Forever Young

This story is about Drew Sumner and her best friend Harry Styles that always on tour with his 3 best pals. Will that break up their friendship or will it make them closer? What will their future look like together. Romantic or a big fat mess?


4. Wait…what?

Harry's POV

So after i left Drew's house I went to meet this girl so i could buy a present for Drew and her name was Kayley and she was beautiful, smart, kind, and she was 18. Only 4 years younger than me and then we went to dinner and i asked her out to like date me and she said yes and i kissed her and it was amazing. I love Drew but i know she doesn't like me in that way. When she said she loved me it was like i love you as a best friend. So i am going to text Drew to tell her i have great news and i need to tell her face to face and then i am bringing Kayley with me as a surprise.

Text Messages:

Hey i am coming over i have great news -me

OH GOODY! Come soon i need to talk to you -Drew

What could she possible say more to me? Does she have a boyfriend too? Ugh! Sometimes i wonder so many things.

Drew's POV

I love Harry and more than a best friend. I want to date thats what i wanna talk to him about. He likes me too so i think i might have a new boyfriend today! Harry texted me and said he had great news so maybe he decided to stay with me! I hope so. Hopefully this goes as i hope it will go. OH HE'S HERE!!!

Harry's POV

"You ready to meet my best friend?" -Me

"Yes of course. I can't wait she seems so nice and pretty from the way you talk about her. I cant wait to finally meet her!" -Kayley

"Great because we are here right now." -me

I am so happy they are meeting each other.

Drew's POV

I waved outside but it looked like someone was with him. Probably one of the boys! Wait...what? Is that a girl with.. Omg it is. Oh no. Please say that they aren't...

"Drew meet my new girlfriend Kayley."


I cant believe this. I broke down and fell to the floor but got the courage to get up run up the stairs and slam my bedroom door shut while crying barely being able to breathe. I heard Harry screaming my name but i don't care anymore. He's dating someone and im here crying my eyes out. Omg i cant believe this. Harry is slamming and pounding on my door struggling to get in. I can't have him see me like this.


"It is me Kayley can we please talk?" -Kayley

She seemed so nice so i carefully unlocked the door and ran to the other side of my bed quickly as the door opened slowly

"Hey"- kayley

"Hi" -me

I am so sorry i didn't know you liked him -kayley




"I cant believe it. I knew you were a whore and a bitch when i first saw and heard about you" -kayley

"What did you just say?! To me!?" -me

Did she just call me a whore and bitch?!

"You heard me slut!" -kayley

"Shut up. Your a nobody and get a life because im not the slut here. Look at you. You think your so perfect!"



"No dont talk to me. Why would you say this to Kayley? She didnt do anything and you call her a slut are you serious?" -harry

"She also called me a bitch and whore harry. I thought you said she was nice?" -kayley

"I did not"- me

"Yes you did!"-kayley

"Why would you say that drew?!" -harry

"She called me a slut, bitch, and whore! Harry i would never call someone that!" -me

"DREW NEVER TALK TO ME AGAIN. STOP LYING. Kayley would never call someone that. You got jealous and i cant believe i called you my best friend. WHO ARE YOU?!" -harry

"I said nothing. She called me that first!! You believe her over me are you serious!!!"-me

"Bye drew!" -harry

"Harry let me..."-me

"He doesn't wanna talk to you!!"-kayley

Harry walked out and kayley said..

"Bye bitch!!" -kayley

Did she just?!!!

She gave me the dirtiest smile and flipped me off and walked down the stairs and said nice meeting you!!!!

I heard harry say!

"Come on babe. I dont know what got into her!"-harry

"Its okay just kiss me!!!"-kayley

Ugh i hate her and i only met her today!

I heard the door slam!

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