q said.

"I think not." Worf said.

Q sighed rubbing his forehead.

"I don't know where I am getting this knowledge from. . . " He squinted his eyes. "Now I don't remember that knowledge!" He threw his hands up in the air. "One moment I know it and the next I do not! This is so not fair. It feels like someone holding bait above me just challenging me to grasp it."

"You do this to us on your previous visits." Worf said.

Q stood up.

"What did I do to piss you off so much?" Q  asked. "Tell me!"

"You lead us to the Borg, made everyone into parrots for a entire day, you also turned us into monkey's except for me for a day," Worf said. Q's mouth started to twitch. "And then you made the Enterprise a 'space whale'. It was the most . . . Unpleasant scenario we ever faced."

"But I made a point," Q said. "I remember making good and very well thought out points!"

"What point?" Worf asked.

"To stop repeating what you say to me, that you are not idiots, and you should always respect the lady." Q said.

"What lady?" Worf asked.

" . . . Isn't it obvious?" Q asked.

"No." Worf said.

"The SHIP!" Q said. "Don't try to man the ship while you are drunk, compromised, or are infected by some viral infection." Q forced his shoes off and took his socks off using his teeth. "Pardon me."

"What are you doing?" Worf asked, perplexed.

"Obviously breaking out," Q said, using his toes to wrap the socks around the bars then tie up the knot.

Q had long toes.

Like really strange long toes.

"You realize that is not going to work," Worf said.

"I rather take my chances and try!" Q said. "Unlike you who prefer to stand by and rant about being a Klingon who is currently SERVING as a prisoner!"

"Don't call me that." Worf said.

"Which one?" Q asked, challengingly as he pulled at the bars using his toes that were wrapped with the socks. "Romulan? Klingon? Coward?" He winced feeling the nerves in his toes were getting strained. "Klingons are warriors not ones who stand around talking! To me, you are no Klingon! In fact . . . you are just a COWZAPIEN!"

Worf lunged right at Q sending them both tumbling through the bars making the cell bars collide to the floor with a 'kling'. I saw Worf be pushed off Q by a pair of feet that had little slits of blood around the toes. Q leaned to his side wincing in pain in several of the reflections my eyes could see.

"And you said you didn't have super strength," Q said.

Worf narrowed his eyes toward Q.

"Do not insult me that way, again." Worf said.

"Gladly," Q said, spitting to the floor. "Nice punch."

They heard footsteps headed their way.

"Pick up the nurse and go into the closet," Q said.

Worf raised his brows.

"But Lance, you just said--" Worf started but he is interrupted by Q.

"Forget what I just said!" Q snapped back. "Find the nearest shuttle and beam yourself there! In case these Calectos do not spare those who I am associated with."

Worf picked me up and he went into a dark space. The darkness prevented the two guards from seeing where Worf and I were.  He went into another room that had a glass window that was one way see through on the other side like the ones seen on television such as NCIS, Law and Order, Castle, and Psych to name a few.

Q winced with the pain he is in.

"Q--" The Calecto guard said. "The other prisoners have escaped!"

The second Calecto guard propped Q up against the wall.

"Where are they?" The second Calecto guard asked.

Q shrugged.

"I don't know," Q lied. "Sure beats me."

Q is punched in the gut.

"All I hear is lies." The first Calecto guard said.

"Gods honest truth." Q said.

The first Calecto guard delivered a punch into Q's stomach.

"Liar." The first Calecto guard called Q out.

"What do you want with them?" Q asked.

"We want you to see them die just how you made us watch our planet die," The second Calecto guard said. "We watched everyone we held dear die before our eyes. Now . . . We will find them. You will pay for your actions."

There wasn't a sign of fear on Q's face.

Q just stared at them with a blink.

"Er . . . What about my toes?" Q asked.

The Calecto guards looked down then back up.

"Not our problem." The Calecto guards said.

"Let's take him to the Electronic brig." The first guard said.

"You said it, partner." The second guard said, in agreement.


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