Lucky Eighteen

Felicia is like anyone else when their 18, wanting to move out, get a job, learn to drive, but with no money, there isn't much hope for her. After finding a pound coin on the ground, she decides that she'd buy her first lottery ticket after being a septic about it for two years. So, when you're an 18-year-old with £72 million, what do you do?


1. Lucky Coin

Rain dripped down the curve of my neck, my body shivering and grasping to the warmth of my coat. My arms in an self-embrace, my head down locked to the pavement whilst the hood of my parka constantly blew off. I left it, I've already pulled it back about twenty times, wasn't helping anyway. So much for having a productive day, what a complete waste of time. When you go for a job interview you expect them to actually want to listen to you and want to consider to give you job but no... My interviewer kept yawning, moaning in their throat and was generally not interested in what I was saying. I left with a mood obviously, not to mention that my train was delayed by 30 minutes and when I stepped off the train to walk home it began to chuck down with rain. What a great day... 


It was by this point of walking home from the station that I had reached the Tesco near my house, not a large Tesco, an express. I looked inside for a moment, not sure why, felt a sort of vibe coming from the doors. Then saw in the corner of my eye on the floor, a golden coin. I knelt down, it was a pound coin displaying the Queen's head. I slipped the wet coin into the palm of my hand, my Mum would always buy a scratch card or a lottery ticket. I stood up and for a moment, once again peered into the shop. There by the counter of the Tesco was a poster, for a £72 million jackpot tonight, with that kind of indication I walked in. I joined the queue of a couple people, wondering in my head why I was even bothering, I won't win but I'm here so I might as well. When I got to the counter after a minute of waiting, I asked for random numbers and left the shop with the ticket in my hand. I examined the numbers: 2 - 4 -10 - 32 - 50 - 3 - 10, I folded it into my purse and put it in my bag, shaking the rain off as I went home. 

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