Beamed into Star Trek

A ten year old girl was beamed aboard the Enterprise. For what? To have a adventure; crazy, fun, and....Frightening at best. Then under some circumstances; she left then was taken back into the strange world once more. She isn't familiar to the episodes nor is aware what happens for the next seven years. She is in the wild; where aliens are every day known beings,phasers being the equivalent of guns, and people are beamed! Here's to hoping she will exactly have the intended fun this is suppose to be for her.


16. Curious encounters

..Ten Forward...

"Do I sound like I am babbling?" Data asked.

I raised my eyebrows.

"Babbling?" I said. "What is that word?"

"It means to speak rapidly and continuously; chatter,prattle, rattle on, prate, ramble,burble, and blather among other words," Data explained.

I smiled.

"Honestly," I said. "I don't mind when you babble. It is something nice to listen to."

"Are you suggesting my voice is nice?" Data asked.

"Yes, Data," I said. "You do have a nice voice."

"Why thank you," Data said. "My voice was made to be realistic as possible and not high pitched."

"Ensign Bay to Ensign Bell," rang my communicator. "I think you need to see this in our quarters."

It wasn't even the end of Bay's shift, yet.

"Coming," I said. "Bell out."

I get up from the table then depart Ten Forward. I greeted other members in the hall. I had a strange feeling about today except I can't touch it. I cannot exactly describe it in full detail but it is an uneasy feeling. I came straight into the shared quarters shared with Bay. I entered into a dark room. The doors closed behind me. I didn't know what to expect.

"Bay?" I called.

"This should be brightened, don't you think?" Came a voice I only knew of as Q. "Lights, dim."

I saw Q sitting down a chair drinking what seemed to be tea.

"Q," I said, with narrowed eyes.

"Yes?" Q asked.

"Get out of my quarters!" I demanded.

Q smiled.

"Tsk,tsk,tsk," Q said, waving his index finger. "I cannot do that until my debt with you is paid."

I gawked at Q.

"...What?" I said. "What debt are you talking about?"

Q's face falters.

"You have no memory of it," Q said.

"I am very confused why you think you have a nonexistent favor with me," I said.

Q frowned.

"No matter," Q said. "I will give you the memories and we'll be on our way..." Q smiled. "25 years into the future."



...Enterprise NCC-1701-H...

Today started as any other day aboard the Enterprise for Kevin. The dream to serve aboard the ship, at least a relative of the Enterprise, that his mother served for most of his childhood was a dream come true. Even though the corridors are designed differently it still felt much like home except for the designs of the quarters and the new Ten Forward. He had accomplishments under his belt, but Kevin is not the kind to brag.

Kevin never had been that type.

He is Commander Kevin La Forge.

"Good morning, Captain," Kevin said, as the doors whish open from the Turbolift.

The Captain of this ship is no other than Data Soong. Data adopted the last name 'Soong' long ago sometime after 2371. Data had his emotion chip on (which he can turn off at will) for most of his career and life aboard the ship. To Kevin, Data was a rather good man even though he is an android there's nothing that makes him less respectable.

"Morning, Number One," Data said. "What is the report?"

"We have found something...strange," Kevin said. "A reason why we were called in early."

"What was it?" Data asked.

"We thought it was a telephone box, then it became a wormhole, and next it turned into bird of prey," Kevin said. "We've had a treaty with the Romulans for quite a long time. The Romulans report they have nothing to do with this."

"Random transitioning," Data said. "Hail the object."

Their tactical officer is a Confini named Hank Billings.

"Hailing," Billings said.

On screen appeared a human. Data stood up as though he saw someone straight out of the past. The human was a female with blonde short hair, blue eyes, a pretty face, and a uniform that could be associated to Klingons. Data's eyes widened. Data turned toward Kevin as though a bit confused.

"Is this a joke?" Data asked.

"No," Kevin said.

"This is a survivor of the group lead by Kahn. I am a genetically engineered superhuman with a crew of my own, my name is Tasha," Tasha said. "Surrender or face the wrath of the victorious extinguishers."

Data turned back toward Tasha.

"Do you know anyone by the name Natasha Yar?" Data asked.

"No," Tasha said. "You have ten minutes until we fire. You have two choices; surrender or die. Tasha out."

The screen became black.

"We need to do a saucer separation," Data said. "Billings, you have the bridge and sound the alarm. We are in deep space out of star base range." The alarm is sounded through the Enterprise alerting everyone aboard outside the bridge. "It would take weeks for the federation to get here." Data turned toward Kevin. "Kevin, you will be on the saucer section."

"I am afraid not," Kevin said. "I won't stand by and not be there when my Captain is in danger."

"You are correct," Data said. "The chain of command goes to Billings if you go on the battle section."

Kevin stood up.

"You are a honorable man, Captain," Kevin said.

The alert went off in the Enterprise. With that the evacuation went ahead leaving many people to the primary half which is the saucer. The bridge members went to the battle station while Billings remained in the main bridge along with some other officers. Data sat in the red and black room along with his first officer Kevin and Lieutenant commander Jason Carter. In the chairs across sat Petty Chief Arnold Wendroff and Lieutenant commander Jacob Rodden.

"Separation has been completed," Wendroff said.

The space reminded me of a large constitution class space ship.

"This is what your son will do," Q said. "To them we are invisible."

"Good," Data said. "Hail them."

Tasha appeared on screen.

"Separating your crew?" Tasha asked. "You are so wrong about our motivations. We will shoot down the saucer section unless you put it back together and face us like a true human being!"

Data had a rather calm and relaxed attitude.

"That is unlikely given your kind's history," Data said. "We will not let you terminate our civilians."

"Civilians?" Tasha asked. "I think they are more like threats!"

Kevin turned toward Data.

"Captain," Kevin said.

"Mute," Data said.

"Telecast muted," The computer responded.

Data turned toward Kevin.

"What is it, Number One?" Data asked.

"I have an idea," Kevin said. "And it will work."

"A plan to eliminate a superhuman who may not require oxygen could be impossible," Data said.

"Eliminate the impossible and you get the possible," Kevin said. "You once told me that, Captain."

"He has two five year olds on Earth being raised by his father Geordi La Forge," Q said. "Both of whom are twins."

"Hush," I said, holding up my index finger.

"Turn off the transmission, computer," Data said.

Tasha's image disappeared off screen.

Data got up first.

"I'll tell you outside, Captain," Kevin said.

Data went out first. Kevin shared a short lived nod to Wendroff. The two went out of the bridge together in a single filed line. Two minutes later I heard a thump. Kevin came back aboard the battle bridge then he stood dead in the middle where a beeping is being heard. He turned toward the man behind the console then he shared him a nod. Tasha's image appeared on the screen.

"Give us thirty minutes," Kevin said.

"Thirty minutes and no more," Tasha said.

"Agreed," Kevin said. "Kevin out."

Tasha's image blinked off the screen. Ten minutes afterwards everyone had a sigh of relief but their eyes went back to Kevin. Kevin had determined eyes much like someone on a mission that cannot be disrupted. Kevin faced toward the crew.

"Evacuate," Kevin said. "The Captain is in his escape vessel along with his belongings and cat."

"But...How are you going to handle this?" Rodden asked. "You can't set torpedoes without experience."

"Enough time for you all to escape," Kevin said. "As acting Captain; you must obey my orders."

"Yes sir," The crew said.

"And...Tell Soong I had to do it," Kevin said. "Begin the vessel evacuation."

Q and I reappeared in the main bridge. We watched the crew depart through the turbo lift. Time trickled by so quickly that I could only notice by the rate of speed that is going by those who entered for last moments with their stations. Shortly afterwards I found myself in the third seat and Q was in the second seat. I looked over to see Kevin.

"Computer, open channels," Kevin ordered.

"Channels opened," The computer replied.

Tasha appears on screen.

"What is the meaning of this?" Tasha appeared, upset.

"You cannot harm shuttles," Kevin said. "Nor my fellow officers and civilians. Nor my Captain."

Tasha frowned.

"You are dooming everyone to die!" Tasha said. "Fire torpedoes!"

Kevin pressed a button.

"No, you are not," Kevin said.

Phasers destroyed the torpedoes making them explode in thin air. The last vessels disappear out of sight. Tasha had a furious expression on her face. She smashed a hole into the arm rest of the chair.

"You are testing my patience, human!" Tasha shouted.

"If you care to notice," Kevin said. "I am not a human."

"What?" Tasha said.

"I am half human," Kevin said. "Do you know who I am?"

"Just a low life," Tasha said.

"Wrong," Kevin said. "Does the name Carly Bell ring a bell in your files?"

Tasha's eyes widened.

"No," Tasha said, in shock.

Tasha's eyes deceived her.

"That is my mother," Kevin said. "And I am her son. My name is Kevin La Forge!"

"The...The...half-breed facing me?" Tasha asked, as Kevin came over to the console behind the three main chairs. "Your filth will be eradicated."

I felt tears coming up at the edge of my eyes.

"No," Kevin said, pressing a couple buttons. Kevin came back to the captain's chair. "The only filth be cleaned up will be YOURS!"

Torpedoes were programmed to fire at his disposal once he press the button on the arm rest. He sat down into the captain's chair getting comfortable in it. Tasha frowned back at the man not quite understanding the period of 'just walking around' from Kevin. It seemed so 'useless' as a couple other crew mates on the bridge with Tasha would put it.

"So?" Tasha said. "I don't see any big fangs."

Kevin smiled.

"Not yet, you do," Kevin said, then he pressed a button on the arm rest. "Now you see the fangs."

Three torpedoes fire at the bird of prey leaving behind massive explosions and damage.

"You will pay gravely for this," Tasha said, as electrical bolts go off behind her.

Kevin clenched his jaw at first then he relaxed it.

"What makes you think I will regret any of this?" Kevin asked.

"FIRE!" Tasha shouted.

Kevin pressed a couple buttons using his three fingers.

"Freeze!" Q said, with a snap of his fingers.

Everything stopped except for Kevin.

"Hello!" Q said, leaning forward.

Kevin turned toward Q.

"You!" Kevin said. "You..." His face softens. "You?"

"Yes, it is me, again," Q said, with a little wave. "Look to your left. I brought you a surprise before you die."

Kevin turned toward me.

"Mom?" Kevin said.

Kevin reminded me a bit of the Latino detective who worked with Lenny Briscoe on Law and Order. He had a lot of Geordi on him and a bit of me inside him. Kevin had lighter skin, dark curly hair, and bright blue eyes. He had small ridges on his nose. I can see the visible rolly staircase line along his shoulders in shapes because the dark uniform clearly outlined it. He looked so young. I stood up from the chair then Kevin hugged me. I heard him cry. Never before had I seen or heard of a man crying.

"Mom..." Kevin said, in-between tears. "I missed you."

"Oh Kevin..." I said,going through his hair with my fingers. "You are so...." We broke the hug. "Grown up."

"You still look young," Kevin said. "I...I thought...I thought I would never see you again."

I smiled.

"Thank Q for that," I said.

"When do you come from?" Kevin asked.

"25 years ago," I said. "I know how my boy is going to turn out without me." I felt a sense of pride toward Kevin who looked so human. "I am so proud of you."

"Q..." Kevin said, turning toward Q.

Q raised his brows.

"Yes?" Q asked.

"Take her back," Kevin whispered.

Q lowered his brows.

"On the conditions of my debt with your mother..." Q said. "She has to give the word."

Kevin looked over toward me.

"You know..." Kevin said. "You are beautiful, just the way I saw you last time."

"Last time?" I asked. "How did I die?"

"I can't tell you that,Mother," Kevin said.

I smiled, feeling the side of his face.

"You are the most honorable son I can ever have," I said, as tears grew at the edges of his eyes. "The passengers and her crew, safe, from danger. At least for now..." I feel my heart race. "You are doing a noble sacrifice, my son."



...2364...15 minutes later.

Q and I appeared back in the quarters. I don't know really why but he was frankly the only person around! You guessed it; I ended up hugging Q in a crying mess. I had seen the death of Kevin. I had seen the destruction of the Enterprise H. His first action was to get his captain off the ship, then evacuate everyone, and get rid of the threat. Tasha died on her space craft since the remaining torpedoes shot at the section where the warp core is.

"Well, that is unexpected," Q said. "Now,now,now I am not the man you should be crying on!"

I sniffle.

"You had to show me that," I said. "Didn't you?"

"It always happens," Q said. Q tipped my head up by the chin, lightly, so that I faced up toward him. "Carly Bell...The only girl I can't seem to solve."

I let go of Q then turn away.

"Just leave," I said, feeling tears gushing out. "And don't show up!"

"As you wish,mon amie," Q said.

Q snapped his fingers and his presence disappeared. I wipe off the tears in the bathroom. I never felt so sad before, really. I sat on the closed toilet seat over this rather sad time. I had to move on and grieve just without anyone really know. I do not want Geordi to know about the fate of Kevin. I want him to experience it for the first time. It took me a good half hour to calm down.

I decided then to complete the story I have been working on for the past few weeks.

It is entitled 'The rise of Avenger'.


"Come in," I said, with my feet on the table and typing away on the Padd.

"Is it done yet?" Bay asked, coming over.

"Nearly," I said.

It is probably 4:00 PM by now since he just got off.

"Is Music Beat coming back?" Bay asked.

"No Bay," I said. "Muzic Bet is dead."

"NoooOOOoooo!" Bay cried. "I liked Music beat!"

I laughed.

"You have my permission to write a fanfiction where she lives," I said.

"Who said I haven't been writing about her?" Bay said.

I looked up toward Bay.

"Say what?" I asked.

"I made Music Beat have a rather remarkable journey aboard a space craft called the Voyager--" Bay started but I interjected.

"Uh, you realize Muzic Bet is a robot," I said.

"I made her a Android in mine," Bay said. "I gave you full credit. I won't publish it until five weeks after yours has been published! That way people know who Music Beat is."

I laughed.

"She might be different from the one you've written!" I said.

"I made sure she is a lot like the one you wrote," Bay said. "I have been rereading the first five chapters about a hundred times. I know her favorite colors, preferred drink, preferred slang, and her enemies."

I raised my eyebrows.

"How do you know her favorite colors?" I asked, lowering the Padd to my lap.

"That's her main armor design in the book," Bay said.

"...Of course," I said. "You looked up the fandom behind Transformers."

"Uh no," Bay said. "I did reasonable deduction."

"Stop, really stop," I said, rubbing my forehead. "Just say yes."

"Yes," Bay said, with a nod.

I sighed.

"Thank you," I said, then turn my attention back toward the Padd.

"How was your day?" Bay asked, as I write on the Padd.

"It was pretty fine," I said. "As usual."

"Gee, you are the fastest typist I ever known," Bay said.

"I am writing the ending," I said.

"Woaaah," Bay said. Then he dramatically added, "The ending."

"Uh huh," I said.

When I hit the five month pregnancy mark I may need to tell the gender of the baby to Geordi. I somehow semi-consciously added in the last phrase to the novel be 'Mon amie' when Avenger bid farewell to his femme friend 'NightTrow'. I looked back in the novel to see NightTrow call Avenger 'Mon capitaine' when they were stealing a ship and she had surprised him by turning around in the chair right toward saying 'You are serious nuts, mon capitaine'. She loved to learn french words and added it into her everyday vocabulary. I put the last two words at the bottom 'The End' and put the time stamp in when I finished it.

"Completed," I said, feeling so giddly. "COMPLEEETEEEDD!"

"WOohoo!" Bay cheered. "Waait. You...Completed....A like; five weeks!"

"I have a lot of time on my hands," I said. "I love writing stories. Now, I gotta find myself a way to publish a story." I put the Padd away in where I would be able to retrieve it with only my knowledge alone and Bay couldn't find it. "No reading until it is in hardback."

"Awww," Bay said, sulking. "That is torture."

I laughed.

"I got some rewarding to do," I said. "Climbing holodeck mountains."



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