The Holy Book of Barbecue

B A R B E C U E ~ E M R E S S


24. The Girl With The Purple Lipstick

She stands alone

Headphones in her ears

She taps her fingers

Anxiously waiting for some one who will never come


She stands alone

Glancing around

Noticing every little detail

She looks at the sky, eyes shifting nervously


She sees the birds, flying high

They seem to read eachothers' minds

Flying so coordinated

She wishes she could read her mind


The girl who left her

For no apparent reason

She poured out her heart to her

And she just left


All the anger has left

And now all she feels is sadness

Tears slide down her cheeks

Eyeliner stains them


She tightens her lips,

pressing them together

All she has left of the women she loved

Is the purple lipstick she wears



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