The power of words

Ever since my aunt's death, I've witnessed the "Doll"s power, and I'm certain that my aunt knew about it too. I've just turned 16 and I'm going in secondary 5 in [Storm-Hold] high school when summer ends. My goal though isn't to pass this year or to become popular in my new school. It's to find out what my aunt knew about the "Doll" since she use to come to this school back in her days. How do I know if I'll find something? I don't. But the only lead I have starts here.


1. The aunt and her doll

As mommy and I walk into the room with the human sized box the sad expression of everyone in the room turned into a sympathic gaze directed to us. Everyone started to move away creating a direct path to the box as whisper erupted around us. I could feel mommy's grip on my hand tighten making me look up at her pale face. We slowly made our way towards the box which seemed to be well decorated for something that's used to carry things in as a protective shell for its content. We stop in front but because of my height, couldn't see that inside. I look down my feet and see a fancy stool to see what the box contains. As I step onto the stool and gaze down at my aunt's face, the memories of her and the gift she gave me come swarming into my mind, the doll. When I was 6 years old, a year ago, she gave it to me as my birthday present. I had pushed it away the next day out of disgust for dolls, but now… she's gone and it's all I have left of her as a souvenir.


I look at my aunts pale and emotionless face as I slowly feel my eyes burn and water dripping down from them. Mommy slowly walk away, dragging me with her, breaking my gaze on my aunt's as one of the tears fall from my cheek. I quickly wipe the tears away and look up at mommy's face realizing she had the same expression as me.


~~~ a month later ~~~


I woke up a couple of minutes before mommy would come and wake me up, so I reflected on everything that had happen since my aunts death.

Well, the sad expression mommy had on, is slowly fading as time goes by with daddy by our side. He was on a trip in France for work and just came back a week after aunts death. It helped mommy a lot that he was back, since the death of her sister hit her hard. At the though, I tighten the grip on the doll she had given me, onto my still not developed chest. I was pretty close with my aunt, I saw her almost every two to three days and we would always play outside. If someone else then her would of given me that doll I would of thrown it away, but I loved my aunt so keeping it was something I had obliged myself to do. And since her death, I had gotten myself particularly attached to the doll, and was bringing it everywhere.

I wasn't informed at that time of her death. But now I also know the reason. Apparently, a couple of days after her 40th anniversary, she went to the bank, and as she was there, that bank got robbed. A group of man had swarmed in and threatened everyone to the ground wth guns. She already had a weak heart, and this event was to socking for her and ended up having a heart attack.

Mommy then walks in my room, and towards my dresser. She picks out an outfit for me and then brought it to my bed. Seeing as I was awake, she smiled and me and then left me to change. It was a daily routine, where I would then change into the attire she had picked for me, then make my way down stair to eat breakfast in a nice atmosphere of two parents.

-" Good morning honey!" Mommy says with a smile one as daddy sites down in front of her while making a small noise to signal his agreement. They both eat a bit before mommy speaks up. "So… you came home late yesterday night...." Mommy says but gets interrupted by daddy slamming his first on the table in annoyance

-" Not again with that! We had this conversation already! Like I said last time, my manufacturing company is getting a lot of demands and I end up having more hours to do!" He says getting annoyed

-" I'm finished." I whisper between their argument

-" But this is to much! It's the third time this week!" Mommy says as she to gets annoyed. I walk up stair only faintly hearing their conversation and make my way to the bathroom. Once finished, I walk back down stair to silence. Mommy then walks up to me looking really mad but then smiles when she sees me. I get dressed and then she brings me to school. And like everyday, when I get to school and mommy leaves, the gang of Jonathan would come up to me at recess and bully me. Today was no exception, they once again came up to me.

-" Still got that ugly doll with you Rebecca? oh sorry I meant to say loser!" Jonathan snickers as his gang do the same. I try passing them but like the Jonathan is, doesn't like being ignored, since he comes from a rich family he things he's above all. "Wow, where do you think you're going loser?" He says as he blocks my path to the school entrance. He rips my doll Annie out of my hands and throws it to one of his friends.

-" Give her back!" I say as I walk towards the friends he had thrown it to as that friend also throws to an other of the guys. After a couple of minutes of their pestering, the teacher comes around and tells them to give Annie back to me. " Just cause the teachers here doesn't mean your safe!" He says narrowing his eyes at me as he walks away from me and the teacher.

-" Rebecca, you know you can tell me anything right?" Miss Bethen, my teacher, tells me as I nod and then walks away. Maybe you didn't realize but telling a teacher only makes it worse. I tried, trust me. Before all this was just a couple of insults here and there, getting about maybe 3 to 4 Mac a day. Then I told the teachers and once that was done it got worse, now they insult at every second they get and they take Annie. Great help teachers! Great help!

The bell then rings signalling time to get into rows to go to class.

The same scenario happens at recess, lunch and after school finishes, and for the past month. Mommy comes and pick me up and once home I dash for my room ignoring my parents as I pass then. I slam my door, throw my backpack on the ground and throw myself on the bed holding Annie thigh you agains my chest.

-" I wish they would just disappear." I whisper to Annie as I feel tears slowly forming in my eyes

-" As you wish~! " Echoes someone's name my head with an amused tone. Surprised I sit up and stop crying. Who just talked? What… what just happened? I push the event in the back of my mind thinking I was just imagining things

-" Supper Rebecca!" I hear mommy screaming. I get up and make my way down stair and sit at the table. We all start eating when mommy break the silence " How was your day Robert?" She says with a bit of annoyance

-" Good good." He replies with just as annoyed tone. And supper was passed in an awkward silence, nice. I finish my food, then say thanks to mommy for making the food and then go to my room. I lie down on my back and look at the ceiling then sigh.

-" Why can't they both just get along." I say out loud as I feel myself drift to sleep.

-" Yes, why can't they? " I faintly hear before blacking out.


The next morning I woke up on my own again. Mommy hadn't come yet to wake me up so I just waited in bed, looking at my ceiling. After a couple of minutes, I look at my clock and realize it was about 10 minutes passed the time I was supposed to get up at. I quickly rushed out of bed and went up to my dresser. I took out a plain white t-shit and a pair of jeans. I dressed up and rushed down stairs. Was this how people who are late feel? I wouldn't know actually, I've never been late, for anything to be exact. I walk up to the table and see mommy and daddy being super lovey-dovey with each other. They were feeding each other pancakes in a weird way… mommy was feeding to daddy a piece of pancake and so was daddy to mommy. My plate was also on the table, untouched and probably cold too. I sit on my chair and start eating. Then mommy snapped out of her trance and looked at the time. She looked at me with a worried look and started to apologize for not waking me up. I let it be since I didn't really care. I turn towards the TV only to see my school on the screen.

-" A group of ten kids from school Valley-Serafe have disappeared from their homes around 5:30pm yesterday. The victims parents all proclaim having talked to their kids at least an hour before the incident. We ask to please contact the parents of you see any of the following kids. [Robert Amber, Tyler Curban, Jonathan Dislean, …" said the news anchor as the photos of the disappearing kids role in on the TV.

Holy macaroni!!!

~~~~ Authors note ~~~~

I am so sorry!!! It took me 5 months to publish this chapter instead of two!! Omg I am so sorry! Literally I was like I have time! Two months I shouldn't be that busy during the next two months. And then BAM the busiest two months of my life had just appeared. And then, I'm gonna be honest with y'all, I forgot about it and got lazy again. This may also have very slow updates, but I will try not to be lazy and make long chapters but making long chapters takes time and I end up being lazy!!! GOSH DARN IT! Anyway if someone wants to either help me write this or actually continue writing this faster then I would, tell me in the comments or something like that. Also the app is being a wanker and keeps deleting shit that I wrote so it might take time too.

Thanks to all the people who have stuck with the other story. I stopped because I didn't like the other one and it was SUPER CHEESY!!



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