Beamed into Star Trek

A ten year old girl was beamed aboard the Enterprise. For what? To have a adventure; crazy, fun, and....Frightening at best. Then under some circumstances; she left then was taken back into the strange world once more. She isn't familiar to the episodes nor is aware what happens for the next seven years. She is in the wild; where aliens are every day known beings,phasers being the equivalent of guns, and people are beamed! Here's to hoping she will exactly have the intended fun this is suppose to be for her.


34. A lot of years into the future

.  . . 2384. . .

 . . . USS Enterprise . . .

Kevin's mother had told him so much about this M Continuum. Everytime he asked "Why do you hate them so, mom?" She wouldn't reply but would look at him sadly. There were some nights where his mother vanished in thin air. She would come back weeks at a time trembling, crying,  and she seemed rather screwed up. She had a fabric in her hand in one of these visits.

It read 'M' with a emblem behind it.

The last time he saw his mother in 2378 was the last he would ever see her. She had got her life back together four years back.  He was raised by his Uncle Data most of the time she was cleaning herself up which required her to be off the Enterprise. She finally gave Kevin a gift that was wrapped up by a new kind of fabric.  She asked him to open it when he was twenty. So he took the request without asking her. The day she died aboard another ship intercepting the attack acting as it's captain due to the senior officers being killed by a attack. She was the Chief Medical Officer.

She intercepted in the attack of a Khan related superhuman.

Destroying every single super human aboard the Costalo.

It was her last command besides to requesting accommodations for her fellow officers and sending the saucer section away. She had done this in the battle section. It was all in one day. They had one last hug.  His Uncle Q randomly popped up. But he never popped up on that day. He never did. He never popped up when  Kevin and his wife had twins. It was all weird. He thought his uncle Q would be there to congratulate him or teach him something about being a parent.

Until today.

The video explained it all.

His Uncle  Q so far never had been real up until that video.

He had been but now he is not.

In the video appeared M which is who his mother introduced and then. . . his mother vanished. He watched the video for hours and hours. The M lady vanished too. He continued watching. Waiting for his mother to pop up randomly apologizing for the sudden departure. She appeared exactly three weeks later covered in sweat, her hair wet and matty, and she had a different uniform frankly scared. He had to end the video then. She usually checked into sick bay. She usually gave him a hug, closing her eyes, telling him 'Mommy had a field trip'.

It was anger.


He had all the time in the world because of shore-leave.

That was exactly one month long.

Why was he on a one month long shore leave?

That's a totally different story.

A week later, he was back on the bridge.

"How was the shore leave?" Data asked.

"I know the truth," Kevin said. "That is all it matters."

"About what?" Data asked.

"About my mother." Kevin said.

Hank Billings is not only a Tactile officer but  a security officer. 

Suddenly there is a white flash in the center of the room.

"Why hello there!" M said.

Kevin stood up taking out a phaser then he shot into her hand.

"OW!" M screamed, holding her hand.

From the corners  of Kevin's eyes are tears.

"Commander!" Data said, concerned. "Do not shoot."

"You took my mother away," Kevin said. "You took her life."

"I did nothing of the sorts."

"Who are you?" Data asked.

"I am M," M said. "From the M continuum." She changed her attire to their modern day uniform. "You may call me Mary if you'll like." She snapped her fingers making the screen turn a bright shade of white. "But most preferably M."

"Continuum." Data said.

"Ah, of course," M said. "You never met Q."

Data looked over to a teary Kevin who was struggling to keep himself composed.

Then Data turned his head back toward M.

"Is Q what you are?" Data asked.

"He used to be." M said.

Data stepped forward.

"Did I know this entity more than you?" Data asked.

"It depends on your memory banks, android." M said.

"My memory banks are sufficient and well organized," Data said. "They have not been tampered with."

"Captain, Q was aboard the Enterprise D when I was a kid," Kevin said. "You knew him! He. . ." He pinched his nose. "Sorry I . . . Just. . .He. . . Gave you laughter. You were so delighted and shared it with my joy of catching a fish."

"Whatever happened to this Q entity?"  Data asked.

M laughed.

"He finally did the right thing after seven billion years of misconduct," M said. "He fixed the hole."

Data stepped forward.

"Since it has been fixed, shouldn't he still be around?" Data asked.

Kevin left the bridge to cry in private.

"You sound just like his mother's logic,"  M said. "But I find that boring. The Q continuum all went into the hole willingly and he went in last after avoiding it. I find it boring to bring back a entire pointless continuum who's functions are handled by my continuum.  They are lazy and disgusting. You should see how they treat their pets."

"We are not pets." Data said.

"They referred to their pets as toys, and I never referenced you as their pets," M said. "How can you have jumped to that conclusion?"

"I am android," Data said. "And you are an M."

"Uh huh," M said. "Spit it out before I force you."

"Remember Sam?"  Data asked. "The Q who turned me into a human?"

"Of course I do, why would I--" M stopped, as her eyes widened. "No. No. No.  They all left!"

"I have his conscience in my processor," Data said. "And I can see pictures in my processor when you say . . . certain words."

"But he died at Alkatraz!" M said.

"I have learned over the past five years is that nothing is right and you must fix it," Data said. "I was not supposed to captain the Enterprise D at the time of Carly's death."

"Damn you Sam," M said. "You just had to ruin my fun."

"Excuse me, but it is Data." Data said.

M frowned.

"I will deal with you later .  .  ." M said. "And I will make this timeline be so messed up you can't even fix anything with comfort, Mr Soong."

M vanished in a white flash.



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