Beamed into Star Trek

A ten year old girl was beamed aboard the Enterprise. For what? To have a adventure; crazy, fun, and....Frightening at best. Then under some circumstances; she left then was taken back into the strange world once more. She isn't familiar to the episodes nor is aware what happens for the next seven years. She is in the wild; where aliens are every day known beings,phasers being the equivalent of guns, and people are beamed! Here's to hoping she will exactly have the intended fun this is suppose to be for her.


5. Crashing


...June 21st...3:48 PM...

Instead of being beamed to Earth I was beamed aboard a USS Pearl that happened to be returning to Earth. The Captain of it is Jordan Monk. He didn't resemble Adrian Monk but he may not have any relation to the man at all for all I knew. His first officer is Sarah Speller. They have a tactical officer who they refer to as T'Foul with elfish qualities except she is pretty tall. They have a Lieutenant commander Guy Fertizon with prosthetic arms capable of being extended similar to a gadget I once used as my dad's house for fun.

At the bridge would be a Ensign beside Lieutenant commander Guy.

Commander Guy is the second in command on the chain of command.

I also learned the Captain's chair goes along like this; Captain, First officer, Second officer, tactical officer, and whoever is chosen if none of the four can be there in the Captain's place. It seemed logical when it was put that way for me by the male computer voice in a much smaller quarters. I had to beg to bring my wooden rocking chair.

It made me feel comfortable.

I sat in the wooden chair rocking myself.

"The cherry tree is so bright," I randomly sang. "There was once a lonely apple separated from the other apples..." I focused on space watching the Enterprise preparing to leave in 'warp mode' as I had been told. "There the sun gazed over the leaves..." In a bright flash of light the Enterprise sped off. "That are green as the finest golden spears."

Suddenly power went out.

Right after the Enterprise departed.

The whole scenery changed outside of the Pearl. Instead of a vast outer space sky appeared a huge planet with two moons. I get up off the chair staring at it in shock. A beaming like melody came from right across. Light returned into the room right when I looked into the source of the beaming sound. There stood Q with a hairy chest, pointy ears, sharp shoulders, and fingers that were really frog like than not.

"Q!" I shout, with my utmost courage. "WHY ARE YOU EXPOSED?"

"Because I am," Q said. "Being naked is in the now."

I glare right back at him.

"I can't tell what kind of comment that is," I said. "But that is most certainly not in style."

Q smirked.

"Why are you looking at my lower extremities?" Q asked.

"Your what?" I asked, pretty puzzled.

"You know what I am fully talking about, child!" Q said, as though he knew I did have an idea what the heck he is talking about. "Don't act stupid with me," I folded my arms frowning right back at him. "I dare you to look down."

"Nah uh," I said.

"Then what are you looking at?" Q asked.

"Your ears," I said.

Q had a 'why are you looking at my ears?' expression on his face.

"Intruder alert, intruder alert, intruder alert," The alert said.

"In through the what?" I asked.

"Window," Q said.

"You didn't come through a window!" I said.

Q sighed, shaking his head.

"That's a joke, child," Q said.

Beep,beep, beep!

"IN!" I shout.

A couple human security guards entered my quarters then they froze. I turned directly toward them.

"You," The first guy said, in disgust.

"I am feeling a bit under the weather," Q said. "So pardon me if I faint..."

I heard a thud behind me.

"Don't look," The second guard said.

"What if I look when you are towing him out of my quarters?" I asked.

"Close your eyes," The third guard said.

"Fine," I said, then covered my eyes. "Why did the power go out?"

"Mechanical failure," The third guard said.

How come I get a funny feeling that is not the cause? I waited for them to tow out Q. It is a good thing that before I left; like way earlier, Data had expressed an interest in later conversations with me. The doors closed with a whish. I hadn't seen Data when I had left the Enterprise. I opened my eyes to see a empty room without people.

"Computer," I said. "Contact Data."

"Data is busy," The computer said. "Would you like to leave a message?"

"Yes," I said. "Hello." I paused. "And..." I paused,again, feeling guilt for leaving a unique rabbit in Worf's room. "Send Mr Worf a message too. Contents: I am sorry for leaving the rabbit in your room. I didn't think it would be a hassle." I came over to the replicator. "End messages."

"Messages sent," The computer said.

"Replicator," I said. "Make me a book. Any book. One with adventure, family,humor, and animals."

"Replication complete," The replicator said.

I took out the book.

"The Lion King," I read out loud. "THE LION KIING!" I jump around in circles happily. "LION KING LION KING LION KING!"

I love the Lion King.

I sat down in the wooden rocking chair and began reading the large book. I can hear metal being tapped on above my head. My heart raced on the page where Mufasa is dead and Simba is trying to make him wake up. The lights went out, again. This time I had a feeling it was not a happy new comer. I gulped looking up towards the ceiling. The tapping sounded like a rush of fingers.

"Computer," I said.

"Yes?" The computer said.

"Please send Data a message," I requested.

"What message?" The computer said.

"They are here," I said.

"That is not sufficient," The computer said.

Suddenly a part of the ceiling fell to. I fell back landing on the floor.

"Ivy?" The computer asked, concerned.

"SEND," I scream, stepping back at the hand like creature turning toward me.

"Message sent," The computer said. "What is this creature?"

"...Xenomorphs," I said. "I am doomed."

I manage to get up feeling frightened of this miserable critter.

"Message sent," The computer said.

I saw a device similar to what that security woman had in Star Trek The Next Generation resting on the counter. I picked it up, press a button, then aimed it at the leaping hand hugger all in fear. I press the trigger. The critter is vaporized away. I lowered my hand feeling my entire body tremble. I heard tapping from above. That same sickening creepy tap. I aimed the vaporizer at the ceiling where others stare right at me. Come on, I thought, Time to grow up and stop being a coward.


I vaporized every single one of them.

"Computer, where is the Captain?" I asked.

"On the bridge," The computer said.

I looked down to the rocking chair with the lion king book on the seat.

"Sorry," I apologized. "I'll get to reading some other time."

I ran out of my room with the vaporizer in my hand. I noticed on the side it read 'phaser', so I guess calling it Vaporizer is totally in-correct. I had a roughly good idea where I am going since walking aboard the Enterprise for two some hours can give the roughest of all ideas directions to the bridge. I waited in the lift wishing it could hurry up. Light returned to the whole ship.

The lift stopped and then the doors opened.

"Captain Monk!" I shout, running over toward him.

Captain Monk lacks a left brow, for your information, so he raised his right brow. I gues I should refer to him as Monk rather than Captain Monk because it would be unfair to refer to everyone on the bridge by their last name.

"What?" Monk said. Them he noticed the phaser. His eyebrow lowered. "Drop that, please."

"You don"t understand," I said. "You are gonna need these to beat the Xenomorphs."

Speller raised a brow, puzzled.

"Never heard of these, Captain," Speller said.

"That's because they just got aboard your ship," I said. "I killed a dozen of their hatchlings and you must declare a red alert!" I waved my arms. "It is more important than Q becoming some type of human!"

"Q is human, again," Monk said, not sounding much surprised.

"Are you listening?" I asked, annoyed. "You have the most dangerous species on this ship!"

"We don't have reports about this," Monk said. "Please return to your quarters."

I stare at him in horror finding my heart break.

Would Picard do the same thing in his position?


It was then with my most distressed moment that I probably lost respect for the captain's chair, tears swelted up to my eyes, and I just ran off dropping the phaser. They thought I was lying. And that really hurt me. For years I had kept back negative emotion fearing that people will dismiss them as just an act. I used the lift to take me down. The doors closed on me. I wanted to break out into tears.

The stupidity of a person refusing the help of a well aware child of the Alien franchise.

I can hear the tapping on the ceiling above. I wanted to smack someone at the face for no reason at all. But that would do no good. I wiped off a tear forcing back the relentlessness feeling. A feeling I despised with my heart. A long time ago in Skip A Long I attempted to climb the biggest and most terrifying monkey bars. I fell. My shoe fell off. My world became upside down. I crawled to the teacher.

The teacher acted like I was faking it.

From then on; I was scarred.


I couldn't find the courage to cry in front of people after that. I take a sigh regaining composure. If they are not going to believe me with my tale then someone has to take action on. The door opened to reveal a empty hall. I ran fast as I could to my room. I came to my door seeing it had been melted down and so has the book and rocking chair. It hurt to see my belongings destroyed. I ran over to the replicator.

"Replicate a phaser!" I demand.

"Repeat order," The replicator said.


"No!" The computer said.

"THEN GIVE ME A NEW AND REALLY GOOD ACCURATE PHASER!" I said. "Whatever kind you can make!"

In a stream of blue light appeared the phaser.

"Good luck," The replicator said.

"I'll need it," I said, taking out the newly commissioned phaser.

Yes, stupid me for dropping the previous phaser on the bridge.

I whip around and shot down the hand hugger into oblivion. Ripley is so going to be proud of me for doing what I do. I requested a fedora, a belt with something that can hold phasers, boots, and a blue jacket. I got all that I needed. Afterward I used the free time the aliens gave me to get the new attire on.

I have two new phasers.

I gotta find a way to eliminate these buggers!

"Time to kick some spiny alien butt," I said.

I walk on out my quarters.  Boy, would it be fun to shoot down some infant Xenomorphs. You wouldn't have expected  a child to go out shooting pesky alien creatures capable of reproducing in a horrible kind of way. I mean it is quite sad the victim has to die; like, really. This is why I am going to help everyone beat these suckers to the edge of their existence. Because no one deserves to die that way!

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