Beamed into Star Trek

A ten year old girl was beamed aboard the Enterprise. For what? To have a adventure; crazy, fun, and....Frightening at best. Then under some circumstances; she left then was taken back into the strange world once more. She isn't familiar to the episodes nor is aware what happens for the next seven years. She is in the wild; where aliens are every day known beings,phasers being the equivalent of guns, and people are beamed! Here's to hoping she will exactly have the intended fun this is suppose to be for her.


22. A bunch of lore

..Three months and two weeks after Far Point...


Turned out Commander Data has a long lost brother, who recently was uncovered and assembled. Life growing inside feels strange and weird all at once but otherwise fascinating for a girl. I can feel movements below my belly button. For being pregnant I have discovered a odd interest in eating potatoes with gravy, lettuce, and jello. I have strangely been getting cravings for gravy and lettuce  kind of food except for chocolate.

"Hello," Came a voice like Data's.

I turn my head toward the source of the voice.

Data surely wouldn't be in that kind of attire.

My next guess is that this is Lore.

"Hi," I said. "You don't have landing required equipment."

Lore smirked.

"I don't need landing pads," Lore said. "I am an Android."

"I am a rock climber," I said. "Not a super human."

A smile grew on Lore's face.

"I bet you can't climb Mount Deli," Lore said.

"Mount what?" I asked.

"Humans used to call the location 'Mount McKinly'," Lore said. "Or we can do a climbing race on the holographic Mount Everest."

"Heck no," I said. "You are mad!"

"There are safety protocols for that matter," Lore said. "I have done considerable research into the holodeck."

I climb up the mountain. I once watched a movie about these men who climbed a mountain that was brizzlingly cold and they lost half their men trying to climb down. I remember it because of the snow filled scenery, the large fearsome gaps where a man could fall, men being frozen to death, two men fighting on the edge of a mountain side coated in snow, and there being a helicopter. I later learned it was on Mount Everest.

I also remember a movie where a couple men went into a forest and only one to two men came back out. The rest of the men were either killed by a bear, accidents, or the plane crash that stranded them there.

"Research my aft," I said.

"Computer, change to Mount Everest," Lore said. "Back in the 2000's era."

"LORE!" I shout.

In a instant the scenery changed from arid to a cold chilly setting.


I saw Lore's figure climbing up.

"I am winnnning!" Lore said, excitedly.

"Computer, change scenery to a grassy mountain!" I shouted. "BEING, REALLY,REALLY, REALLY WET! Put a loose boulder in Lore's way!"

The deck changed to a light scenery. The sky has dark clouds above. There are large rainforest like tree's below. I have equipment projected by the holodeck keeping me in place. There are creatures moving in the bushes that are most nearby. I heave a sigh lowering my head. I have to wait, I thought, for Lore to notice.

I can smell the clean free air.

First time I ever took smelling for granted. In reality I cannot smell. I closed my eyes feeling the wind brush through my short hair. I had a little smile enjoying the breeze. I feel a light kick in my stomach from baby Kevin.

"Mommy is just handling a pest, little one," I said, rubbing my stomach.

"AH!" I heard Lore.

I saw Lore running down the mountain with his hands covered in mud.

"Serves you right!" I shouted back.


"Data to Bell," Came Data's voice over the com badge.

"Bell here," I said.

"Is my brother in the holodeck?" Data asked.

"Well, you should know," I said.

"I do not," Data replied. "I am only asking you because he left after I mentioned the holodeck. The computer cannot seem to track him."

I looked over after the fleeing Android.

"He will be out in no time," I said. "Make sure you are not in Lore's way when he runs out."


I had a short laugh.

"I will," Data said. "Apologies if he bothered you."

"No, he'll be apologizing to me by the end of the day," I said. "Bell out." I looked up toward the sky. "Computer, change the programming to my original one. Get rid of my equipment." The scenery changed to a suitable rock climbing climate on Earth. "Ah...Much better!"

....3 Hours later..

....Shared quarters...

It was a random addition to the room, not even Bay expected it! Bay and I shared a slack-jawed reaction at this random appearance. I stepped forward coming over to the piano that had a chair, keyboard, and a nice comfy surface to sit on. It was rather remarkable to see something that I normally compare to the size of a couch.

"Carly, did you bring this without telling me?" Bay asked.

"No," I said, sitting down on the chair.

"Can you play the piano?" Bay asked.

I turn my head toward Bay.

"I can try," I said, then turn my head toward the piano. "Nah...Nah..Nah."

I press on the lower pitched end then go down to the deep pitched part of the piano. I play with the keys until a melody came to. I started getting lost in the music. I lost myself in the song that fell from my lips. I hummed along to the song feeling as though I am floating mindlessly through a atmosphere where gravity does not apply, waves of musical notes floating in the air.

Then something went thump behind me.

I turned around to see Lore standing beside Bay's body on the floor.

"Nice job," Lore said, applauding for my performance.

I get up.

"Lore," I said. "Why are you here?"

Lore stopped clapping.

"Lore is here?" Lore asked,lowering his hands. "I do not see him."

"You are Lore!" I shouted.

Lore frowned.

"Am not," Lore said.

"Are too!" I said.

"Who do I look like?" Lore asked. "Santa Clause?"

"You look like you," I said.

"I don't get you," Lore said. "Usually I get what you say...But maybe it is your pregnancy talking."

I gasp at Lore.

"You look like Data!" I said.

"Do not," Lore said. "I look like my grandfather."

"Android's do not have grandfathers," I approached Lore. "You did not come in welcomed."

"Hey, I was already here!" Lore protested.

"You are not Bay," I said. "Get out of our quarters!"

Lore looked over toward Bay's unconscious body on the floor.

"What the hell?" Lore said, startled then he fell back on the floor.

"Out, Lore!" I ordered him

"I...I...I am not Lore," Lore said.

Lore stood up then he fled out of the quarters.

"Bell to Data," I said, tapping on my communicator.

"Yes?" Data's voice came over.

"Your brother just left my quarters after taking down my roommate," I said.

"I told him to stay in his assigned quarters," Data said. I swear, it sounded like Data was annoyed. "I am sorry for his intrusion."

"Ow," Bay said, getting up. "My neck! It hurts." He shook his head. "What happened?"

"Lore happened," I said.

"As in Data's brother?" Bay asked.

"Yes, him," I said.

"Hey, I like to hear that song you were playing," Bay said.

My face heated red.

"How about you do it,Charlie," I said.

"Me?" Bay said. "No way." He shook his hands. "You are excellent at it!"

"I have no experience what so ever," I said. "I just follow the notes. I did it. Now you do it!"

Bay came over to the piano, sat down, then placed his fingers on the keys. He looked over toward me in doubt. I did a little gesture indicating him to go on. Bay had a little laugh that sounded at best nervous.

"I don't have a career in music," Bay said. "Nor am I interested in it!"

"Play the piano," I said, my arms folded.

Bay gulped turning around.

"Don't say I didn't warn you," Bay said.

Bay's fingers played a melody, a beautifully magnificent and sad kind of one. I can feel tears coming out of my eyes. I wipe off the tears using the edge of my sleeve. Ten minutes into it I couldn't take the music anymore so I grabbed Bay's hands using my rather large hands making a deep melody.

"Enough of this," I said.

"Hah," Bay said. "Your hands are so big."

I take my hand off Bay's hand that is smaller than mine. Compared to mine; Bay's hands are small as a baby's. He has long fingers that is strange considerably for a human but it might be a genetic handy down for specific branches in the human family tree. I step to the side of the piano.

"I told you my skill isn't the best," Bay said.

"You are a natural player," I said.

"How flattering," Bay said. "But that I am not."

"Barb to Bay," Barb said. "Please report to Sick Bay. You have a check up scheduled."

"On my way," Bay said. "Bay out."

Bay went out the doors.

I tapped on my communicator.

"Bell to Beverly," I said.

"Yes?" Beverly said.

"I have to know if Charlie Bay is a human," I said.


...5:48 PM...

..USS Enterprise..

I sat down into a chair. Data is currently acting as a recording device using his optics. The recording will be shown to Jean-Luc Picard in 2371 on June 27th. Data is well aware what is going on. A blue light projects out of Data's eyes landing on me. I cleared my throat. I had convinced Data to do me this one favor. The only one in fact.

"Hello, Captain Picard," I said. "This is a pre-recording." I glance down toward my rather large manly hands then glance back up. "The girl you just dropped off is me. Q can explain how it was done. But I only want to say it was a honor serving for you. When I was a little girl you were one of many heroes to me."

Staring at Data is becoming really creepy.

Picture that you are talking to the great captain face to face, I tell myself.

"Serving aboard the Enterprise was the best years of my life," I said. "By the time you get this; I won't be a little girl anymore...Even though I will look like one. Go figure for being so short!" I had a little laugh. "I will be sixteen years old...If I am still there and have not left; you can ask all the questions you want through messaging."

Beep,beep, beep.

"Captain Picard," I said. "May your life be bright, and here, a possible farewell. I have a feeling we may not meet again." I held up my hand then did a handsign that was well known across the federation, including on Vulcan. "Farewell."

The lights faded from Data's eyes.

"Is that all?" Data asked.

"Yes, Mr Data," I said.


Data turned away then exited the room. Doctor Beverly entered shortly after Data had left. I then recalled what I asked for earlier. Once Beverly entered the doors closed behind her. The idea of learning what Bay is excited me. Really, it did. Something that not many people on my earth would ever thought of.

"Bay is a receptacle," Beverly said.

"A what?" I asked.

"'A receptacle," Beverly said. "A part of his brain that controls his personality is actually positronic and unlimited a lot like Data's."

We came over to the table.

"So you are saying my roommate is a robot," I said.

"No," Beverly said. "He is quite human but whoever saved his life was very skilled to give him a positronic brain part. It could not have been Data's creator because the design is rather different than Data's."

"That is weird," I said.

"He has a port in the back of his neck," Beverly said. "Hidden by hair."

"Sounds like he is a robot," I said.

"Has he acted strangely around you?" Beverly asked.

"He acts that way sometimes," I said. "But Lore was acting strange."

"Explain," Beverly said.

So I explained.

....6:49 PM...

..Shared quarters...

"Down the path we go," I sang. "Down the curly stair case lined in sparkles," I had my fingers on the keys. "Where space and stars are just meaningless. The sky of two warring galaxies are simply astounding." I lowered my voice following the beat. "Over the barred fence between galaxies there is time and gravity!"

The doors whished open.

"Two galaxies warring against each other," I continue. "A lot like the Autobots and Decepticons pinned together in a eternal war," I nod my head raising my voice. The melody started to sound a lot like the one I heard on the menu screen on Transformers. "There they go! Out into baaaatttttle. Where they might never come baaaack!" My singing voice adjusted to the one like in Iridescent. "But with hope they can do it."

The tone began changing.

"In the sky, through space, through it all," I said. "Ying and Yang work together hand in hand."

"Nice job," Bay said, with a slow clap.

I turned around taking a phaser out.

"Lore, sit down," I said.

Bay stared at me.

"I am not Lore," Bay denied.

"The hell you are," I said, both hands wrapped around the grip.

Bay smirked.

"You are not actually going to shoot," Bay said. "You wouldn't harm a fly."

I aimed the phaser right at his foot and shot at it.

"Ow!" Bay howled, hopping up and down holding his shoe. "That hurt!"

"You are inside the body of a human being," I said. "Get used to it."

Bay glared right at me.

"You will pay for this, human being," Bay said.

I smiled.

"I have paid long enough," I said. "To have people doubt me is one thing!" Bay frowned lowering his foot to the floor. I had to wait long enough for a security team to run in on a confusing situation. "Step further and I will not hesitate to kill you."

Bay laughed.

"You wouldn't!" Bay said. "You took a oath to save lives not end them!"

"Don't use that against me," I said. "It was not made to do that."

"Nurses,Doctors, Surgeons, and other medical related people take that oath!" Bay said. "Now give me phaser, you Romulan."

I aimed it at his head.

"I am not a Romulan," I said.

"Pppsh, whatever," Bay said. "You look like one to me."

I shot at his hand making a hole inside.

"Ow," Bay said, stepping forward.

In came Tasha and a few other security officers. The doors closed behind the group. Tasha, who thankfully wasn't part of the plan, looked pretty startled. Tasha is not the kind you can startle so easily. She is a lot like a rock. Or a god who supposedly knows everything! Bay is holding his bleeding hand.

"Bay is Lore," I said.

"No," Tasha said. "Lore is in the brig. Lower your phaser, Bell."

I saw a smile on Bay's face.

I set the phaser to stun.

"Sorry, Lore," I said, then press the trigger.

Bay collapsed to the floor.

"Ensign Bell!" Tasha shouted. "May I remind you--"

"We have to hurry and get Lore," I interrupted her. "Before he wakes up. Doctor Beverly will explain."


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