scary house of doom

the story is about a girl and her friends they go on a adventure throw a creepy looking house.but when they entered their adventure began read more to find out if they get scared and run away from the house or will they stand up to the challenges that await their arrival.


1. The House

I was waiting at the bus stop when I looked out at my right and saw a house a weird,creepy looking house so I searched around looking for my friends Then I spotted my friends Jasmine,Rosella,Max, Peter,Elizabeth and last but not least Bella that is our gang as we like to call it the Mysteries Solvers.So we set off towrd the hose then we herd the noize with a loud bang all I could hear was the chattering of my teeth…….Read more to find out what happens next. If they go in the house or they go running home crying to their mommy’s.




“ho”I did not see you there” I'm sorry. My name is Haley. What's your name? My name is Mckenzie well it was nice to meet you.Well I better get going my friends waiting for me.

“Why?” Mckenzie side,  “Me and my friends found this creepy house on the hill close to our bus stop : I side”

“You can come if you want you know. : “I side”

“I couldn't” : Mckenzie side”

“Oh I insist,Please come with me and meet my friends.”:I side”

I wouldn't want to be rued.”: Mckenzie side”

It's fine. :I sighed, Ok I'll go with you. she side, Yes,I mean let's go. Hold on,I need to grab my book bag I packed. why?,she asked I packed some important things so that we may need. Like a flashlight and (aa) batteries,caniles,snacks and some other things that we may need. Are you ready for an adventure. “Yeah, let's go.”: Mackenzie side. Ok lets go. So we set off toward the house.

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