Lucky Eighteen

Felicia is like anyone else when their 18, wanting to move out, get a job, learn to drive, but with no money, there isn't much hope for her. After finding a pound coin on the ground, she decides that she'd buy her first lottery ticket after being a septic about it for two years. So, when you're an 18-year-old with £72 million, what do you do?


2. Golden Ticket

I thumbed through the bottom of my bag for my keys, all the lights were off so no-one was in, no surprise. Mum must be on a late shift and Dad works evenings so, don't see him much. I pushed myself through the door, shaking from the cold. I instantly went up to my room, needing to change into something more accommodating to the cold weather and the fact I was drenched. I must of looked mad to the server in Tesco, guess they've gotten a lot of drenched people today. I changed into a pair of black leggings and a white vest, topped with a lilac dressing gown, which is the fluffiest thing. I riffled through my purse to find the ticket, grabbed it and went downstairs, the lottery should be on in a minute. I'm not excited and I don't feel remotely lucky, there isn't anything on TV at this time, just want to watch for the sake of watching.


I threw myself onto the sofa, grappled the remote and turned on BBC One. I sat into the sofa, cumulating any warmth, is it me, or are sofas more comfortable then beds? Must because they're essentially just huge pillows you sit on, sounds much more comfortable. Suddenly remembered that I haven't eaten anything since 10am, and its gone past 7pm. I pushed myself off of the sofa, placed the ticket on the table and walked into the kitchen. The machine on the TV just started choosing numbers, 32 it called, which I have, that's a good start. Would be quite nice if I won a couple hundred, might mean I could buy a new phone, be a pleasant surprise.


Raiding the fridge seemed a bit pointless, nothing but a few slices of ham, a block of cheese and a few different condiments. Guess I can make a sandwich, I'm too lazy to cut cheese though, takes a lot of effort and I cut it way too thick. I threw a piece of ham on top of a piece of white bread, just stopping the fridge door from closing to grab the salad cream. Ham and salad cream sandwich, it's my specialty, of laziness of course. I threw another slice of bread on top and resumed watching the TV but instead sat at the table, better view point. I bit into the sandwich, catching the excess salad cream from running down my dressing gown.


It was at this point that my dog had suddenly decided to come and say hello. Fudge is a young beagle, a year old, but she sleeps heavily so probably didn't hear me come through the front door. She simply sat in front of me, looking up at me excited, wagging her tail and panting. I've never been fond of her name but it was the name she came with when we got her from the rescue centre. I'd love to run an animal sanctuary for all animals, whether they be chickens, dogs, cows or rabbits, anything would be welcome. I leant down to her, my hand cupping the top of her head, stroking between her ears whilst she rubbed herself into my hand. I took a final bite from my sandwich and threw her the crusts having realising all the numbers had been drawn.


I took the ticket in my hand, looking back and forth from the TV and the simple piece of paper. 10... Yeah, I've got that one. 32 ummm... Yes! 2, Yup!  4, got it. 50, it's there! Now the star numbers, I'm so close.3, oh my god yes! 10, yes...? Wait. WAIT A MINUTE! I looked back up to the screen, was this the right lottery? Was it just the national one? No! It was the EuroMillions! Was this the winning ticket? Honestly?! I jumped from the chair, putting the ticket up next to the numbers on the screen. Yes, it's all there!
"Have I seriously just won the lottery!" I questioned to the world, but I have! I won £72 million... 

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