Beamed into Star Trek

A ten year old girl was beamed aboard the Enterprise. For what? To have a adventure; crazy, fun, and....Frightening at best. Then under some circumstances; she left then was taken back into the strange world once more. She isn't familiar to the episodes nor is aware what happens for the next seven years. She is in the wild; where aliens are every day known beings,phasers being the equivalent of guns, and people are beamed! Here's to hoping she will exactly have the intended fun this is suppose to be for her.


2. Apologies taken


...June 20th..

Suddenly gravity gave out in the Enterprise. I decided to take a swim in thin air floating without a care in the world. I had fun floating around doing cartwheels, cannonballs, and practically did everything I wanted to do! I felt so happy in the height of the moment I didn't pay attention to red alarms.

Beep beep, beep beep, beep

Who in their right mind would come to my quarters?

"Come in!" I laughed, twirling around happily.

I came to a abrupt stop seeing creatures far different from Worf. They had pointy ears, ridges on the bride of their nose, and a 'V' shaped impression on their forehead. They had on strange science fiction kind of armor. Their eyes seeped in intimidation, anger, and most of all a daunting appeal. I grab onto the pillars that is part of the room itself. What the heck are these guys.

"The girl out of time," The deep voiced one said.

There is at least five of them.

"Six to beam up," The deep voiced one said.

The deep voiced one is at least 6'2 and he had a strange scar across his face. A high pitch bristling sound came to being so I had cover my ears. One moment I am aboard the Enterprise and the next I collapsed to the hard floor. My eyes darted in both directions. Where the heck am I?, I thought.

Two big bulky guys grab me by the shoulders and bring me to to a gray room.

They promptly let me go in the gray room.

"Hey!" I said, turning around.

A force-field went up.

"...How the heck do they know I am out of time?" I asked myself.

Puzzling, I thought.

I heard a strange musical sound belonging to a violin from the corner of the room. I turned around expecting to see a floating musical instrument but that I did not see. Instead I saw one of those fellas using a violin performing quite a nice melody. It was sad then full of excitement and adventure.

"And that's where your story rests, for now," Came the strange man.

He had all the appearances of the unusual men who abducted me.

"Uhh..." I said. "Who are you?"

"This is the Cippallons," The man said. The violin vanished in a bright light. "And I am not one to fear, young girl, just a ordinary stranger passing through."

I stared at the man, puzzled.

"You made the violin vanish," I said.

"Yes," The man nodded.

"Where did it go?" I asked.

The man grinned, and his appearance changed drastically.

He became...more human.

"Anywhere," The man said. He wore a uniform similar to Commander Riker. "Child."

"Who are you?" I asked.

"Who am I?" The man repeated, cocking a brow.

"I mean I have the slightest of all clue who everyone is aboard the Enterprise but you are so confusing, startling, and perhaps the most out-of-the-equation character I ever came across! I mean I should know WHO you are but don't! Which is aggravating at best!" I babbled, waving my arms. "You are not in the Star Trek rerun episodes. At least the ones I have seen on Spike..." I tapped my fingers together eyeing at the man. "I have seen the episode where the head security person died."

"What if I told you that I am  in ever so few episodes that you barely ever see me?" The man said.

"Then that would be believable," I said.

"My name is one letter of the alphabet," The man said. "Even the littlest names mean volumes."

"Hey, you!" Came a gruff voice.

I turn around to see a Cippallon fella holding something in his hand.

"Yes?" I said.

"Come here," The gruff Cippallon said.

I turned back toward the strange man.

Only he was gone.

"Straaange," I said.

"COME!" The gruff Cippallon said.

"SAY YOUR NAME, FIRST!" I whip around boldly with my utmost serious face. "STATE YOUR NAME, SOLDIER!"

He looked so frightened.

"TYLONG!" Okay let's call him Tylong.


"UH, I don't have one!" Tylong replied.


Tylong flinched.

"28948-5885-759," Tylong said.

"RANK!" shout.

"....Er...Guard!" Tylong replied.

I grinned.

"Good going," I said. "You passed the test!" I ran around in circles. "You passed the test!" I flail my arms. "He passed the test!"

Tylong grabs me by the shoulder and drags me out. The next I am in a room that has mirrors all over the place. I look around seeing myself in the reflection. A tube came around me being transparent but the glass definitely had a reflection. I frowned back at the reflection of myself that is frowning right back at me. I saw a computer console come up. The reflecting mirrors turn into a see through mirror displaying a couple Cippallons staring right back at me. Perhaps they just abducted me to see if the rumors were true about a randomly transported girl.

Well, I do know that it would be a major shock to everyone in the universe that some person not of their world has arrived. I guess rumors spread fast aboard the Enterprise. Perhaps they are the kind of aliens that give back what they had stolen after checking it out. My worry eased at the thought of good willed alien beings but having the wrong ways to get what they wanted. I saw the image of my body projected on the mirror. It showed the physical outline of my dear young body.

Gas emits from the top half of the tube.

I leaned against the tube falling asleep.

The next time I opened my eyes it was due to my body landing on the floor.

"Woahh..." I said. "Computer...How long has it been since there was no gravity?"

"Thirty minutes," The computer said.

"How long was I gone?" I asked.

"Twenty minutes," The computer said. "You have a new message."

"What is the message?" I asked.

"Sorry," The computer said. "Apology from the Cippallons."

I pulled up my shirt to see there is two markings along my ribs similar to a vampire bite. I touched it to feel a dap of pain. I use the chair to help myself up feeling wibbly wobbly and somewhat dizzy. I manage to get over to the couch then fall on my side onto the warm comfortable surface. I grab a pillow then put it under my head. I fell back asleep.

Beep,beep, beep.

"Go away," I said.


"..Damn it, come in," I said.

In came some security guards.

"Are you all right?" One security guy, who is definitely a Cippallon, asked.

I tiredly waved my right hand.

"Me was about fine until you came in disturbing my beauty sleep," I said.

"It is odd your energy signature wasn't here five minutes ago," The Cippallon security guy said.

"Go away," I said, turning over. "I am fineee."

For some reason, I felt really, really tired.

"Fine then,lets go," The Cippallon security guard said.

The group left my quarters.


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