The power of words

Ever since my aunt's death, I've witnessed the "Doll"s power, and I'm certain that my aunt knew about it too. I've just turned 16 and I'm going in secondary 5 in [Storm-Hold] high school when summer ends. My goal though isn't to pass this year or to become popular in my new school. It's to find out what my aunt knew about the "Doll" since she use to come to this school back in her days. How do I know if I'll find something? I don't. But the only lead I have starts here.


2. After mat

What have I done? Did I really just killed them? No! Impossible! They just went missing, they probably just wandered into the forest, nothing to worry about… right? But they did go missing at the exact moment I wished for it! Holy mother of the spaghetti monster!!!! What have I done!!! No! I didn't do anything, all I did was wish for them to disappear but I didn't actually do anything. Not like I actually kidnaped them!! All I did was wish it to Annie, it's not like wishing to a doll would actually grant it! …Unless it did. Shit!

Well if I wished for them to disappear then I can surely wish for them to reappear. Yes yes! I can surely do that!!! Right right????

I slip out of my chair and run up the stairs while hearing my mom calling my name out. I slam the door open and jump over my bed to land I front of my where Annie was.

-" Please! Bring them back!! I didn't really want them to disappear!!" I say while feeling tears forming in my eyes

-" Is that truly what you wish?" The voice I heard then says

-" Yes! YES!!! Now bring them back!!" I say this time while crying

-" Are you ready to face the consequences? The price for turning back on your wish??" She says

-" Whatever it is, I'm ready!" I say determined to get them back even though they were a bunch of asshats

-" Even if it's loosing contact of me for the next 10 years? No more wishing on a shooting star only for it to be granted?A normal everyday life is what you desire for the next 10 years? No money? No fame? No fun? No excitement? Is it truly what you would want to go through for these pathetic individuals?" She tells me like a wise woman would.

-" Yes." I whisper back and hear a sigh in response

-" As you wish." She says

~~~ 3rd P.O.V. ~~~

As soon as the wish was granted, the memories of Rebeca wishing for her classmates to die, the memories of everyone involved in the kids disappearance and all the kids memories were erased and the kids came back from wherever they were and everything went back to normal.

Rebeca's mom came and slam the door open and her first words were ones of worry. This, this was… different. Why could she not remember? Why did her parents become so lovy dovy in one night, when the day before they were ready to kill each other? All this was making her head hurt. She was just a 6 years old girl after all.

Rebeca reassured her mom that everything was alright as she slowly made her way back to the dinning table while taking a quick glance at her doll Annie. She had this strange felling that she didn't want to see her anytime soon. As if something bad had happened and Annie was related to it... but she's just a doll. Yet Rebeca still had this lingering feeling of regret and fury when she looked at the doll.

After dinner, Rebeca put away Annie in a box and up it went into the attic. The next day at school, she arrived without Annie. Jonathan has nothing on me now, I should be safe, right? She though anyway. Jonathan still managed to come around and push her to the ground.

-" I guess miss doll here just realized how stupid she was when bringing her doll here!" Jonathan says as his little group of minion laugh with him.What' are they laughing at?

-" Hey!! Knock it off!!" Says a voice behind Rebeca

-" Oh no!! Is the mighty Tyra trying to save Rebeca? How noble." Jonathan says while spitting venom at her

-" Go away Jonathan, no one likes you." Tyra says earning her a tongue click from Jonathan

-" Whatever. Let's go guys." And he was gone.

Rebeca slowly gets back up on her feet as Tyra comes around and helps her.

-" Are you ok?" She asks with delicacy

-" Ya. Thanks by the way." Rebeca answers "I'm Rebeca, what's your name?"

-" It's Tyra. Nice to meet you." Tyra says

From then on , a friendship blossomed into one of the greatest forms. These two would become best friends and overcome hardships, sad moment, happy times and bloody scenes, only to follow each other wherever they went.

~~~ Rebeca P.O.V. 4 years later ~~~

-" No way!!!! You're moving?????? " Tyra screams

-" Yeah. Dad got a job promotion and we have to go over there. I know it sucks but, I'm sure I'll be back one day!" I say while smiling, trying to be reassuring

-" Ya one day, and by then we'll have two completely different lives! What if we forget about each other? What if we change so much we can't recognize each other?" She says as she start to fake hyperventilate

-" I doubt we'll forget about each other and how much can we change? I'll probably be gone for like 3 years at most. Dad said he had a 3 years contract with his employer. Unless it goes ultra super good, I doubt we'll be there longer. We will see each other again! I promise." I say as we hug each other

-" Yeah, you're right. Why don't we have a sleep over then! It's going to be the last time we see each other! Please!"

~~~ Rebeca P.O.V. 6 years later ~~~

-" I swear to god, I want to bash her head in!"

-" Calm down Vanessa, imagine what would happen if you actually did that."

-" I'd probably get suspended but who cares! At least she'll get her fucking lesson!! Come on Rebeca! Help me over here!" She pleads

-" I'm right beside you, so where is exactly 'over here'?" I say sarcastically

-" Maybe I should bash your head in too."

-" Oh no! Please grand duke! Have mercy on my soul!!" I answer back while leaning backwards pretending to cower away making us both laugh "No but seriously, I know Emma's an ass but violence isn't the answer. Maybe… black magic is MOUHAHAHAHAHA!"

-" Ok maleficent calm down." She says as the bell rings "Anyway, got to go to class. See ya later~! Also, happy bday bitch." She says as she runs always and into darkness.

Fuck. I hate history class! The teacher is suck a fucking dick!! I walk into class and as usual I'm last to come in. I plop myself into my chair and look out the window.

-" Thank you for attending class Rebeca." Says mister fuckface

I slowly let my mind slip out of class and into imagination lane where all the fun is. Maybe not the best choice but who cares! I'm a strait A's student anyway, even in history! As I let my brain boil in the waters that creates most of the dream we have, I get interrupted, like everything in life, by none other then mister My-mom-thought-she-shat-when-she-gave-birth-to-me-because-of-how-ugly-I-am.

-" Rebeca, could you answer my question please?"

-"Which is?"

-" From which country did the man who discovered USA come from?"


What kind of dumb ass question is that! It's like asking 'what do Carnivores eat?' I don't know?? Maybe fucking brocoli?? Note the sarcasm

I look back outside, wishing I was not in this stupid class when all of a sudden, I see someone outside. White suit, black scarf, black hair! I'm sure I've seen him somewhere!! Oh ya! The I-look-like-a-moron convention. What the fuck is he wearing!! The bell then rings. I swing my backpack over my shoulder and bolt for the door, but unfortunately get stoped by I-have-a-small-dick AKA the history teacher.

-" Rebeca, Are you ok?"

-" Yeah I'm fine." I say as I start to walk out

-" Your mind been wondering all over the place, you haven't been playing attention in class lately." I wonder why??

-" Yes I'm sorry. I have to go now." And I'm out!!

What a fucking asshole! Leave me alone! Your breath stank, fuck!! I walk up the my locker and in the corner of my eye I see something coming fast towards me. I turn around and before I could even react, Vanessa was in my arms crying.

~~~ Time skip, end of school, at Rebeca's house ~~~

-" How did I manage to fail such and easy math exam!!! I'm such a failure!" She says as she sobs into my bed, eww

-" Yes you are!" I whisper as I give her a tissue

-" I wish I was as good as you in school!" She says as she blows her nose into the tissue I had given her

-" I wish also." I say with a smile on

-" Really?" She says looking at me with her puffy eyes

-" Yeah! That would mean you weren't stupid!" I say earning me a punch on the shoulder "Ow! What was that for!"

-" Fuck you! You know what that was for!" She says as I start laughing making her laugh too "Happy birthday Rebeca, YOU'RE OFFICIALLY 16!!! Ewwww" she says as she throws the present she got me towards me

-" Thanks!" I rip off the raper around the present revelling a deep blue crop top "Thanks!!!!" I say and give her a hug!!

Knock knock

-"Come in." I say as mom comes in "What's up?" I ask

-" Can I talk to you?" She says nervously

-" Sure."

-" Not here, alone, in private." She says as she walks out

-" Sorry Vanessa I'll be right back."

I walk out of my room and into my dads office where both my parents were waiting. Mom looks nervous and dad's faking a smile.

-" What's up?" I ask slowly. Dad answers first

-" We're moving back to Storm-Hold!!" He says trying to sound happy. But I can hear that he isn't.

-" Why?" This time, mom answers

-" Your father got demoted." I look at dad and he looks away

-" Why can't we just stay here though?"

-" It costs less to live in Storm-Hold."



Hey guys! It's been a year! Happy new year!! I'm sorry. I have so much trouble writing. I forget and when I do remember, I'm not in the mood! Then I force myself, and it makes stories that are written at 1 in the morning. I'm telling you in advance, my intention is to make this story 6 chapters long with chapters as long and maybe long than this.

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