Beamed into Star Trek

A ten year old girl was beamed aboard the Enterprise. For what? To have a adventure; crazy, fun, and....Frightening at best. Then under some circumstances; she left then was taken back into the strange world once more. She isn't familiar to the episodes nor is aware what happens for the next seven years. She is in the wild; where aliens are every day known beings,phasers being the equivalent of guns, and people are beamed! Here's to hoping she will exactly have the intended fun this is suppose to be for her.


1. Aboard the Enterprise

I was sitting down in the wooden rocking chair when suddenly, out of no where, came a bright light to the left. My attention went straight up to see a circular white ball. Then suddenly the scenery changed before my eyes. A unusual melody drew my attention away from the ball to what is in front of me.

I froze putting my feet down on the glass like floor.

There stood Captain Picard along beside a guy with red hair hair wearing a black and orange uniform that had a gray shirt underneath.

"Who are you?" Captain Picard asked.

I stood up frankly scared!

It was a couple weeks ago that I stopped watching a marathon of Star Trek The Next Generation in exchange to watch a marathon of Monk. Adrian Monk, one of my favorite detectives.

"Hi..." I said. "I am...I am..." Come on, SPEAK GIRL! "Ivy."

"Ivy," Picard said. "How did you get stuck in a exchange transport beam?"

I look behind me to make sure the chair is still there.

Still there.

I looked back toward Captain Picard.

"Um....Um...Um..." I said, as Picard raised a brow. "I don't know."

The next thing I knew was waking up somewhere else feeling my head aching.

"Oh, she is fine," I heard a woman's voice that reminds me of Doctor Crusher. "First time I met a girl faint after getting beamed."

I push myself up.

There indeed is Doctor Crusher talking to Captain Picard. I pinch my self and nothing happened. I wasn't asleep. I rub my eyes trying to make sure if this is some joke being played by my mind. The two share a nod then face my direction. I felt so awkward to be stared at by two fictional people that I wanted to scamper on out.

"Hello," I said, composing myself. "I am confused...What am I on?"

"You are on the Enterprise," Picard said.

I stare at the two in shock.

I was beamed aboard the Enterprise.

"Really?" I said.

"Yes," Picard said.

I gasp trying to figure how this could be possible.

"Don't plan on fainting, often," Doctor Crusher said. "You might get a severe concussion. Otherwise you are fine."

"I don't plan on fainting," I said. "It just...happened." I slide myself off the medical bay then land square on my face. I hop right up with a fake smile, that reasonably is convincing, to the two people. "I am okay!"

In sick bay came the guy named Worf.

"Holy cow," I said, gaping with a smile. "So alieny and cool at the same time!"

"Hm?" Worf said.

"Take Ivy to the spare Quarters," Picard said.

I zip right over to Worf's side.

"Woah," I said. "You are really tall."

"I am," Worf said.

Picard went out the door first and headed the other direction. Worf and I went right not left. I stared at his metal thing that started from his shoulder ending to his hip reminding me of the thing that Scottish people wore in some of the movies I had seen. His presence was more like a protector kind of figure. So it seemed logical for him to be a security related guy.

Worf came to a stop.

"This is where you'll stay," Worf said.

I walk toward the door.

The doors opened and I stepped back, at first scared.

"Oh, damn you doors," I said. "I will conquer fear of you!"

I went through the doors, this time, successfully into my quarters. The room is nicely decorated. There's even a couch, several tables with decorations, a completely cool rug, and some paintings. I look around the room in sheer curiosity. I came to one machine that had a label reading 'replicator'.

"Hmm..." I said. "Replicator; replicate chocolate milk."

In blue lines appeared a cup of chocolate milk.

"Oooh, yummy!" I said, gleefully picking up the cup.

I sipped down the contents of the cup.

Beep, beep, beep.

"Come in," I said.

In came the golden somewhat tinted Android guy. I froze right in place staring at him in shock. This is definitely the best and frightening day ever. I put down the empty cup on the counter keeping my cool.

"Where are you from?" Data asked.

"Oak Groove,Kentucky," I said. "Earth."

Data raised a brow.

"How old are you?" Data asked.

"Ten," I said. "Hi Data, you are so cool."

Data lowered a brow.

"How do you know my name?" Data asked.

"You won't believe me," I said, shyly.

"I will believe you," Data said.

I smile, quite widely.

"I am from a world where you are fictional," I said. "I come from the year 2006."

"This must be strange for you," Data said. "And frightening." I nodded. "I am sorry if I sound like I am interrogating you but I am curious about you and that rocking chair. It has been three hundred years since that kind of wood was made."

My eyes widened.

"Three hundred years..." I said.

"Yes," Data said. "In Earth years, it is 2371."

No wonder the uniforms are different.


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