When everything gets turned upside down, you can lose everything. But can you lose something you've never had?

Det her er et forsøg på en novelle på engelsk. Mit engelsk er ikke flawless, så ja


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''We need to take your blood test'' the woman said. She was dressed in white. He looked frightened and kept shaking, as the woman came closer with the needle.

''No! Not again!'' he screamed, as two other women dressed in white held him down and the needle broke through the skin, sucking blood out of his vein. Quickly, she pulled the needle out of his arm and patched him up with a piece of cotton wool and a plaster. He kept screaming, he could not relax, but he was just a reflection of the endless screaming voices in his head. 

''Take this'' one of the woman handed him a little brown pill and a little plastic cup of water. He refused, he just would not stop screaming and the women looked confused at each other. Suddenly, they started strapping his arms, legs and waist with a brown belt, but it did not help, it only made him scream more and more while trying to move his fixated arms and legs. One of the women took another needle, stabbing him in the leg. The clear substance hurt, but the screams got quieter and slowly he felt asleep.

The days went on, the shadows haunted him every day, but that Sunday was special. One of the women dressed in white opened the door to his room, finding him standing by the window. 

''What are you doing?'' she asked with a little smile. He looked at her with his big eyes. ''I would like to go home soon. To my wife and my two baby girls.'' he smiled, proud of his little girls. He thought about his young girls and his wife every day. How the girls played in the garden with him, while his wife laughed with a cup of warm tea in her hands. The little girls always dressed alike. They always wore their pretty white dress and they always had the same brown ponytails and the same high pitch laugh. His wife was extraordinary beautiful with her black eyes and enchanting smile. She loved only him and she repeated it every day. I love you. I love you. I love you. He could hear her clear and beautiful voice in his head. 

''Hello?'' The woman’s voice ripped him out of his daydream. He looked at her again, still smiling. ''I did not know you were married. Or had kids'' 

''Oh, I am. My girls are named Lucy and Lilith. My wife is Lamia.'' he replied, looking through the window to the closed garden. 

''You must miss them.'' she concluded and walked up to his side. He nodded and sighed. 

''We are actually talking about discharging you from the hospital. Then you can go home to your wife and children'' she revealed and smiled. His face lit up and his smile got even bigger. 

Exactly eight days later, he was discharged. 

There was a cab waiting for him outside, so he quickly got in with nothing but his family in mind. He was finally allowed to see his beautiful wife and lovely children. The hospital surroundings disappeared as the cab driver turned out of the city and headed for his home. 

He thanked the cabdriver and pulled his luggage out of the trunk. The house looked the same as he left it, except the grass had grown and the painting on the fence was peeling off. The door was unlocked, so he opened the door and stepped into his lovely home. 

''Lamia! Girls!'' he yelled through the quiet and dark house. No answer. He could see the dust flying around in the sunrays. His dirty dishes was mouldy. Lamia had not cleaned anything since he left and he could feel the anger growing in his stomach. 

''Lamia! Get out here!'' he yelled again, confused. Suddenly it hit him. 

They were not real. Lamia was not real. Lilith was not real. Lucy was not real. He was alone in his dirty home. His family were not real. Again, he could not stop screaming and crying. He kept jumping head first into the wall. 

''Lamia, please, you are not my illness!'' He kept shouting and crying. Suddenly the bugs started crawling. From the windows, the holes in the walls. From under the door, from the couch. They crawled on him, biting him. He screamed, grabbing the bottle of lighter benzin on the counter. The lighter was in his front pocket, and with one single spark, he lit everything on fire.

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