Beamed into Star Trek

A ten year old girl was beamed aboard the Enterprise. For what? To have a adventure; crazy, fun, and....Frightening at best. Then under some circumstances; she left then was taken back into the strange world once more. She isn't familiar to the episodes nor is aware what happens for the next seven years. She is in the wild; where aliens are every day known beings,phasers being the equivalent of guns, and people are beamed! Here's to hoping she will exactly have the intended fun this is suppose to be for her.


28. A chance at humanity

.4:39 PM..


A mother's feeling is stronger than blood, well at least in my view. One of the attacks struck the DayCare center. Most of the children were crying and otherwise unharmed. . . But there was no signs of Kevin. I understand now how Kevin Baxter's mom felt when she first found out that she left her son home alone. I had a feeling that Kevin was somewhere aboard the ship.

The saucer section separated thirty minutes ago.

Oh and yes Q is aboard. How do I know that? He is recovering from a side arm burn in Battle Sick Bay. Doctor Beverly and a few other nurses are sticking around. I was the one who administered the side arm burn that had left a hole in his civilian attire. Q , as it turned out, did not like holes in his clothes and didn't like being tended to by medical related people such as me.

"I am quite fine, no thank you."

"What do I call you then?" I asked. "You refuse to be called your name."

"Me and Q are two different people." Q said.

"Nooo, you are the same person." I said.

"Call me Lance." Q said. I folded my arms not entirely sure that Q has really changed into someone else. "You are worried about someone."

For all I knew Kevin is in a ice cream machine licking the icecream or in the holodeck section that has safety protocols on. I could have laughed then thinking he might have a 'baby's day out' kind of adventure. It was all tool hopeful. But laughing right now would seem odd to everyone; that is what I have learned in my two years in the universe. I can control myself a little bit better. My little boy is climbing the walls using whatever is around. He is probably in the saucer section wondering about.

I glared back at Q.

"Am not." I lied.

"Uh huh," Q said. "You are. I can tell because you hesitated!"

I frowned.

"It is none of your concern." I said.

"How come I get the feeling it is?" Q asked.

"Because you put your foot into people's business even when you are not wanted at the time." I said.

Q laughed.

"Not wanted?" Q said, with a snort. "I am a wanted man right now."

I rolled my eyes.

"Lance, just go." I said.

Q had a stubborn look about his face.

"Not unless I hear who you're worried about."


"Is it me?"

"Hell no!"

"I will find out."

"Not in this lifetime."

"Lover? Friend? Bestie? Sibling? Sister? Brother?"

Q sat upright on the biobed raising a brow.

"You are cold." I said.

"Child?" Q asked.

I sighed, shaking my head.

"Lance, just go." I said.

Q blinked.

"It is a boy, isn't it?" Q asked.

"Enough with your questions." I said.

"And his name was Kevin." Q said.

"Bell!" Nurse Kelly Windrinks shouted. "I need some help over here."

Let's just say I am narrating even though I am not there; matter of narrative speaking. I am not all-knowing like the Q because I am just not. Q got off the biobed then he went out of Sick Bay still feeling a tinge of pain from his burned shoulder. I had told him the pain would go away in a couple hours. He went out through the battle Sick Bay observing the doors.Q had a strange feeling he had been here before.

The image of a lantern floating in the doorway flashed in his mind.

At first, Q felt fear and then guilt.

Where was this guilt coming from?

Could this be what the Captain talked about? Kevin. . .Kevin? The name made Q picture a young man bearing a slight resemblance to a fella with a visor and a bit of me. He didn't know this fella with a visor was Geordi. All Q knew is that in his mind I was Nurse C Bell. What did the C stand for? He had no idea what so ever except for the name of a plant that can give rashes. Ivy. The one name popping up in his head connected to me. This plant? It was Poison Ivy. He walked down the corridor grasping at straws.

The man in his mind frowned at first, then grew angry, and became utterly 'lost' in terms of expression most comparable to confusion. Q used the wall as his guide going down the corridor whenever the ship tilted sideways.

The memory of a young girl holding on to a piece of pipe to a construction site several feet above made his heart leap. That was fear. He was standing on the rail staring down. He couldn't make himself move a bit. She did not seem afraid at first. She attempted to pull herself up. Her little fingers were slipping on the wet metal. She looked down toward the ground that is very, very far away from where she is. Her eyes grew wide. She turned her head up toward the construction part. Her grip loosened. It was night in the scenery behind the little girl. She had Nurse Bell's looks: that he knew for sure.


That was Nurse Bell, as a child!

Her last two fingers slipped.

Q felt his heart sink watching the child fall to her death.

"That never happened." Q said, leaning against the wall feeling sick.

He recalled her empty eyes staring at the sky.

It never happened far as he was concerned.

She couldn't have survived a fall that great!

He had just spoken to her.

This time the memory replayed in his mind. . . This time much differently. Same place yet he was leaned against a metal part.

"Call me the alphabet man," Q said.

"Alphabet man?" Little Bell replied.

"Yes," Q said, with a nod.

Indeed, this. . . This was correct.

"That is a silly name!" Little Bell exclaimed.

Q lowered his head down.

"You would get scared if I told you my name," Q said, in a low voice.

"I won't get scared." Little Bell said, stepping forward.

He looked up toward Little Bell with a smile.

"You tell me what you are and I will consider telling you my name," Q said.

The building shook suddenly and violently. In slow motion Little Bell tipped toward the left extending her arms terrified. She fell, simple as that, out of slow motion. Q went forwards then grabbed her right hand all the while with a frown on his face. She nearly died by being on this construction site! Little Bell had a short little laugh.

"I am a Cippallon," Little Bell said. "Thank you, Alphabet man."

Q sighed.

"That is it," Q said. "I am sending you out of harms way."

Little Bell pouted.

Q resumed walking.

The first memory was from the Prime Timeline. The original timeline. Q closed his eyes leaning against the wall to the Enterprise corridor. He straightened himself up feeling the Enterprise tremble as one attack had struck the boosters. Q knew he is the primary conflict wedging the Enterprise into a most likely doom scenario. What could he do to help? Turn himself in to the Calecto's.

Q saw a white blanket being dragged down the corner of his eye.

"Hey kid!" Q shouted. "No kids are not suppose to be here."

He heard giggles.

Toddler giggles.

Q sped his pace up toward the source of the giggles to see a little boy playing with a pair of cooking gloves with one hand holding onto the blanket. He bore a remarkable resemblance to Little Bell with his toddler features. Q recalled forcing the child to stand up right then walk over to the blanket being towed by a string. In the process the child started walking on his right foot and he usually used his right hand to hold it out when he was about to encounter a fall and then cry after landing. What a cry baby. Well, it was funny to see the word 'cry baby' applied to a crying baby. At least to Q2 it was a little humorous.

"Kevin!" Q called out.

Suddenly there was a strike to the side of the wall sending little Kevin sliding down to the other side of the wall. Q felt a strange feeling to protect that little boy who he had no form of relationship or blood with what-so-ever. He frankly couldn't stop himself from walking over toward the boy (Which is what Q is doing right now) then pick up Kevin in to his arms. Kevin stared at Q with his little mouth open for a complete 'o'.

"Uncle!" Kevin said, and then he had a little cute hug around Q.

"Uh. . . I am not your Uncle." Q said.

In fact, Q is not the type to instigate a hug or get one for that matter.

"Uncle Q been away." Kevin said.

"I am not your uncle, child!" Q said, making Kevin let go of his shoulder.

Kevin teared up.

"Not uncle?" Kevin asked, tilting his head.

"I am not your uncle." Kevin squirmed out of Q's grip and he ran away. ". . .Shit."

Bad move there.



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