He's the one that thinks that she's perfect. She's a shy quiet B honor roll student. He's a undercover jerk he's sweet but doesn't show it. He has tattoos and fast cars. She has a clean reputation and She just moved here. Will they fall in love at first sight?


1. ❤︎✰~Prologue~❤︎✰

' As I stared at her, I thought about that day....... that day I saw her at the mall.' I thought to my self.

"I LOVE YOU" I yelled, while standing on top of the roof to my apartment complex.

"PLEASE!" I sobbed

".......PLEASE COME BACK" as I fell to my knees all the memories come back to my mind. Me and you on our first date, our first kiss, our first hug, our conversations, our small fights about if superman or batman was better, our love for music, you helping me study, me teaching you how to dance and cook, our First 'I Love You' and lastly, the saddest moment of my life........ Losing you.

"Why was I so stupid....... I'm sorry" I said

"You Were Perfect........"  I whispered


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