They will suffer from the consequences, forcing me to run, from everything I've ever known. With a sword in my hand, and Erik by my side, I will not be put down. I might be strong, but I'm not sure if I'm strong enough. This isn't a game. I can run, but they will find me. I won't run, I will escape.


3. Final Goodbye - 983 words (5533 total)

Running from the guards was easier then I expected, they called for us to come back. I was like, seriously? You actually expect us to come back? Are you stupid? Probably actually. Some ran after us, but being younger and more agile, me and Erik made distance between them effortlessly. Erik was actually running faster than me, but I'm not surprised, I was barely trying. It was when their bow and arrows came into play that I sprinted ahead of Erik, he got the message. Knowing he couldn't run much faster, he had another plan. He zigzagged through the tall, savannah like grass which grew either side of the East road. A metre high, it was a good place to run through, both for escaping and the entertainment of the long blades of grass brushing against my skin. It made me jump on occasion, which made me run even faster. Erik came next to me while running.
“We'll go home, gather some essentials, and run north. Somewhere where people won't know who we are. But the most important thing we need is our weapons.” He said firmly, and out of breathe.
I could picture it now, my belt with my sword hung up next to Erik's bow and quiver of arrows.
“Don't worry about the other stuff, all we need is our weapons. Getting everything in bags will only slow us down, and we need as much distance between us and anyone involved with the Government.” I could barely speak, my lungs advanced and deflated rapidly, barely allowing me barely any of the oxygen to speak. But Erik could hear me, and he realised I was right.

Knowing the Government, the guards would have told the Prime Minster that we escaped. And using the little brains he had, would work out that we're going to try and tell people about what he's doing. The Government, always up to something. So they're always trying to hush hush something they're up to, I've never trusted them. And I never will. I'm glad that I haven't turned twenty-one yet, or I'd have to start voting. It's illegal not to vote. Erik would have had to of voted later this year, he's twenty-one now. And he hated the Government just as much as I did, maybe even more. The economy was bad, but when this Prime Minister took over Currereame, everything has been going down hill and into the fires of Hell.


It was unbelievable what we encountered when we got to our home. Well, what was left of it anyway. And what is still left to be burnt. Flames engulfed the building, leaving everything that had suffered it's wrath, burnt black. It hit me as if someone had just slammed a hammer into my chest, and that's what I felt. My home, where I grew up, was raised and was brought up to be what I am today. My heart just collapsed, so did I. The flames burnt, smoke coughed into the sky, tears escaped from my eyes. Erik, knelt down next to me, shouting my name, I couldn't hear him properly. I couldn't believe what they have done, and in the amount of time they did it in was implausibly painful. They must of used helicopters or arrows, or.... Wait!. The arrows!


The guards, that were firing arrows, they weren't aiming at us. They were aiming in front of us, they knew where we were heading. They knew we were heading home to gather something. They obviously had specially made bows for long distance shooting, but that is further than any bow I would have known to shoot that far. I curled up into a ball on the dusty ground, like a hatching egg. I rocked from side to side, trying to escape this prison. Erik began to leave, not before saying.
“I'll get the weapons, don't worry. We'll make it through this,” he kissed me on the cheek. That was the only place for that moment that I felt warm, it didn't last long though unfortunately.
“Together,” he whispered into my ear. His voice was like velvet to me, soothing me with his voice.


I watched him walk towards the house, but I couldn't bare to see him venture through the tall unsteady blazing flames that towered over him as if he was an ant. I couldn't think anything, except that he was a goner. Fire is something we Humans cannot tame or control, just predict what it will do. It's the same with water, but we have more control over it that fire. I couldn't do nothing, I stood up, faltering on my feet. I couldn't stand still, but I didn't want to, I don't know where the strength came from. But it came to me, from the middle of no-where. But I ran, ran to Erik. Something was pulling me towards him, and I couldn't stop. The pulling of me to him didn't last long, he sprang from the now collapsing building. Erik's body was red, sweating, and running fast. The quiver of arrows on his back, bow and belt grasped firmly in his hands.


We ran for it, as fast and far away from there. I'd never thought I’d even have to endure this day, when I run from my own home. The forest seemed dark, not just the sky, but the trees themselves. They seemed to now inhabit a black spirit, changing them both inside and out. The air was cold, and nothing was like it was before. It's like the Government have changed or destroyed my whole life. Changed the place where me and Erik would spend all our time, into this inhospitable wooded arena. Waiting for a trap around the corner to set off. And as for my home, they wiped out the only place I would ever call home, nothing will ever come even as close. Never.

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